AG Vomits | A Comedian | JB Sleeping At Work & Joe Burrow As Justin Bieber?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, and I was walking behind the front desk carrying a bowl of something and something else.

My coworker Ms. JM and my female coworker AG were standing and talking behind the front desk as I walked by, AG looked sick, and then she vomited.


Helping Justin Bieber During A Shooting

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that some of my family (probably my mom, my dad, and my brother GC) and I were at a small multi-story probably windowless hotel, I am not sure if we had separate rooms or if we shard a room, I just know that at some point in the dream I went to walk to the front desk for some reason that I can not remember before going to an upper floor to a room that my brother GC was in.

On my way down to the first floor where the front desk was, I remember seeing a friendly older obese man with light-color skin sitting down (he seemed to probably have problems with walking and being on his feet much because of maybe a disability and / or obesity and / or old age) talking to someone, and maybe we greeted each other as I walked by.

Once I reached the first floor and was finished at the front desk (which had an older woman with light-color skin with short-medium curly hair working behind it) I realized that the security guard for this hotel was my coworker Mr. CF (who is the security guard at The BP Library where we both work) because I saw him walking down stairs to walk to the front desk, and so I greeted him.

My coworker Mr. CF told me that the man I saw earlier could speak Italian, and he wanted me to meet him so we walked and talked on our way to meet that man before I go see my brother GC but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly inspired by the Little Rock Nightclub Shooting.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a hotel again but this hotel was larger and nicer, and it had non-hotel-like areas connected to it.

I remember being in an area that was more store-like, maybe where people could get some food and drinks and get on computers, and I walked to the computer area that had several desks with computers on them that people were using.

This was just one small area in a larger room that had other areas, and one of those other areas or connected areas was probably an auditorium or stadium where maybe a concert was going to take place soon.

As I was standing near the computers I saw my former male classmate JP on one of the computers so I greeted him and I started talking to him, he did not seem to be in a good mood and he did not seem like he was that interested in talking, and then I saw the musician Justin Bieber walk over near us.

Mr. Bieber asked me: “What time is it?” and I looked at my watch (probably my Casio A178WA-1AV) and I told him the time, but then my former classmate JP told us that his computer showed a different time so I looked at his computer and he was right.

I looked back at my watch and both of them showed different times, I looked at a different computer and it matched the time of the other computer, and so my watch was probably wrong so I got on one of the computers and I went to to see which time was correct.

I found out that the computers had the correct time but my watch had the wrong time so I adjusted my watch to the correct time, and I let Mr. Bieber know the correct time.

It seemed that Mr. Bieber was taking a break and then he was probably about to start a concert soon because I saw people sitting and going into the auditorium / stadium area, but then we started hearing shooting coming from the direction of the auditorium / stadium area or further inside the hotel.

Based on the number of shots I felt that the shooting was probably gang related, Mr. Bieber wanted to leave the building now to not only avoid the shooting but to avoid the press (he was mostly worried about the press it seemed, and so he wanted to be gone before the press show up), and so I decided to help him and my former classmate JP and an unknown man with dark-color skin wearing a baseball hat (who possibly worked for Mr. Bieber or the hotel or he was just a random person at the hotel) joined us.

I told them to wait for the shots to stop first and wait a few seconds for the shooters to flee, and then we started leaving as we heard and saw people screaming and running and hiding.

We took a back route through some quiet back halls in the hotel (I got a partial glance of the main lobby on the first floor which looked nice and upper class compared to the other areas that looked more middle class and it probably had a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling), as we were passing an area near an area next to some doors that led to the stairs, we saw some men with dark-color skin wearing similar gang-like clothing and maybe bandanas and they looked like gang members and they were looking around like they were looking for rival gang members to finish them off or something so we hid around the corner on another hall.

We were hiding next to a storage closet and maybe Mr. Bieber and the others found some janitor outfits in there and put them on as disguises, I did not think that this was a good idea and I said so, and so I did not do this.

We heard police sirens after the assumed gang members left somewhere else, and we continued walking up the hall to find an exit.

Up the hall I saw that some of the wall was made of glass so I could see outside, I saw a police car, and so now we had to worry about avoiding the assumed gang members and the press and the police.

I was now worried that the police might shoot and / or arrest us, I suggested hiding for a moment to give the police time to pass this area so that we could escape while they were distracted with clearing the building, and so we hid in a men’s bathroom.

While we were hiding I remember hearing one or two women talking in the hall, they sounded like employees of the hotel, and so we needed to avoid them as well.

We were going to wait for them to pass before continuing toward the exit which we assumed was up the hall because we saw the outside through the glass walls up ahead, but I got awakened by my alarm on my mobile phone.

The end,

-John Jr


Teen Age Idol

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Teen Age Idol, and this is what it said:

Who did you idolize as a teenager?

Did you go crazy for the Beatles?

Ga-ga over Duran Duran?

In love with Justin Bieber?

Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

And this is my response:

I never really liked the word idolize or that extreme level of fandom, and so I am going to have to say that I did not idolize anyone.

The end,

-John Jr


8-1-2014 | Dream Fragments | A Place For Justin Bieber’s Family And Friends? | People Speaking French And My Brother GC Gets Arrested

English: Captive's medical clinic, camp 5, Gua...
English: Captive’s medical clinic, camp 5, Guantanamo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I had two long and detailed dreams last night that were so long and detailed that I can not remember important parts of the either dream now, but I do somewhat remember part of both dreams.

At some point in the first dream I was in my parents’ yard during a nice day and I thought that everyone had left the house/yard except for me, and at some point I walked across the street to the area where B used to live which is now owned by our neighbor Mr. RD; but in the dream the area closest to the road was a nasty dirty and damp area instead of grass.

This area had a nasty drain(age) pipe with molded nasty water with dead mice/rats/other non-human animals, trash, rotted food, et cetera around the area; but I can not remember why I walked to this area, and I remember bending down and putting my hand on the top of the drain(age) pipe to look inside of it.

I saw some dead mice/rats/et cetera along with molded nasty water with trash and rotted food but then I saw what seemed to be a living rat or mouse that saw me and it started moving toward me, and so I decided to walk back to my parents’ yard but something stabbed into my finger like a splinter or something like that.


Some Teachers Want My Help | Justin Bieber In The City Of D And Zombies And Trying To Save My Grandfather?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream took place in the city of D during probably the evening when it was somewhat raining off-and-on while I was at my parent’s house with my family, and at some point my brother GC and I rode some bicycles to or near the BP Library when the rain had stopped briefly; but on our way back home it started to rain lightly again, and eventually the rain stopped again and I went outside the back door to try to fix something near the back steps.

I saw several female teachers in the yard of the abandoned house near the chicken cage near the big tree outside the fence by the back door, they saw me trying to fix something, and they thought that maybe I could help them with a problem that they were having; and so the female teachers walked over to ask me for help with opening the windows for their classrooms at the school they worked at, they said the windows would not open, and they wanted me to come to their school tomorrow to see if I could fix this problem.

One of the teachers knew me and I knew her because I think that she was my former classmate NA or another former classmate of mine who I can not remember, I told them that I would ask my dad if he could check their windows for them tomorrow or find someone else to help them who also works for the BP School Board because my dad worked for them as well, but if that did not work I told them that I might try to help them with the problem.

The teachers thanked me but then one of the teachers asked me to help her with another problem, she wanted help finding a certain plant/flower and the name of this plant/flower which she heard was only found at a certain abandoned property on the outskirts of the city of D, and so I asked her to describe the plant/flower; and I told her that I would investigate it for her, later in the dream I found a newspaper article about that plant/flower and the abandoned property where it grew, and so I went to the abandoned property to investigate and/or I took the newspaper article to the teacher but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during a gray day and I was at a fictional multi-story high school on an upper floor where I had graduated from years ago, I was visiting the school for the memories looking at items from the past when I went to school there, and there was a framed photograph of the music artist Justin Bieber on a wall because in the dream he had went to this same school when I was at the school even though I am years older than him in real life; and in the dream I think that Justin Bieber was even born in the city of D, and I knew him somewhat.

At some point I left the school to go shopping at a grocery/general store and I met Justin Bieber who recognized me as a former schoolmate of his, and we greeted each other with a special somewhat long handshake; and we briefly talked, and maybe Justin Bieber came to visit me and some other people later in the dream at a house where we seemed to be staying but I can not remember.

In the dream Justin Bieber would come to visit his home town of the city of D sometimes because it is quieter and smaller, and to visit people from his past; and eventually in the dream I went to a fictional house where my aunt JE’s house should be.

I think that there were zombies in the world now and so my family, some of my fictional friends, and several other people were living together in this fictional house and a fictional multi-story mansion-like house where my parent’s real house should be to increase our chances of surviving zombie attacks; and I remember talking with my fictional friends and my dad, and then some more fictional friends or fictional friends of friends came.

One of them was a tall and strong young man who liked to wrestle and he wanted to challenge me to a friendly grappling match to see who would win, but we got interrupted a call from my mom telling us that a group of dangerous-looking men were breaking into the house where my parent’s house should be and that my grandfather was on the upper floor of that house; and we looked at a group of monitors/screens of surveillance video of the outside of the house, and we saw the group of men breaking into the house.

I knew that we needed to stop the men before they found my grandfather because I felt that they would rape/robe/kill everyone in the house and use it for themselves, and so I ran outside to the house with no armor or weapons; and my dad and the tall/strong young man, and a few of the others said that they would join me soon once they got their weapons and/or their shoes/et cetera.

I ran into the yard and I sneaked to the window where my brother TD’s and my brother KD’s room should be, too my surprise I saw my mom on the second floor standing at a window signaling with her hands for me to climb through the window where I was staying, and so I opened the window quietly and I climbed into the bedroom; and the door to the bedroom was closed.

I heard some of the men talking and I quietly waited for my dad who was the first person to arrive after me and he climbed through the window into the bedroom with me, and he walked out of the bedroom first to confront/face the men; and past the stairway he came across one of the men who tried to attack him with a weapon, and another man with a weapon came out to attack us and so I fought him.

My dad killed the first man, I killed the second man, and then I killed a third man who had a gun; and then I heard a gunshot from behind us that came from near the stairway, and we turned to see that a fourth man had been shot and killed by our friends who had just saved us because the fourth man was about to shoot my dad and I from behind after he came down the stairway because of the noise from our fight with the other men.

I thanked my friends for the help but then a man with dark brownish colored skin wearing a baseball hat knocked on a window of the house from the outside, he seemed to be carrying an injured woman or girl, and I told him to go to the front door; and I sent one of my friends to let him in, my dad and the others continued to search the house for more threats and to see if my mom and grandfather were okay, and I went to check on the man with the injured woman or girl to make sure that they were okay and/or if we could trust them.

After that I was going to continue searching the house for threats, check on my mom and my grandfather, talk with the man and the injured woman or girl some more, and then I was going to focus on better securing the house and yard; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr