Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You

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The Neptunes had it going in the 2000s with their good simple beats and music collaborations, somehow this song with Justin Timberlake and The Neptunes and Clipse got lost in my music collection, and so I had to add it back.

Zenni Optical Glasses | Walking With My Coworkers

I had more dreams, but I only took some quick text notes of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream involved the glasses (eyeglasses) that I bought from Zenni Optical and maybe some other glasses, maybe my glasses arrived, but I can not remember.

12-31-2014 | Dream | A Paprika Inspired Dream

Paprika Original Soundtrack
Paprika Original Soundtrack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night that was inspired by the Japanese animated film Paprika, which I watched last night and it was a pretty good film, and the dream that I had before this dream was also inspired by Paprika but I can not remember that dream.

The end of my last dream took place during the day outside in the parking lot of the Walmart in the city of D, this was a shared dream, and people could connect to this shared dream using a new dream sharing device (somewhat like the DC Mini from the film Paprika) from a portable RV (recreational vehicle) that a man with whitish-colored skin with yellowish hair wearing glasses was running who worked for the company who made the device.

I think that his RV was actually parked at the back of the left side entrance of the Walmart parking lot, he had beds that you would lay on inside the RV and he would connect the dream sharing device to your head, and he would monitor your vital signs while you were in the shared dream to make sure that everyone was okay/not dying; but I am not sure if he was authorized to use this dream sharing device yet.

Somehow most people did not know about the dream sharing device yet so I was probably one of the few people to use it and know about it before it became popular thanks to the man who worked for the company who made it, and there was at least one other person inside the shared dream when I entered it; and this person was a man with whitish-colored skin with dark-colored short hair wearing a dark grayish colored suit.

Trying To Recover An Alien Spaceship Underground In A Prison With Special Forces Soldiers | Aliens & Poor Humans Trying To Rebel

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in what seemed to be a fictional version of the city of L and the dream started with me being with a serious older man who never smiled who had medium-dark brownish colored skin with short blackish/grayish/whitish colored hair who wore a suit and who seemed like maybe a secret government agent, a very well-trained group of men who seemed to be special forces soldiers wearing special forces-style helmets with elbow and knee pads with medium body armor with assault rifles and equipment packs with a variety of tools for various situations, and maybe a few other people (maybe our neighbor Mr. RD, maybe some kids, maybe a female entity / Goddess / alien who acted like a little girl).

I am not sure what my role was in all of this exactly and I had no weapons or armor but it seemed like I was helping them like I was an adviser, and their mission was to sneak into a prison to get a certain prisoner and maybe someone else and to try to find and recover a missing alien spaceship that was taken and hidden by a scientist (an old man with whitish colored skin with medium-to-long length whitish/grayish colored hair) who used to work with the alien spaceship.

A Dream Character Based On My Former Classmate CW? | Trying To Survive A Sickness And Boyd Crowder

Dream 1

The first dream is a bit unclear but I know that it took place during the day in a fictional place and I probably went to a nice one-story house to look for a certain unknown object that I can not remember that was being sold with other items by the family who owned the house, like a garage sale that someone (maybe my mom) told me about, but everyone was gone from the house except the daughter who seemed to be based on my former classmate CW except that she had medium-length medium brownish colored hair and there were several other minor differences between them but I am not sure if she was supposed to be my former classmate CW or not.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream and so it is unclear, it seemed that we both were younger again maybe 18 -21 years old but I could be wrong, and I remember being interested in getting to know the daughter better; and I managed to convince her to let me look around for the unknown item that I was looking to buy from them, even though the rest of her family were gone (her parent’s and her younger sister and/or brother), and so she took me to a garage/room-like area of the house where her family sold things that they no longer needed/wanted.

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