Man In Cave (Reupload)

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Man In Cave (Reupload)

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Man goes in cave.

He gets stuck.

A chronological retelling of the story of Floyd Collins.

This video was inspired by the biographical retellings of the life of Floyd Collins.

In particular, the works of the talented Lucas Reilly and Robert K. Murray.

Their works can be found at the links below.

Lucas Reilly:…

More interesting writing from Lucas Reilly can be found at:…

Robert K. Murray.…

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Brothers in Arms – Baker’s Dozen
Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway
Conan Exiles – Cave Idols
Contrast – The Streets
Days Gone – I remember
Deadly Premonition – FBI Special Agent
Doom – At Doom’s Gate
Empire of Sin – Instrumental
Gone Home – The House Part 1
Grim Fandango – Temple Gate
Halo 3 – Asphalt and Absolution
Katana Zero
LA Noire – J.J.
Limbo OST – Boy’s Fort
Little Nightmares 2 – Boots through the undergrowth
Little Nightmares 2 – One Step, two step.
Little Nightmares 2 – still life
Mafia – One Twitch Away
Mafia 2 – Red Dragon
Mafia 3
Medal of Honor – The Motorcycle Chase
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Main Menu
Outer Wilds (Andrew Prahlow)
Red Dead Redemption 2 – A quiet time
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Angelo Bronte Theme
Red Dead Redemption 2 – House Building Theme
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Lemoyne
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Prison Break Theme
The Last Guardian – Hanging Gardens
The Last Guardian – Sentinel 1
The Sims – Main Theme
The Wolf Among Us – Main Menu
The Wolf Among Us – Radio


CO-VIDs: Kentucky Route Zero’s Terminus

I never heard of or played this video game before, but from Innuendo Studios’s description it seems like a unique gaming experience.


A Time Traveler Has A Message For Me?

Parts of this dream possibly repeated or something with maybe slight changes because I remembered visiting certain places and doing certain things more than once in the dream, and even in the dream I recognized and remembered some of this at some point.

I remember the dream taking place during the day and I was traveling with my dad and my brother GC by automobile on our way somewhere, maybe a high school or college American football game because I remember my dad mentioning and asking about a certain football team, but I am not sure.

I remember my brother GC and I mentioning that the football team won their last game, and that they were playing a game now or about to play one.

I remember us driving through the countryside at some point, at some point on the left side of the road we saw what looked like a clothing store under a covered area with no walls, this made no sense so we stopped to look at it.

Everything was clean and organized and well stocked and no one was there, it was next to a field / farm land / a yard of a nice house that also looked a bit out of place and too clean and felt like you were not supposed to get too close or something.

There were no walls so you could see and feel and hear everything outside, it was a place that should not exist, and maybe I saw a woman with light-color skin with brown hair there at some point and / or when walking through the edge of the yard of the out of place house and / or when walking toward the street by the house that had a gas station and some other businesses along it but I am not sure.

I am not sure how many times these events possibly repeated, I just remember all of this happening during the remembered part of the dream, and while looking at the clothing store a woman with light-color skin with brown hair showed up.

This took place in a small probably fictional city in The United States in the state of Kentucky, this time someone was with me but it was possibly not my dad or my brother GC, but I am not sure who it was other than the person being a man.

I remember walking through the yard of the out of place house again, the woman walked this way first, and I followed her path because I felt that we were not supposed to get too close to the house.

As we approached the sidewalk by the street many people were walking by, I then remembered that I saw a woman like the one walking in front of me before, and that I remembered being here before et cetera so I decided to tell the woman that she looked familiar and ask her if we have met before.

The woman told me that we have met before, that she was a time traveler who had time traveled here, and then I noticed another woman who looked somewhat like her in the crowd and I pointed out this woman to her.

One of these women looked like the actress Rachel Dratch, one of them looked a bit rough, and the first woman said that the other woman was possibly another version of her.

She explained something about how time traveling can maybe create alternate versions of the time traveler or something like that, and maybe the other version of her looked rough and different because of something to do with making multiple time traveling attempts or something like that but I can not remember the details.

The first time traveler told me that she had a message for me, like maybe she had time traveled to deliver this message to me, but I am not sure if the message was just for me personally or if it was a message from the future meant for the public that would be shared to me to share with the world.

Too many people were walking by so I wanted some more privacy, and so I asked her to walk across the street with me to somewhere more private where she could share this message that was important enough for her to time travel and find me to share it.

We started walking across the street but she started getting lost in the crowd and maybe phasing in and out, she explained that it was better if we did not move and that she share the message now because of something that I can not remember that had something to do with time traveling too many times in a short amount of time or something, but I decided to take a risk and have us try to make it across the street because I was not sure if it was safe for others to hear this message.

Unfortunately the time traveler got lost from me or disappeared by the time I reached the other side, and so I lost my chance to hear her message.

She warned me about the risk, I can not remember the details, and this disappointed me.

I needed to urinate so I went to the businesses along a sidewalk, and I found a door to a building that had bathrooms.

The other person who had traveled with me this time was with me, he went to use one bathroom while I went to find another, one of the men’s bathrooms had two men having sex in it, and so I went to look for another bathroom and I ended up going into a unisex bathroom because it was empty.

For some unknown reason I took off my clothing to use the bathroom, while doing this I saw and heard two stereotypical jock-like men bullying the man who had traveled with me, and they were calling him gay et cetera.

One of the men had light-color skin with short yellow hair and the other man had dark-color skin with black hair, they both were taller and larger than us, they saw me looking through an opening and they started taunting me and then calling me gay as well.

I put on my underwear and I went to get the rest of my clothing that was where they were, I started talking to the two men to get them to leave the other man alone, and I was getting dressed while doing this.

Eventually they mostly stopped bothering us as I got dressed, I guess they saw that I was not afraid of them, and they were probably secretly afraid of me because I stood up to them while still getting dressed while not being afraid of them at all.

After I got dressed the man and I went outside, I started looking around to see if I could find the time traveler or one of her alternate selves, hoping to learn of this message that she wanted to share with me.

But I woke up, in the real world I really did need to urinate, and I laid in bed trying to remember any details that I could that the time traveler had shared hoping that she had shared some of her message in a forgotten part of the dream.

I even tried to go back to sleep to continue the dream and hopefully find and / or summon her so that I could hear this message.

Unfortunately I never did remember or learn what her message was or any of the time travel details that she shared with me or who she was and where she was from and what time period was she from and why did she want to share this message with me.

Was she one of my ancestors or future descendants?

Was she really human?

Did someone or something cause her to get lost or disappear / phase out before she could share the message with me?

And I have many other questions.

The end,

-John Jr