Johnny Depp Falls Into A Manhole

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city and I went to a shopping mall with a fictional woman with light-color skin, maybe the actor Jim Carrey who later possibly became Johnny Depp without me noticing the change but I did recognize him as Johnny Depp from then on, and at least one other man who had light-color skin or later this man replaced me after I possibly briefly became another man before then separating back to myself again.

I remember looking around a clothing store that I assume was Old Navy as some of the others went somewhere else in the mall, eventually I went to buy a jacket that was on sale, and a female employee was at the cash register ringing me up but I decided to put the jacket back so maybe I got my money back.

As I was leaving the clothing store I saw Johnny Depp, he seemed drunk and / or high on some other kind of drug now, and he was causing a scene as we walked; and then he walked into a janitor’s room.

Inside the room there was a manhole on the floor, Mr. Depp opened the heavy circular metal lid to the manhole, and then he started cleaning the floor while still acting drunk and causing a scene.

I tried to tell him to stop and that this was not a good idea and that he was risking falling in the manhole that appeared to be almost full of water that was possibly still rising, but Mr. Depp did not listen to me.

Mr. Depp then fell into the manhole when he was holding the lid over his head, and so the lid fell down over the manhole and it sealed him in with the possibly rising water.

I then possibly briefly became another man who was panicking while trying to unseal the manhole lid while calling out for help, I then separated back to being myself after someone else replaced me as the man I had briefly become (which makes no sense, and I did not notice this change during the dream), and I remember us and some employees and maybe emergency services trying to remove the lid.

It took too long so we assumed that Mr. Depp would be dead from drowning by the time we opened the lid again, the other man was pretty devastated, but to our surprise Mr. Depp was still alive when we finally opened the manhole lid.

The other man was too angry and emotional to celebrate, Mr. Depp hugged him and tried to get him to cheer up, but the other man refused and even refused to look at Mr. Depp because he was still too angry and emotional; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved Arya Stark and Sansa Stark from the television show Game Of Thrones, and this dream was mostly modern except for Arya Stark and Sansa Stark and probably most of their kingdoms.

Arya and Sansa possibly had some mobile phones and / or some kind of other modern device that they were trying to figure out how to use while trying to figure out how to rule and manage their kingdoms and maybe adjust to the modern world around them.

I am not sure if they were trying to figure out how to send text messages and / or how to send and receive files or what they were trying to do, I did know but I forgot, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a house, my brother GC was there, and I was on a computer looking at my blog.

I had a pending comment that I assumed to be a spam comment but it was one that could have been a false positive, and I decided to maybe check out a link that was in the comment to test it on VirusTotal et cetera but I either accidentally clicked on it or I decided to take a risk oddly / stupidly and click on it.

Either way I clicked on the link in the comment and it went to a website, it looked like a small blurry advertisement, then it slowly opened another pop-up ad, it was adware / malvertising and it was hijacking my browser by forming a partially dark transparent box over the tab exit buttons so that I could not close the new tabs that it was slowly opening as pop-up ads in the browser, and so it had my browser locked as it slowly opened more pop-up ads in new tabs in the Mozilla Firefox browser that I was using.

I felt stupid as I tried to exit out of the pop-up ads as I mumbled to my brother GC about this, and how this was an example of what not to do with suspicious links.

Some of the later ads were pornographic, eventually I had to CTRL + ALT + Delete to access the task manager (I was using the Windows 10 operating system I assume) so that I could exit out of Firefox, and then I went to immediately clear my cookies / history / cache / et cetera in Firefox before then running anti-malware scans with Norton Power Eraser and Windows Defender and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner.

I also went to see if Firefox had a built-in anti-malware scanner like Google Chrome does, but I woke up as I did all of this hoping that my computer was not infected with malware et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


Johnny Depp + The Norse Religion + The Cold War + A Conspiracy Involving The President Of The United States = ?

I some dreams that were once again about things that I did before going to sleep but I forgot all of those dreams from last night except for my last dream, and it was a somewhat long and detailed and interesting dream; but I forgot most of it unfortunately, and so it does not make much sense.

All that I can remember of the dream is that I think that I was inside a house and I started watching a film, the film started with music and it faded into a scene in a dimly lit windowless kitchen, and part of the dream looked/felt like it was from the time period of the early-to-mid periods of The Cold War (the main character and his house and family and parts of the conspiracy reminded me of The Cold War) combined with modern times combined with the future.


A Dream Within A Dream About Light / Good And Darkness / Evil

*I do not feel like typing my dream today, and so below is a lazy overview of my dream from last night*

I somewhat remember part of my last dream which took place during the day at a fictional film festival and I remember walking from a courtyard into a small building into a classroom-like room where one or more films were to be shown, and I sat at a desk like everyone else in the room.


Teacher Situations And Johnny Depp

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional school that looked somewhat like the D High School combined with a fictional school with more floors/stories, and the playground/field looked somewhat like the fictional version of the D Junior High School playground that is sometimes in my dreams.

I remember going to classes in the dream and at some point during the dream I came across my brother CC on probably the second floor who told me/explained something strange/nasty to me about how our brother KD’s dog liked to greet people by licking them on their groins, for some reason my brother CC was probably naked or almost naked while he was explaining/showing this, and my brother CC said that our brother KD’s dog would lick anyone’s groin except for our brother KD for some unknown reason(s); and my brother CC guessed that our brother KD’s groin stank/stunk and/or something like that, and maybe that is why his dog would not greet him by licking his groin.

After this strange story/presentation, which I found to be strange/nasty even in the dream, the bell rang/rung so we all started going to our last class for the day; and I walked up the stairs to the third or fourth floor, there were other students having fun in the stairway running & being loud, and so when I reached the top step I decided to jump over it to the third or fourth floor for fun.

There was a classroom near the top step so a slightly obese female teacher with whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair who looked & acted somewhat like Mrs. B who used to work at D High School heard all the noise coming from the stairway, she angrily walked over to see what was going on, and I happened to jump over the top step as she was walking over; and so she assumed that I was one of the people who had made a lot of noise & running, and so she yelled at me to get into her classroom.

She yelled at a few other students and she made them come into the classroom as well but most or all of them were students of hers who were supposed to be in her class now, I tried to explain to her that I was not one of the students making noise or running & that I had not broken any school rules, but she would not listen to me; and so I did not bother to argue, and she made me stand near her desk even when I told her that I had to get to my last class before I was late.

My former classmate, the daughter of Reverend C & Mrs. C, was also forced to stand near the teacher’s desk since she was one of the students who had made a lot of noise; but she was angry, and she argued with the teacher causing the teacher to get more angry.

The rest of the class was sitting at their desks waiting for class to start as their teacher argued with my former classmate as I stood there quietly, and eventually the teacher got so angry that she got in my former classmate’s face & put her hands on her like she wanted to fight; and so my former classmate grabbed the teacher and slammed her to the ground, and they started wrestling/fighting on the ground.

I stood there doing nothing at first since I was still annoyed, I did not want to get into more trouble, I thought that the teacher deserved it, and no one was getting hurt yet really; but eventually I broke up the fight, and my former classmate sat down in her desk & the teacher sat down at her desk.

Eventually the teacher started her class with me still standing near her desk, and eventually she finally let me go so that I could get to my last class; but the school day was almost over now.

I went to the top floor and I think that the classroom for my last class was empty, and so I went to the first floor & I went outside to the playground/field; and I saw a man leaning against something alone near the fence at the edge of the playground/field that no one uses, and I went to greet him.

I guess the man was the teacher of my last class and oddly the man/my teacher was the actor Johnny Depp, he was just out there leaning against something daydreaming/relaxing/thinking/enjoying the outdoors/enjoying being alone, and so he did not even notice me at first since he was deep in thought.

I told him that his classroom was empty when I got there and I told him about my situation/why I was late, he said that he did not feel like teaching his last class today and so he had told the rest of my class that they could go home for the day, and then he made a comment about my situation with the other teacher; and we briefly talked, and then he gave me a punishment/class assignment before I could leave for the day.

He told me to run 11 laps back and forth from the fence to near where he was, then I could leave (he believed my story about the other teacher, but he felt that he had to give me a punishment to prevent the other teacher from thinking that he did not care), and so I started running my laps as Mr. Depp went back to his deep thinking/daydreaming/whatever not even paying attention to see if I was running my laps or not.

I ran more than 11 laps easily, I took my time and enjoyed the outdoors without annoying people around, and then I told Mr. Depp that I was done; but he did not hear me at first again since he was once again deep in thought.

I once again told him that I was done and that I had run over 11 laps, he was surprised and it was clear that he had not been paying attention the entire time, and then he congratulated me & said that I could go; and then we briefly talked, and then I said goodbye but I woke up as I walked away to leave school for the day.

When I woke up I turned in bed to change sleeping positions to go back to sleep since I had slept pretty good, but I got cut near my elbow by a zipper on my cheap memory foam pillow; and it started to bleed a bit but not much, I did not feel like getting out of bed, and so I went back to sleep.

Later I woke up and some of the blood from my cut got on my latex pillow and on my bed sheet, but stupidly I did not clean it until tonight; and so note(s) to self: beware of sharp zippers, deal with your cuts immediately to avoid getting blood on stuff & to avoid infection even if you do not feel like it, clean blood stains immediately, consider getting another pillow or switching it with one you already have, and work harder on finding a job or create a job because you are almost out of money or *Classified | Level: Top Secret*.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping Johnny Depp Realize That He Is Dreaming

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream involving me walking to a small probably fictional town that might have been in Canada or somewhere in Europe, for some reason I feel like it was supposed to be Canada maybe, and it was a nice sunny day with the sunlight & the colors of the dream looking like I was in the past (how some of the people dressed & looked in the dream made me feel like this was probably during the 1990s, and the year 1993 was clearly written in several places).

This small town might have been a small fake town/film set/tourist area or a place where people re-enact a certain time period/era like the Renaissance Era, either way it was very small, and I think that you had to walk to it.

I saw people walking around and I saw some people having fake swordfighting matches while other people watched, and they were using old small metal pots/pans with probably plastic handles as shields; but they were holding them by the handles which looked weird and did not offer much protection really.

I noticed that the pots did each have a hole in the middle of them which could be used to tie a strap on the pots that could be used to hold the pots like a real shield.

In the small crowd of people watching the fake sword fighting I saw the actor Johnny Depp, who might have been there with a woman who was fake sword fighting at the time that I recognized Mr. Depp in the crowd, and he seemed to be quietly enjoying himself like he was daydreaming/thinking or being reminded of old memories/having a revery.

I was surprised to see a celebrity in a small place like this and I greeted Mr. Depp by saying something like this: “Mr. Johnny Depp, who would have thought there would be a celebrity in a place like this.”.

Mr. Depp said a few things and I started telling him about how the fake sword fighters were holding the pots/shields oddly and I told him about my strap idea for the pots, I noticed that some of the unused pots on the ground already had leather straps, but most of them did not; I forgot to mention that it seemed that anyone could join in and have a fake sword fight.

To me this small town was a place that Mr. Depp visited sometimes to relax/have fun without being bothered, and other people came there for similar reasons probably.

In a way it seemed that Mr. Depp was the main character and/or that I was in Mr. Depp’s dream, either way I noticed the year 1993 written in several places and maybe even on the outfit of one of the dream characters, and so I felt that we were in the past; and I guess that somehow I realized that this was a dream without the dream going fully lucid or lucid (lucid dream) at all really.

There probably were other signs/things that helped me realize that this was a dream, and there were probably certain things that were related to Mr. Depp in the dream like physical things from some of his memories or life/people (maybe a woman who might have looked like Helena Bonham Carter, and maybe a woman who looked like Vanessa Paradis)/scenes from some of the films that he has been in/et cetera.

I decided to do an experiment by telling Mr. Depp that this was a dream to see what happens (I wanted to see what would happen if I told a dream character that they were dreaming, which I have done a few times before in the past), he did not believe me at first, but then I started to explain to him why this was a dream; and he started to believe me and he/the dream started to go lucid (lucid dream), and I could feel & see him going lucid & so maybe I was going lucid as well (this is hard to describe but it was amazing, I could feel/sense the feeling of him/me realizing that this was a dream which has a unique hard to describe feeling, and I think that I could see a bit of a glow coming from him briefly that might have symbolized that he/I/the dream was now lucid).

Having a dream character go lucid allowed the dream/me to go lucid without destabilizing the dream that much, but my lucid dreams do not usually last long and so I knew that my time was limited; once you go lucid the dream/you feel a bit different with feelings of power/freedom/confidence/and a variety of other hard to describe feelings.

Mr. Depp was amazed and still trying to make sense of things/realizing that he was dreaming, I think that he asked me who I was, and I told him who I was; and maybe there was a brief period of talking about/looking at things related to the dream.

I told him that I wanted to do an experiment, and my experiment was to give him a way to contact me after he woke up from the dream (in case he was not just a normal dream character).

I was going to give him my email address/username to look up my blog, I decided to start by just repeatedly saying & spelling GoodJohnJr to him so that he could remember that and I probably asked him to say/spell it out-loud so that I knew if he was hearing me correctly, and I told him to get a pen & some paper to write it & he found a pen & a yellow sticky note or a small piece of yellow paper; and I had him start writing it, but then I decided to write it for him to make sure that it was spelled correctly.

The pen was not writing very well and I made a few mistakes, but I could clearly see what I was writing (I know that I clearly started writing my username); but the dream was collapsing/becoming too unstable, and so I started saying GoodJohnJr out-loud & spelling it as I wrote it but the dream ended/collapsed pretty much.

I was able to finish writing my name but everyone was gone & the dream world was blank, and I woke up.

I did not get to tell him my email address but my idea was for him to remember GoodJohnJr and look that up on the internet in reference to dreams to find my blog & this post, but I did not get to mention that my blog was on; either way most of the experiment was successful.

It would be interesting if it turns out that the dream character of Mr. Depp was actually Mr. Depp and he actually finds my blog & contacts me, and the experiment is completed (this is not likely to happen, but it was just an experiment); and that would mean that it is possible for people to share dreams somehow, and then this could be tested further.

Dream 2

The next dream started with me walking around a college campus in a commercial(?) of some kind about the negatives/decline of college/education or something like that in the United States Of America, the commercial used various examples & symbolism to cleverly express things in the commercial.

It took place inside and outside, and various things/sounds/music/narrations were taking place as I walked around the college campus/dream world, most of them made sense to me & I agreed with most of the ideas expressed, but it would be too hard for me to name/remember the many examples/ideas/symbols given.

There were scenes of people spending too much money on college/education, people running out of money, people not finishing college/their education, people finishing college/their education but not properly being prepared for the real world/life/their career, poor people not able to attend college/get good education, maybe for-profit colleges/schools taking over certain places & the negatives of that, and various levels/types of symbolism representing these things & various other emotions/thoughts/ideas/et cetera.

It was interesting and at some point I went inside a building and walked into a large room that was like a classroom/lobby where a class was sitting, a band was standing with cheerleaders near them, and teachers were standing; and I knew some of the students as my former classmates like AJ, JP, C, KM, ER and more.

They seemed to have practiced their parts for the commercial and were attempting to act out their scenes live, they started a goofy scene where the band started to pretend to be playing music while they and the cheerleaders danced, and someone was making a quiet sound (that you could barely hear) with their mouth to let you know that the band was supposed to be pretending to be playing music (like playing air guitar or something like that); and this looked very goofy, and they made a few mistakes.

ER was one of the cheerleaders and stopped to get things organized, I guess they could cut this part from the commercial later, and I stopped to listen & talk with a few people who I knew; and I wondered if I was part of the commercial and/or should I pretend to be part of the commercial so that I would not ruin their commercial by walking around doing things that were not part of the script.

They started back the scene/commercial as I watched, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr