A Negative Mood Leads To Exercising

Part of this dream took place during the day at what looked like my parents yard and house.

My family, some of my coworkers, some police, some other people, and I were there as well.

At some point I was inside the house either my female coworker TR and / or another female coworker needed someone to get her clothes, I remember TR saying that her husband was supposed to be bringing the clothes, I wanted to offer to get her clothes for her but there were some concerns that I had that prevented me from offering to get them.

My female coworker JB was possibly in the dream before this during a forgotten part of the dream, maybe something negative happened and / or something negative was perceived on my part that when combined with several other things in the dream, led to my mood becoming more negative.

I remember seeing my brother CC about to leave the bathroom not fully clothed so I warned him about all the people who were here, and so he probably got dressed or more covered before leaving the bathroom.

The next thing that I remember is us being inside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store or we were outside in another place first, and then we went inside the store.

My coworkers led by one of our assistant directors Mrs. CH were busy finishing up something as I waited, my mood was negative at this point with me feeling maybe generally sad, hurt, vulnerable, maybe stressed, maybe left out, maybe like my masculinity / social standing / et cetera had been attacked, like I was not happy with parts of my life, and / or some other negative draining emotions that I can not describe or remember well enough.

There was some exercise equipment and pull-up / chin-up bars et cetera inside and outside, there were some men exercising, and at some point I started to exercise to as I waited for my coworkers to finish; and I did strength training like lifting weights and various body weight exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups et cetera.

My emotions were wearing me down so exercising was my way of reducing stress, wasting time, distracting myself, boosting my mood, doing something masculine, trying to challenge and strengthen myself et cetera; but I knew that this was not going to really address the negative emotional / social / mental issues that I was dealing with.

At some point I started jogging inside the store until I eventually found my family again and my female coworker DC and her daughters, and so I joined them as they walked around the store.

I remember part of the store being blocked off so we had to walk around, I remember us complaining about this as we walked, and then near the entrance to the next area we saw a very short man arguing with a woman like he was about to attack her and then another short man started to fight him.

An old man with light-color skin suggested that I break up the fight, and so I broke up the fight and I talked with them as I waited for some employees and / or security and / or the police to come but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Competition In A Park And A Spell Competition

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was running / jogging in a park-like place during the day as part of some kind of competition and / or training that possibly involved various sports and people who played various sports / athletes.

I can not remember most of this dream so I do not have much context for this dream, I saw and heard and interacted with various people known and unknown during the dream, like my former male classmate JB who was probably slightly stealthily making fun of me during the dream.

At some point when I was finished we possibly went to a dormitory (dorm)-like building where they started calling out the names of maybe the winners and / or the rankings and / or who made the team(s) and / or whatever.

Another dream scene blended with / took over this dream scene, and it involved the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina; I was possibly still in the dream and maybe I was there too, but I can not remember.

I can not remember if we were still at the dorm-like building or if we were at The Academy Of Unseen Arts or where we were exactly, I just know that they were also having a competition / training / class / whatever that involved making spells, and I saw various characters there like: Sabrina Spellman, Nicholas Scratch, and The Weird Sisters.

After making their spells, the spells were judged, and then Sabrina and / or I were giving the task of reading the names the judges had chosen(n).

Sabrina’s name was not among the names that she called out, some of the others started to make fun of her, and Sabrina looked sad; but then one of the male students who was making fun of her and whose name had been on the list, started coughing and maybe somewhat choking like he was having a negative reaction to something, and the same started happening to someone else and slowly spreading among those whose names had been on the list.

It seemed that maybe that list was actually the people who had failed and / or who had a flaw in their spells, and so maybe their flawed spells was causing them to experience negative reactions; or Sabrina or the judges or someone else was causing this.

The people who had made fun of Sabrina were panicking now, but I woke up during this confusion.

The end,

-John Jr

Sneaking Into My Aunt ME’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered some dreams but I did not voice record them so I forgot them, and so now I can only remember part of one or two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream or this part of the dream involved me jogging and / or walking to and through a fictional countryside where there were trails, forests, dirt roads, a main road, and a few houses in some areas.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream now unfortunately.

Dream 2

In a forgotten part of this dream or in the previous dream I think that I went to a fictional house where my aunt ME and some of my fictional cousins (children, teenagers, and maybe at least one young adult) lived in the countryside, and I think that I sneaked into the house while they were there to maybe play video games on an old video game console that seemed to be maybe the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

If I am correct about this I am not sure why I did this instead of just asking them, and doing something like that is not like me at all and is not something that I would do so I am confused and curious what led to this.

One of my fictional cousins possibly heard noise and went to investigate so I probably sneaked out of the house, this fictional cousin probably assumed that someone had sneaked in, and ran outside through the front door to look around while I sneaked out the window of the room to the back of the house.

I ran around to the front of the house and I saw my aunt ME outside looking around too, and so I walked over to her to talk to her acting like I just happened to be in the area to avoid looking suspicious since I would not be able to escape with them looking around which worked.

Later in the dream during the night I returned to the countryside to my aunt ME’s house, they were all at the house again, and I sneaked into the house again into that room to play video games on that NES or NES-like video game console.

At some point as I was playing video games I heard someone heading my way, and this time I sneaked out of the window quicker but I did not turn off the video game console this time because I did not have time.

One of my fictional cousins entered the room and saw that the video game console was on, and so they started yelling and asking who left it on.

As I was outside trying to sneak away my aunt ME walked outside the front of the house to look around like she suspected that maybe someone had sneaked inside the house again, and so I pretended to be jogging or walking through the area.

This time my approach was not as smooth and I acted a bit suspicious by telling her that as I was passing through I thought that I heard someone or something running through the bushes and I mentioned that sometimes weird things like that happen when I am out here, and my aunt ME responded like she was a bit suspicious of me for a moment until I recovered from that mistake.

I started talking about something else and my aunt ME started walking to get her trash can, and so I offered to move it for her and I asked her where she wanted me to move it and I started moving it while talking to her.

My aunt ME relaxed and so my strategy worked again, but I woke up.

I am not sure why I sneaked into her house twice and mislead her twice when she would have probably allowed me to visit normally, that is not like me at all and makes no sense, strange dream(s).

The end,

-John Jr

I Falsely Assumed That I Voice Recorded My Dreams

The Joker is a hero!? | Desk of DEATH BATTLE
Source: YouTube

Last night I got in bed too late even though I had to wake up even earlier than usual for work because of a temporary new work schedule, during the night I got awakened by my alarms twice, and after that I kept briefly going back to sleep and waking up again to check the time.

During all of this I never did voice record my dreams, at some point I got up to get ready for work, and I forgot to voice record my dreams because of distractions involving the new temporary earlier work schedule and the new temporary job duties.

At work I was busy dealing with some new work tasks, I falsely assumed that I had voice recorded my dreams before I went to work, and I was busy at work so I did not think about my dreams.

After work I was busy doing other things, at some point after jogging I checked my MP3 player to listen to my voice recording of my dreams, but then I realized that I never did voice record my dreams today like I assumed that I did.

So now I can not remember what I dreamed about last night exactly after all that, but I think that one of the dreams possibly involved a woman.

At least one of the dreams possibly connected with how I kept going back to sleep and waking up to check the time.

At least one of the dreams possibly involved some thing that I watched or read or heard or did yesterday, maybe something involving the book American Gods that I am still reading and / or the video game Fallout 4 that I played before going to sleep and / or a YouTube video (like maybe the ScrewAttack! video The Joker is a hero!? | Desk of DEATH BATTLE) and / or the television show Daredevil, but I can not remember.

When I think about it, maybe the woman in one of my dreams was possibly the character Karen Page from Daredevil, but I can not remember.

Music and / or another language was possibly in one of the dreams, but I can not remember at this time.

But that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr

Malcolm X Peacefully Protesting?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*Jibber Jabber Alert*

I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams so I will type them as separate dreams, the first part of the dream was probably inspired by me contacting T-Mobile late last night by web chat to ask them if T-Mobile is going to ever release the Lumia Denim update (I got no answer, but supposedly they will contact someone about contacting Nokia about the update) that came out back in November 2014 for their Nokia Lumia 635 phones (and other phones) running Windows Phone 8.1, because every other carrier except T-Mobile has released this update according to Microsoft’s own page which shows every carrier with the update except for T-Mobile who is still stuck on the Lumia Cyan update:


T-Mobile has done a terrible job when it comes to phones running the Windows Phone operating system, they seem to be trying to help destroy it or something like that by doing things like: not releasing updates, not keeping them in stock, not advertising them, not selling the newer models (they even stopped selling the Nokia Lumia 640 shortly after it came out even though it was a good phone for the price and it was doing good in ratings), actively trying to get customers to not buy phones running the Windows Phone operating system (this happened to my family and I, and to many other people visiting their stores; just look around online and you will see that other people have had this problem as well), and et cetera.

It almost seems like a conspiracy to destroy the Windows Phone operating system, maybe they are getting paid by some rivals of the Windows Phone operating system to behave this way to help decrease competition(?) and/or there is a bad grudge between some of the leadership of T-Mobile and Nokia/Microsoft and/or they just do not think that the Windows Phone operating system is worth supporting and/or something like that, and this is unnecessary because the Windows Phone operating system was already doing poorly against its competition; and so there is no need for companies like T-Mobile to make it worse by behaving this way, and hurting their own users and the competition between mobile phone operating systems.

Many other people and I are still left without answers, without updates, and without access to the newer phones with the Windows Phone operating system; and without the Lumia Denim update we will not be able to update to Windows 10 Mobile for our phones when it is released, and we are currently left without some of the improvements that came with the Lumia Denim update a year ago so we are left with less functional phones because of T-Mobile’s behavior.

I actually wanted to go with a phone with Google’s Android operating system and I still want to (because most apps are made for it and some of the apps that I want are not available on Windows Phone, it is more popular, and it probably is better overall) but most of the phones that I had to choose from in the budget price range had outdated versions of Android and will not get updates to the newer versions, they were lower quality, they had worse hardware, they had worse reviews, and they were not as durable or reliable as what Nokia/Microsoft was offering in that price range with their phones with the Windows Phone operating system so a Nokia/Microsoft phone with the Windows Phone operating system were our best option for the price; and so I am not a Windows Phone/Nokia/Microsoft fan and I am just someone who picked what was best overall for my family and I for the budget price range (under $100), and I think that this behavior from T-Mobile is wrong and I at least want T-Mobile to release the Lumia Denim update and then the Windows 10 Mobile update when it is available et cetera.

-End of rant 😀

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably started during the day inside my parents’ house with me trying to contact T-Mobile again to find out if they are going to ever answer our question about whether they will ever release the Lumia Denim update for our Nokia Lumia 635 phones like every other carrier has, I can not remember what happened, but I do remember talking with my parents about the situation; and then I went outside to jog in the yard.

As I was jogging I saw a male police officer with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair wearing glasses who I recognized from either real life and/or a dream, he was walking on the street looking at houses and writing something on a notebook/clipboard/paper and he seemed very focused on this task, and it seemed that he was collecting data like he was updating records for a census or a police database to maybe see which houses were abandoned or not and other information like that (the layout of streets, yards, number of vehicles and types at each house, who lived at each house, et cetera).

At first I thought that the police were looking for someone who used to live in the abandoned mobile home next to The B House but then I quickly realized that I was wrong, I greeted the police officer as I jogged and he greeted me back, but he continued focusing intently on his work without asking me anything or saying anything else to my surprise; and I thought that was strange, and I wondered what he was doing.

I probably told my parents about this when I finished jogging, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was still at my parents’ house, the dream involved a man who reminded me of Malcolm X in how he looked and dressed and acted or maybe it was Malcolm X, and oddly part of the dream world seemed to be in the time period from when Malcolm X was still alive based on what people were wearing and their hairstyles and the automobile designs in the dream.

He was trying to get the city/local government to allow them to do something/makes some changes/et cetera that I can not remember but the city/local government refused, and so he and some other people who mostly had brownish colored skin started peacefully protesting (marching, singing, et cetera); and at some point the city allowed them to do one of the things that they had requested after their protesting put enough pressure on the city and the city hoped that this would make them stop protesting, and they started doing whatever it was outside in the field by my parents’ yard.

While doing this they also continued their peaceful protesting trying to get the city to allow them to do whatever else was on their list of things that they were protesting about, I would watch from the window inside my parents house, and groups of people with whitish colored skin with racist beliefs would drive in old style cars from that time period while wearing old style clothing with old style hair styles from that time period around the protesters angrily yelling and spitting and threatening et cetera them.

The racist groups of people became more aggressive as the protesters refused to stop their peaceful protest and work, and it started to seem like the racist groups of people would become violent soon and attack the protesters, and the city/police were not trying to do anything about it because they wanted the protesters to stop protesting and working on whatever it is that they were working on too; but woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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