A Palpatine Burial Or Palatine Burial?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was not in the dream, and the dream was about a boy who I think ended up being raised by an older man who was probably not related to him but I am not sure what the details were for this.

The dream jumped many years later when the boy was now a somewhat older man whose hair was starting to gray on the sides, and he now looked like the actor Esai Morales or his character Joseph Adama from the television show Caprica and he had a wife and a young daughter.

They lived in an old bare simple small old-style wooden house that was raised off of the ground enough that you could crawl on your needs under the house, and it was during the daytime.

The man who had raised Mr. Morales or Mr. Adama was dead now, and him and his family were doing their private own ceremony / funeral and burial for him at their home and so only the three of them were there.

The old man’s body was probably wrapped in something that was biodegradable, after they finished the talking parts of their ceremony / funeral they opened an area of the floor in the middle of the house, and you could see the ground below their house with a box (possibly cardboard) or a thin biodegradable coffin with no top or something like that with maybe some sawdust in it.

Mr. Morales or Mr. Adama said a word that I did not know where he said that the old man had wanted something that sounded like maybe a palpatine burial or a palatine burial.

They lowered the old man’s body in the box and they scattered some sawdust-like stuff on it, they said something, and then they started covering the body with woodchips.

My guess was that this was a natural burial that was going to use a compost method so that the body could quickly and naturally decompose, including the box, and would become basically dirt underneath the house that would become part of the Earth and natural cycle again.

I would have just called it a compost burial so I wondered what did they mean by palpatine burial or palatine burial, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear but I think that I was in a room with one or more family members, and I was watching something on television that was shown several times in the dream.

It was an interesting short television program that reminded me of something from the 1970s that joined various styles together including a combination of British and Canadian and American television and each time that the program was shown I noticed slight difference each time, and one of the main characters was a man who somewhat reminded me of the actor William Shatner and he probably sometimes used a spoken word style during some scenes.

The dream jumped back and forth between me being in the room and focusing on the television program, sometimes it was almost like seeing the television program almost like I was there, but I can not remember the details now.

At some point a woman entered the room and I started talking with her and telling her about the television program, I then noticed that the curtains were open and that it was night, and so I walked to the windows to close the curtains.

I noticed an open window and next to the window was a bed that my mom was sleeping in, I had not known that she was there before, and she woke up so I told her that I was closing the window and the curtains.

I heard a lawn mower outside, in the yard or yards behind my parent’s house, I saw our neighbor Mr. RD cutting grass using a riding mower even though it was probably late at night which was strange and confusing to me even in the dream.

I then returned to talking with the woman and watching the television program with her, this time I tried to be more quiet to avoid disturbing my mom, and during one scene in the program I noticed that during the third time that this program was shown there was a difference in one scene where a woman carried a man to run away from something but in the earlier time that this program was shown it was the man who carried the woman.

This is when I realized that each time that this program was shown that there would be slight differences each time, which I thought was pretty cool, and the woman and I talked about this.

I do remember another part of the television program where the man and woman were in a dark warehouse-like building with many traps and other types of threats that they had to avoid and disable as they moved through the building.

Some of the traps included laser trip land mines and other types of traps, and some of the threats were possibly living threats but I can not remember.

I remember the man and woman moving slowly and cautiously disabling and avoiding various traps and threats as they tried to make their way to the next room, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Caprica Inspired Dream Fragment

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Source: Wikipedia

Last night I only remembered a few parts from a long and interesting dream fragment inspired by the TV show Caprica, unfortunately my memory of the dream is unclear and very short/limited.

I have no idea how it started, but I remember something to do with three or four people being inside either a virtual world (or whatever it is called on Caprica) or another dimension; and one of the people was Tamara Adama the daughter of Joseph Adama.

There was a guy with them that somehow figured out how they could escape into our world and I think some people were after them, after they came into our world, I remember most of them hiding in a room that was in a mall-like building that is in my dreams sometimes.

The guy that figured out how to get into our world first had a mother in our world, and he went to hide with her in a building that was on top of the Dollar General by the park.

The others including Mr. Adama’s daughter were hiding in a room at the mall-like place, something happened and they met someone, and they were trying to figure out how to avoid the people who were after them.

I can not remember most of the dream or the important parts unfortunately, I just remember that person that met them went to find Mr. Adama, and brought him to the room.

Mr. Adama was glad to see his daughter and when told about the people who were after them, he got very angry and protective, and vowed to protect them all; he called a big Mafia family that he knew so that they could get permission to stay within in their territory, have protection from the people who were after them, and have them hunt down the people who were after them.

He also called his brother to come and get them so they could get to the safe house, Mr. Adama was angry and said that anyone that was after them would be removed from existence, and he meant it.

He was willing to have everyone that was after them hunted down and killed.

I can not remember more of this interesting dream sadly, it was definitely a lot more detailed and better than my current memory of it, anyway I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂