Harvey Kinkle & Kevin Spacey At A College?

English: Kevin Spacey at the ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
Français : Kevin Spacey à la cérémonie du British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
File:Kevin Spacey – BAFTA 2008.jpg

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place in The United Kingdom (UK) at maybe a college that possibly had a prison and / or it had some prisoners there among the normal students & college staff.

The character Harvey Kinkle from the TV show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and a young woman with light-color skin were there.

They went to a class or meeting in a classroom where Kevin Spacey seemed to be the professor / teacher.


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Some of Lost Truth’s dream recall techniques proved too useful, I remembered too many dream details and I got overwhelmed with trying to make sense of it all while also dealing with my overwhelmed daily schedule.

I did not type the dream fragments like I normally do, but I am typing them now in hopefully a less detailed way to save time, or I will end up missing another day just trying to type these dreams and my most recent dreams while trying to catch up with my once again overwhelmed daily schedule.