David Bowie Sensei – Training Song

David Bowie Sensei – Training Song

What Is It?

The YouTube video David Bowie Sensei – Training Song by the YouTube channel Mrsr8.

Here is the description for this video:

His hit single, lol. – Training Ninjas MP3

This is a non-profit parody.

Say it with me.


Smoking kills.

Don’t do it.

To Bowie, or not to Bowie?

That is the question.

Starring: Takahata101 – Itachi


Struggling To Defeat A Snake | Time Traveling Into A False Awakening Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place outside during the day but it was possibly slightly gray but I can not remember and I was with maybe a younger version of two of my brothers, at least one other adult, and maybe several other people.

We had shields and machetes, and we were walking outside near a lake in a somewhat open wilderness when we got attacked by a snake that was tan and one or more other colors (maybe a somewhat reddish color).

The snake was smart and sneaky, it would attack, hide, and then ambush and repeat.

Me and the other adult tried to prepare the younger members of our group by quickly teaching them to block with their shields, watch their surroundings, counter attack, and defend.

The snake would hide in bushes, grass, holes, the water, et cetera.

Before we could finish teaching the others the snake ambushed us from the water, a young member of the group went to block the attack, we thought that the snake had missed him but somehow its fangs had tipped him and slightly cut him so some poison got into his body.

The boy started to have a seizure so we had to inject him with antivenom immediately, somehow the boy was now Sasuke Uchiha, the group was now made up of some of the young main character shinobi (ninja) from the anime television show Naruto, and Kakashi Hatake and one or two other adult shinobi (ninja) had to arrive to help them defeat the snake.

This changed in the dream without me noticing so I was probably not even part of the group anymore, the young shinobi seemed to still be in training, but I was surprised to see them struggling against a normal snake like this.

Sasuke almost died and they were struggling against a normal snake when they have survived giant snakes before, this oddity was also noticed by a male voice and other dream character that I heard who had a video going (maybe a live stream) where he was pointing this out and making fun of the shinobi struggling against one normal snake, and he reminded me of It’sAGundam and PlagueOfGripes.

This snake was so good at guerrilla tactics that Kakashi had to use his sharingan eye to find the snake, and then they were finally able to kill it.

The male dream character who was making fun of them in a video that I was somehow hearing / maybe partly seeing continued to make fun of them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I just woke up from this dream that I had after taking a nap after jogging and reading some of the book 11/22/63 after work.

My memory of the very end of this dream is unclear, it partly involved me or George Amberson (Jake Epping) reaching the portal which he or I used to return back to the future from the past, and somehow this connected with not only time travel but me waking up from a dream into another dream that I possibly thought was the real world so it was probably a false awakening dream at this point.

The transition from a portal from the past back to the future into a dream within a dream that was a false awakening dream was very disorienting, I stepped out during a gray day into what looked like a fictional version of the area near where my uncle WC’s house should be, but someone else was living there.

Outside laying on something on the ground were several young adults with light-color skin, the youngest was a girl with long yellow hair who possibly spoke English with a rough immature bratty annoying British / English accent of some kind who slightly reminded me of an annoying version of the character Dutch Velders from the television show The Strain, and the oldest was a young woman who possibly had the same hair color or darker and probably shorter who was probably the older sister.

There was a young man with them, I was possibly younger again, and I remember talking with them.

I was trying to make sense of things, I probably told them about how I had just returned from the past back to the future and I told them about my now forgotten dreams, and I was not exactly sure if the time travel was real or if it was part of a dream but I felt and probably told them that I thought that it was real even though it sounds unbelievable.

During this the youngest female was being annoying and was possibly watching something pornographic, and she possibly even started trying to flirt with me and seduce me and touch me but I kept stopping her to her annoyance.

The oldest female did not exactly believe me but was trying to keep an open mind so she kept asking me questions to test if what I thought was true and real was correct or not, I started to slowly remember something, and I felt that the oldest female looked familiar like she had been in one or my dreams or something.

I kept trying to remember, and maybe eventually I remembered enough of a forgotten dream or whatever that got her to believe me and to maybe believe the time travel part.

Through this a bit of a connection seemed to have formed between us, and the dream jumped in time to the future where we were older and we seemed to be dating or married.

We were in a bed on the right side of strange semi-bedroom that felt a bit like a nice garage or something that was connected to the house of this yard that was converted into a bedroom or something, you could somewhat feel and hear the outside or something, but I can not remember.

This time jump was also a bit disorienting, I recognized that a time jump had happened, and I noticed some of the changes as I tried to adjust.

We were possibly cuddling / making out and about to have sex when her younger sister ran into the room and interrupted us complaining about something, she was an adult too now, but she was still annoying and bratty and ungrateful and immature et cetera; and she had a bed on the other side of the room.

She was wearing a knit hat and her hair was still long, we had a verbal back and forth with her, and she jumped on her bed in anger still being annoying.

She did not seem to work or anything so we were probably taking care of her like she was still a child or something, and she seemed to only care about having fun and doing what she wants (which probably included acting like a pornographic actress, doing drugs, being lazy, using electronics et cetera).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr



A Dream + Mama + Naruto + Clones + A Video Game = ?

I did not voice record my dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom, and so I barely can remember part of the end of my last dream from last night; and this dream seemed to be inspired by the movie Mama, which I watched before going to sleep, and the Japanese anime series Naruto.

I can not remember the parts of the dream that were inspired by the movie Mama, but I do remember being inside a windowless building in a library-like room with many bookshelves with books.


Age Of Empires III + Naruto Shippuden + Godzilla = ?

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream, my memory of this dream is very unclear now because I did not voice record it, but I will try to type it anyway.

The dream took place in a fictional cloudy gray/somewhat dark world that started like the dream was inspired by the video game Age Of Empires III because the world somewhat looked and felt like that video game with similar older technology/weapons, and a person (I can not remember if it was a man or woman) was leading a group of musketeers and skirmishers across maybe a field.

Somewhere else in the dream world a somewhat older husband and wife were given an order by their boss, who had his own army, to send their soldiers to retrieve a certain person who was their long-lost child (who was now an adult) who they gave away years ago when they were poor in hopes of him having a better life; but now they were rich with their own soldiers, and they worked for a man who had an army.

Their boss did not say why he wanted their long-lost child and somehow he knew where their long-lost child was, and they did not think to ask because they were so excited about the chance to finally see their long-lost child; and possibly because they might have been in a contract with their boss to serve him without question.

He wanted their long-lost child alive and unharmed so the husband and wife sent their soldiers to retrieve their long-lost child with orders for their child to not be harmed, and their soldiers found their long-lost child crossing the field with the musketeers and skirmishers from earlier in the dream which is where the boss knew where to find them somehow.

The soldiers were mostly cavalry and they attacked the musketeers and skirmishers and the child instead of telling the child that they worked for his parents’, and that their parents’ and their parents’ boss wanted to talk/whatever to them.

So a battle took place and the child and his soldiers were winning against a larger mostly cavalry force, and so a messenger was sent to the parents’ to warn them that they were losing the battle; and so the parents’ hired mercenaries to go help their soldiers with the orders to not harm their child.

This cycle continued as the child and his soldiers continued to somehow survive waves of mercenaries, and as the battle continued the dream moved to another area in the dream world in a football-like field where one or more people from the Japanese animated (anime) TV show Naruto Shippuden were.

The person or persons got attacked by a giant large maybe Hulk-like creäture, and the dream jumped to another area in the dream world where the animated characters Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Shippuden were; and they came across the fighting between the child and his soldiers, and the soldiers’ and mercenaries’ of the parents.

While they were watching the battle they noticed the giant creäture in the distance and they realized that it was attacking their friends’, and so they ran to help their friends’.

The child and his soldiers were almost defeated at this point and one of the mercenaries failed to follow the orders to not harm the child, and so I think someone killed the mercenary before he could seriously harm the child; and then they killed the rest of the soldiers of the child.

They finally told the child what they wanted and so he willingly went with them to meet his parents’ and the boss of his parents, and the dream jumped back to Naruto and Kakashi as they reached the football-like field.

Before they could attack the giant creäture, another giant creäture who looked like Godzilla (but greener like the other creäture) ran out of nowhere and tackled the other giant creäture, and they started fighting.

Naruto, Kakashi, and their friends watched from a safe distance wondering if they should help Godzilla or not; but the dream jumped back to the child finally reaching his parents’, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Playing On A Sports Team | Being At A School And Washing Dishes And Mr. MS And Temporarily Being Naruto And Fighting Against Kakashi With Sakura As My Partner

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place in a fictional place at a fictional school, I think that I was in school again maybe, and some of my former classmates like BH were at the school with me as well; and my former classmate BH and some of the other students wanted me to play on their sports team but I can not remember what sport it was, and eventually I joined their sports team.

I remember there being jumps in time where we were practicing and eventually we played several games against other teams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D and at some point I was at a school where C Elementary should be, the school looked somewhat like a combination of C Elementary and D Junior High School, but I can not remember if I was a student or not; and I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was at my parent’s house, I had washed the dishes and then I briefly went outside, and then I went back inside the house and I found a lot of dirty dishes; and I got angry and I washed the dishes again while complaining out-loud to my parent’s, they did not see a problem really, and they did not bother to talk to my brothers TD & KD who(m) probably left most of the dirty dishes.

I washed all the dishes again and I gave up complaining because the situation was not going to improve, I think that my dad mentioned that later the BP Credit Union Dinner was going to take place at the fictional school from earlier in the dream, and there was a jump in time in the dream where we were at the fictional school from earlier in the dream again; and I saw my former little league baseball coach Mr. MS who coached our baseball team who were sponsored by A-S Video, and so I stopped to talk with him about several things as we waited outside the building at the school where I guess the BP Credit Union Dinner was going to take place.

My dad/parent’s and several other people talked with us as well as they came in and out of the building, at some point I went to a small building alone, and I saw Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake from the animated Japanese (anime) TV show Naruto Shippūden (Naruto Shippuden); and I think that they were animated, and somehow I think that I temporarily became Naruto.

Naruto and Sakura were there for a fight/test against Kakashi to test their skills/rankings/whatever, Kakashi had two bells tied to his waist/pocket/whatever, and Naruto and Sakura had to take the two bells to win the fight/pass the test; and we came up with a plan to defeat Kakashi, I/Naruto turned my back to Kakashi and I/Naruto started kissing Sakura over different parts of her body/face to distract Kakashi, and at some point I/Naruto maybe threw something into Kakashi’s eyes to temporarily blind him.

Sakura and I/Naruto then attacked Kakashi to knock him off-balance, and then I/Naruto took the two bells and we won the fight/passed the test; and Kakashi was impressed and he congratulated us, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr