President Vladimir Putin Shares A Secret With The President Of The United States

Dream 1

This was the most interesting dream out of the dreams that I recorded, but unfortunately the dream is a bit blurry.

This dream possibly took place in Russia during the day and I was riding outside on an extended topless / open golf cart-like vehicle with The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin, The President Of The United States who was possibly George W. Bush in the dream but I could be wrong, there was a high-level person withe The President Of The United States who was maybe The Vice President Of The United States (if it was the vice president then it was probably Dick Cheney, but I could be wrong) or The United States Secretary Of Defense or The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff or someone like that, and there were a few other people with us.

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Blessed: A Trip Through Belize

Blessed: A Trip Through Belize
Source: Amazon

What is it?

The 2015 book Blessed: A Trip Through Belize by the author Moment Johnson.

What is it about?

This is how Goodreads describes this book:

Blessed tells the story of the author’s seven month journey through Belize.

A simple tale of islands and jungles.

Discovery and kindness.

Reflection and contemplation.

A mixture of the Belizean lifestyle, internal discoveries, profound insights, and poetic glances of nature.

Everything comes together in this story in perfect harmony.

With no real purpose or plan, Moment sets out to discover a different way of life.

Opportunities appear at every corner, and what may seem like a setback at first glance truly becomes a blessing in [disguise].

Her quest leads her to spending seven weeks in solitude on forty acres in the Belizean rainforest.

Step inside the author’s mind and experience a slice of Belizean paradise as she experienced it.

Final Thoughts

I probably finished reading this book two months ago, I wanted to do a more thorough post about this book because I felt that it deserved it, but recently I have stalled on most of my non-dream posts like this so now I am trying to just keep these posts shorter so that I can get myself back to finishing them again. 😀

I think that Moment did a good job making it feel like you were almost in her mind in a way, reading this book made me feel like a hidden passenger on her journey, one who also had access to some of her inner thoughts which made this book a more intimate experience.

During the times that I read this book it made me feel closer to Moment, like we had recently communicated online and / or like I had recently read one of her blog posts, and so even when she did not blog for a while it did not seem like it because I was still reading about her journey in this book so she did not feel absent during those times.

So well done Moment, and congratulations. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr

Longing For Gravity

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Longing For Gravity, and this is what it said:

You are on a mission to Mars.

Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth.

What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

(Thank you for the wonderful prompt suggestion, K. Renae P.!)

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Several Dreams With My Brother GC

Dream 1

I had several short dreams last night with the first dream that I remember being the most unclear, it took place during the day outside maybe in my parent’s yard or somewhere else, and I remember my former classmate(s) MB and/or TT being there; and I remember them being annoying/whiny/weak/cowardly and whining/complaining about how I could not do this or that, they were acting like little upper-class brats/snitches or something, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream is also unclear but I think that it was inspired by the TV show Rome where I was with two men similar to the characters Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, and one of them had a wife who looked like Monica Roccaforte; and he had his wife stay behind outside the home while we went on a journey, instead of his wife staying inside the house for some strange reason, and so she had a little box-like structure outside the house to sleep in that had no door.

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The Ayleid Ruins

Source: Wikipedia

I only remember part of my last dream last night, it took place at an Ayleid ruin, like the ones on the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I was on the outside of one and decided to go inside,  and the inside was dimly lit and it had no artifacts or traps like normal Ayleid ruins usually do.

The inside was clean and empty, and I did not see anyone else or any creatures.

There was a hallway to the left and one on the right that both led to a main room, and on both sides of the main room were some stairs that led to another floor.

I went to the right side of the main room and walked up the stairs to the second floor, and both stairways led to a main room on the second floor.

This main room was darker than the one on the first floor, and in the middle of the main room toward the back was a stairway that led to a loft-like area that over-looked the second floor; so this floor had 1 1/2 floors.

The loft-like area was bright, and the stairs leading up to it were like walking into paradise compared to the empty dark main room.

Standing on the top of the stairway was a beautiful female Ayleid or Elf or Goddess or whatever she was.

She did not seem worried or annoyed by the fact that I was in her home, and she looked like she was expecting me or something.

I think I asked her if this was her home and I apologized for coming into her home without permission, and she said that it was her home & that I was welcome to visit her home; and I think she said any visitor was free to come inside her home, but no one could come to the loft-like area and above, without her permission.

Something about her seemed powerful and she was confident, and I had the feeling that she was a Goddess or  Demigoddess or something.

She had long hair that was either gray or purple (I do know that it was purple at one point, but it may have been gray at first), her skin color may have been a very light purplish and/or bluish and/or yellowish color, she may have worn a Roman/Greek/Arabic style dress, and she may have had some jewelry like ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Anyway, I think she said that she had expected me, and I asked her how was it possible that she knew that I was coming.

She said that she knew a lot of things/many things, and then I asked her did she live there alone & was she worried about her safety; because she had no security.

She said that she did live there alone and that she was not worried about security, and when she said that I felt that she had the power to easily protect herself.

I think I told her that it would be nice to make the place look better, add some security, and add some more people there to bring some life to the place; so I asked her if I could live there & help with those things.

She said yes, but that I must first prove myself by going on a journey, and if I complete my missions & survive, she would let me live there.

She then walked down the stairway toward me and gave me a list of things that I had to do on my journey, and she started to explain the list.

I think I had to go to each city in the country to either get/find something and/or someone, and/or kill/save something or someone, and/or do something; but I am not sure what exactly.

Then something strange happened in the dream after she finished explaining the list, and I remember noticing something odd about her hair or face; and I asked her to come closer.

She did and I was reaching toward her face, and she was now plastic like a toy and I pushed a button on her head that was stuck; and her hair changed to purple I think, and then she went back to normal again & she was no longer plastic.

I found that odd and I told her that she had a button that was stuck and that I fixed it, but now the button was gone; and she could now move again, and she was no longer plastic.

She told me that I could come up to the loft-like area, but I could not go up the stairway that led to her private floor or floors; I had the feeling that she had another 2 1/2  or 3 floors that only she could use, and that they had locked doors.

She then walked up the stairway to her private floor or floors, and I started to look around the loft-like area.

The loft-like area was bright and it had windows (probably special windows that people on the outside could not see through).

The area was decorated like our current time period (modern style) with a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

It was very nice compared to the other floors that were dark and empty.

I took a moment to imagine what the place would be like with more people around and what changes should I make to improve it and to better secure the other floors; but I woke up as I was thinking about that, and about the journey that I must make to prove myself.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂