A Professional Wrestling Event | Ian McShane’s / King Silas Benjamin’s House?

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Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of the first dream which took place during the day starting in a somewhat familiar outdoor area that felt higher in the air than normal, and at some point I walked into an opening of a building or mountain.

It was a stadium-like building inside with many people watching an entertainment wrestling event even though I can not remember seeing a wrestling ring, and my dad was probably in the crowd of people.

Some entertainment wrestlers like Scott Hall and several other wrestlers were wrestling each other around the stadium near and in the stands/seating areas as I walked around looking for a seat and/or exploring, I talked with my dad briefly and I continued walking around, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My second/last dream took place during the day and it possibly was inspired by the TV show Kings, something happened that I can not remember where I was talking with a man who looked and sounded a bit like maybe a taller version of the actor Ian McShane or his character King Silas Benjamin from the TV show Kings, and he was a rich and well-known/respected man in his community.

For some reason I was at his nice single story home like he had invited me like he saw potential in me and so maybe he was going to set up a special bank account for me to help fund my life and/or maybe he wanted me to date one of his daughters and/or maybe he wanted me to work for him and/or something like that I can not remember, all that I can remember is asking him if he was sure, and I remember being surprised and telling him that I disagreed with his positive views of me/my potential/my qualifications/whatever.

I remember sitting at a round table in his kitchen with him, his son who looked like John Mitchell from the BBC TV show Being Human, and his maybe three daughters who all had whitish colored skin with long hair and they were different ages (one of them was still in school, one was in college, and one was about my age or older).

His son was in a bad mood for some reason and he did not want to be there eating, drinking, and talking with us; but his daughters were nice, and we all talked about various things.

When I think about it I felt a bit like the character David Shepherd in the TV show Kings when he had breakfast with King Silas Benjamin and his family, and at some point I remember helping a thin male worker with medium-dark brownish colored skin who was wearing maybe a whitish colored cook-like hat move clothing into a closet in a bedroom as the Ian McShane-like man and one of his daughters helped and explained where to put them.

The male worker did not look very happy (mostly neutral-negative or negative-neutral) and I remember helping him move some clothing that was tied together almost like a rope of clothing, at first I thought that the clothing was tangled and I started untangling it, but that caused some of the clothing to start falling to the ground; and I realized that they were purposely tied together for a reason, and so I stopped trying to untangle them and I stuffed the clothing that fell back with the tied clothing.

After we finished moving things people slowly started arriving to the house for a gathering, important/rich people in the community were arriving, and there was food/drinks for everyone; and some people were setting up booths representing various companies/job providers/et cetera.

It seemed like maybe the gathering was somewhat focused on jobs, community (coming together to discuss problems in the community, and how to fix/improve them), and maybe to honor the Ian McShane-like man.

I remember people showing a lot of respect for the Ian McShane-like man almost like he was a king or president or just very rich/well-respected, and my parents’ came to the gathering as well.

My parents’ were talking to various people trying to find job opportunities for me, and they kept introducing me to people which was a bit embarrassing and annoying; but I knew that they were just trying to help me.

They introduced me to a woman with dark brownish colored skin who was working at one of the job booths, she gave me a card mentioning a certain company that might have some jobs, but her company was either out of jobs or I was not qualified for their jobs; and so I thanked her.

At some point I escaped my parents’ to use the bathroom and inside the nice and large dimly lit bathroom with tented glass walls on one side with views of the backyard was a man in a suit with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who wore glasses and he was talking on a mobile phone arguing with someone, and I greeted him and I started urinating at a urinal or toilet.

I was urinating strongly like I really had to urinate and it seemed like I would never stop urinating, I heard the man complaining about the Ian McShane-like man about something, and at some point the Ian McShane-like man heard him from the outside of the bathroom and he was going to come see who it was.

I warned the man and he escaped through the windows/walls through the backyard, and so only I was in the bathroom when Mr. McShane entered; and he looked at me wondering where the other person had gone, and I nodded my head at him smiling as a greeting and he smiled and nodded back at me.

He looked around the bathroom trying to pretend to not be looking for someone as I continued urinating strongly, and eventually I finally stopped urinating as he gave up his search; and I remember wanting to laugh but I woke up as I walked out of the bathroom, and in real life I had to urinate and so I went to the bathroom to urinate so that is probably why I had to urinate in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Translating A New Pauline Croze Song

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Last night I had a series of dream fragments that were interesting, but I can not remember some of them, and I remember the first dream fragment focusing on some of the characters from the BBC TV show Being Human; but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not.

I remember that George Sands (The Werewolf) and Annie Sawyer (The Ghost) were a couple, and they either had a child and/or Annie was pregnant; and they were still living with John Mitchell (The Vampire) and maybe Nina (The Other Werewolf) and/or someone else.

They all moved to a new house, but something bad happened and/or had happened before they had left their old house, and George & Annie were very worried about the safety of their child and/or future kid(s).

I remember them having a serious conversation about whether they should move to a new house alone, away from Mitchell and/or Nina and/or someone else, because they were out-of-control & they were a danger to their child and/or future kids; the conversation got very emotional, and the others could not hear them because they were either sleep and/or gone at the time.

I remember George & Annie being afraid to go to sleep and I remember them sitting in a dark room watching over something, and so I guess that they did have a baby already.

They kept trying to sleep but they kept waking up due to nightmares of what might happen to their child and/or about past bad situations, and they were even having short hallucinations of the others hurting their child.

After a while they were so stressed that they could not take it anymore, but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just remember being in a dimly lit room with bleachers/stadium-like seating; and I was doing security for the room & so I was patrolling the room.

There were only a few people around the room sitting down and/or talking, and we seemed to be part of a group, but I could be wrong.

The room was almost like a room at a cinema/movie theatre/theater, but the seats were like those at a high school sports stadium.

I was walking around looking for possible threats and I was watching the emergency exit, the entrance, and the private room(s) entrance to see who was coming & going.

I remember two men talking, who seemed to be the two in charge, but them & everyone else were dressed casual & none of us had uniforms & we all wore different clothing.

At some point a beautiful woman with blond hair & whitish colored skin started talking to the leader and another woman started to talk to the second man in charge; and the other woman recognized the second man in charge, and then he recognized her.

The two women were new members of the group I think, and the second man in charge then recognized the other woman as Little (Someone); and somehow he knew her when she was a kid, even though they both looked to be the same age now, it was like he did not age or something.

They both hugged and they started to talk about memories from the past, and while that was going on, the woman with blond hair asked the leader to take her to the private room(s) so that they could have some more privacy; and so the leader & the woman with blond started to walk toward the entrance for the private room(s), while the second man in charge talked with the other woman.

I remember having a flashback that there was a spy/mole in our group, who I think was working with the CIA and/or another intelligence agency of some kind, and one of the women was the spy/mole; but I was not sure which woman, but my guess was the woman with blond hair.

She seemed to be trying to get the leader alone, probably so that she could kill him, and so I started trying to decide if I should follow the leader to make sure that he was safe or should I watch the second man in charge to make sure that he stayed safe or should I question both women to decide which of them was the spy/mole; but I can not remember what happened, and I just remember talking in French with Pauline Croze in the bleachers/stadium-like seating.

Ms. Croze was standing behind me at first, and I heard her singing a fictional new song that she was still working on; but the song sounded familiar, like I had heard it in another dream before, and so I turned around to talk to her & to listen to her song that she was still working on.

Ms. Croze spoke only in French, I spoke in French with her mostly but I used English with myself mostly, and Ms. Croze did not have a guitar.

She sung her new song that she was still working on to me (In French), which was not complete, and it sounded so familiar that I remember understanding some of the words and I was trying to translate what I did not understand in my mind & I translated with a small book that I had & I was writing in the book to help me translate the song to English.

The song was so familiar that I could feel some of the meaning(s) through emotion(s) & sound(s), and I even knew some of the French words for the song even though I did not know what those words meant in English; it was like I knew some of the song from past memory(s), even though I did not understand all the words that I knew. 😀

The song was very short, but Ms. Croze did a good job singing it, and I remember translating one French word to mean: Prozac (Fluoxetine) 😀 ; and so I think that the song was a short emotional song about how some people use medicine(s) like Prozac (which was used as a symbol/example of things that some people use to help them cover up/handle/deal/cope/band-aide problems/negative emotions & situations/mental health issues/etc) to help them during certain situations/emotions/problems/etc. in life.

The song was poetic and various words in French had various possible meanings in English, and so trying to translate the song was not that easy, but I had a feeling of what the song was about; but I can not translate feelings into words very well. 😉

It was nice to hear part of the new song that Ms. Croze was working on, it was nice trying to translate it, and something about the song seemed so familiar but I can not describe the feeling that I had; I can not remember any song(s) in real life that sounded like her song, but in the dream it was familiar, and so it must have been a past song in a dream.

I was working/focusing so hard on translating the song from French to English as she sung and I was working/focusing so hard on trying to figure out why did the song sound so familiar, that time in the dream jumped to months or a year or years into the future, and a store-like area was now connected to the room with the bleachers/stadium-like seating & Ms. Croze was gone. 😀

I walked to the store-like area and I saw a commercial on a small TV that showed a clip of a live performance of Ms. Croze doing a duet with another woman, and they were singing a remix of the French song Ms. Croze had sung to me earlier in the dream; and I recognized the song again, and I started trying to translate the song & I compared the differences between the two versions but I can not remember what happened exactly.

I just remember being back in the room with bleachers/stadium-like seating & I was with former classmates like JC, and it seemed that we were back in high school.

I remember seniors coming into the room & so we moved further up the bleachers, because the seniors were getting ready for their graduation, but I remembered that I/we had already graduated many years ago; and so I told the other dream characters that we had already graduated many years ago, but they said that we were still in high school & that we were not even seniors yet. 😀

I knew that I/we had already graduated and I knew that our class was the first class while I was in high school to have a public graduation in the room with bleachers/stadium-like seating, and so it was like I knew the future, while the other dream characters did not.

The seniors left the room and they went to another building to get ready for the graduation, but some of the seniors went to the store-like area to clean out their lockers, and I remember one of the seniors saying something offensive to an elderly woman in the store-like area & the woman got angry; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Destroy The Evidence And Run

Lazy Overview:

I wish that I could remember more of last nights dream because some of the important parts of the dream are missing, and I can not remember most of it.

The dream started in the day, I think, and I remember being in a hospital-like building that was probably a government/intelligence/military/hospital/bank building; and this building has been in several of my dreams in the past.

I remember walking around various parts of the building, and I remember something about a plan that some people had that involved getting into some restricted areas of the building for some reason or something like that; but I can not remember who the people were and if I was with them or not, and I can not remember the plan.

I just remember something happening and I went to my parent’s house, but I saw a government and/or military and/or intelligence automobile drive up, and so I hid under the house; and I could see that someone was connecting something to the side of my parent’s house.

After awhile I realized that they were not after me, I am not sure what I was being cautious about, and so I went to see what the person was doing.

The person was a woman who I think worked with the military and/or government, and she was installing a medium-sized satellite on the side of my parent’s house; I think it was a free satellite and that it was part of a government program or something for lower-income families.

I stopped to help her finish installing the satellite, but I can not remember what happened after that exactly, and I just remember being at a fictional version of my grandfather’s house during the night with a group of people.

I think that two of the people were the characters John Mitchell and Nina Pickering from the BBC TV show Being Human, and this part of the dream is the most unclear.

I remember a scene that followed some non-human animals: a few were wasps I think and I think that the others were a few small mammals, and this scene was like a movie or something.

There was a female animal with a baby and one of the animals was her husband I think, and they somehow got separated; and I think that some of the mammals were a threat to them, and at some point the others & I tried to help.

Something went wrong and I remember a serious fight taking place, maybe after something or someone was killed, but I am not sure what happened or who were we fighting.

I think that Mitchell went into a killing frenzy trying to protect us and I had to calm him down, and then I think that I ended up going into a killing frenzy trying to protect us; and so the others had to calm me down as I was constantly attacking the threats to make sure that they were dead, and I had finished killing the rest of the threats.

There was some shooting during the fight, so some of the people and/or things that we fought must have had guns and/or a few of us had guns, and so the noise had alerted the police.

There was something going on involving something that had happened earlier in the dream and I think that this house had some illegal and/or stolen and/or private government/military/intelligence/personal weapons, armor, technology, secret room(s), personal documents, and various other things that we wanted to keep secret; but I can not remember anything really so I am not sure, I just know that we felt that we had to destroy the house and all the evidence and that we had to run for some reason.

It must have been pretty serious because we already had explosives and things set to help destroy everything, and we had several escape plans already made; and so we ran outside to a small S.U.V and we had some supplies with us, and we had some documents needed to escape the country.

We started the fire and explosives and I drove us away, but the roads around the neighborhood were already being blocked off by the police and FBI, and so we stopped the S.U.V in someone’s yard to pretend that we lived there; and we started to think up another plan.

For some reason I do not feel like sharing what our plans were (I feel like keeping them a mystery for some reason), but we did make several plans, and we started to follow those plans; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Team Work Dream

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Lazy Overview:

Last night I barely remember any of my last dream, I know it took place in the day time in various unknown places; I think one may have taken place in an Egyptian-like temple or something, and there was a battle outside of it.

I am not sure if they were human, they looked human, but they were stronger/faster/etc.

I can not remember anything except walking to my grandfather’s yard with John Mitchell from Being Human (UK Version) and a former classmate BH; I am not sure if Mitchell was supposed to be a vampire or something else, but he was something more powerful than us humans (I think I was human) and he was something more powerful than whatever was fought in the other parts of the dream.

Mitchell was explaining some things about the beings that we fought at the Egyptian temple-like place or whatever, and he was explaining something about himself and another group of beings like himself and/or more powerful; I can not remember the details.

I do not remember the word vampire or anything about blood, so I am not sure what they were supposed to be; basically I think at least three groups , humans being the weakest, some other beings that we fought, and another group that we had not fought yet & I think Mitchell was supposed to be from that group.

I am not sure but I think Mitchell and/or the more powerful beings were supposed to be maybe some ancient species or something; I am not sure if they were somehow awakened at the Egyptian-like temple or if they had just arrived or whatever.

He was trying to give us an overview of the situation as we walked into my grandfather’s yard, during the day time, and he was warning us to not under-estimate the beings we had already fought; and he warned us that the more powerful beings like himself and/or the others would easily defeat the beings we fought at the temple.

I think he said that the more powerful beings would whip the beings at the temple or something like that; he seemed worried and tried to make it clear that BH & I were no match for them alone.

I am not sure if BH & I were supposed to be just normal humans or something else, but Mitchell was something different & more powerful that us.

We stopped in my grandfather’s yard as Mitchell talked and we asked questions, but then a woman & man about our age (in appearance), walked into the yard; they were obviously there to fight us.

BH & I were acting a bit over-confident after our victory and/or survival at the temple-like place, but Mitchell was worried; I think he hinted that the man & woman were beings like him, and were more powerful than BH & I.

Mitchell started trying to talk to them but a fight began, with Mitchell fighting the man, and BH started to fight the woman; Mitchell once again warned us to not under-estimate her/them.

To BH & my surprise, the woman easily blocked BH’s attack, and started to twist his arm; so I started to attack her to help him, but she clearly was more powerful than both of us combined. 😀

Since it was obvious that BH & I probably could not defeat her, we started to use our team work skills & confusing & dirty tactics; to survive.

One of us would attack and when she would grab the attacker, the other would start attacking, forcing her to let go of the previous attacker; and we also used our grappling skills.

We were still not winning, but our strategy was confusing her, annoying her, and keeping us alive; we hoped that we would survive long enough for Mitchell to help us, once he finished defeating the man.

BH and I were so busy trying to survive against the woman, that we had no idea how well Mitchell was doing in his fight with the man. 😀

To make things worse, the woman did not seem to be even trying her hardest to defeat us, so I felt that she was holding back her true potential/power; which made the situation even worse for us.

I think the woman was even taunting us during the fight, and she had the voice & personality of a rough female member of a street gang or something; though she was smaller than BH & I, but she was stronger. 😀

I woke up as BH & I kept using our strategy to hopefully survive long enough, since we could not defeat the woman, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂