Farscape Inspired Dreams

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Last night I remember part of about two dreams and maybe one semi-daydream/dream, and all three had at least one character from the TV show Farscape in them.

Dream 1

One dream took place in a dorm-like house where several unknown people, several characters from Farscape (Ka D’Aargo, Aeryn Sun, maybe Stark, maybe Sikozu (Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu), maybe Bialar Crais, maybe Chiana, maybe Jool (Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis)), and I were living; and we each had our own small room next to each other on one side of the house that was the housing area.

In the housing area was a joint living room or family room, there might/may have been one or more bathrooms in this area too, but I am not sure; and I could see an entrance to another part of the house, but I did not go into this area.

It was night-time I think, and there was some general arguments going on between several people; and I think that part of the argument was about Ka D’Argo’s weapon (a Qualta Blade) being broken, and he was angry about that.

I tried to help mediate the argument, and I think that I ended up being the one who was put in charge of fixing Ka D’Argo’s weapon; which ended the arguments.

I remember trying to fix it, but I am not sure if I was able to fix it or not, I just remember leaving the next morning by automobile, and my uncle CE gave me his mobile phone so that I could fix it; so I think that I now had Ka D’Argo’s weapon maybe & my uncle CE’s mobile phone, and I was driving to find someone to fix Ka D’Argo’s weapon while I was also trying to fix my uncle CE’s mobile phone.

I remember driving through Eastside in D, while trying to check my uncle CE’s mobile phone, but the mobile phone fell apart; and so I had to try to put the pieces together, and I needed to find some glue to keep it together.

I had no idea why the mobile phone fell apart like that, but I knew that I would be blamed even though it was not my fault; and so I hoped that I could fix it, so that I could let my uncle CE know what had happened.

Dream 2

At that point I regretted even trying to help fix my uncle CE’s mobile phone, and I was a bit frustrated; next I remember something that might have been a semi-daydream/dream.

I was in L during the day and I drove to the Technology Building, where the Alliance Française is located, among other offices; and Aeryn Sun was with me or she walked over to me as I got out of my automobile.

I remember thinking about my uncle CE’s mobile phone & Ka D’Argo’s weapon, but Aeryn Sun was trying to get me to think about something else; and she used her voice to somehow trigger and/or put some information into my brain.

Aeryn Sun said some trigger words and/or she said something that I think had something to do with three mobile phone operating systems and/or some complex information; and that information either started to be awakened in my brain and/or that information was put into my brain.

Aeryn Sun kept trying to get me to focus on that information so that my brain could absorb/make sense of the information faster but I was trying to focus on getting Ka D’Argo’s weapon fixed, my uncle CE’s mobile phone fixed, and maybe I also wanted to sign up for French lessons at the Alliance Française.

I had no idea what she was talking about or what she wanted, so I was starting to get a bit frustrated that she kept annoying me while I was trying to get things done, and I stopped in the lobby of the Technology Building to try to figure out what Aeryn Sun wanted from me; and oddly no one was in the lobby, not even the receptionist, so we were alone at this point.

Aeryn Sun once again used her voice and I started to calm down, and I started to see/know some of the information that she had unlocked and/or put into my brain; the pieces were starting to come together, and I was starting to make sense of it.

She asked me what I saw, and I started trying to describe formulas & data that looked like programming languages that made up at least three different programs; which I think were three different mobile phone operating systems, but I think that was only part of the information.

She seemed excited that it was working and she told me to keep focusing so that my brain  could make sense of the information faster, and I think that she wanted me to use and/or share some of that information with her once my brain unlocked it all; it was amazing watching information being unlocked in my brain and being able to slowly make sense of it.

I remember Aeryn Sun talking and/or using her voice again, it was like she could use her voice to effect/affect me sub-consciously and/or emotionally and/or mentally like partial hypnosis or something or just to help me relax/focus, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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