Accidentally Spilling A Drink On Stone Cold Steve Austin

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All that I can remember of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day, in one part of the dream I was at a one-story school/college/dorm-like building where I seemed to be working or helping in an office, and there were BP School Board workers (secretaries, teachers, principals, et cetera) there working with me as well (maybe even my dead former high school principal Mr. G); and at some point they had a meeting, and I guess I was done working for the day so I left outside.

I remember there were people outside eating and drinking, there were some entertainment wrestlers among them like Stone Cold Steve Austin, and when I got my food and drink I went to find a place to sit; and there was an empty spot near Mr. Austin and so I asked if it was okay for me to sit there, and he said yes.

I remember saying a few things to him and I accidentally spilled some of my drink on him, I apologized but he made a facial expression like he wanted to kick me and do The Stone Cold Stunner (finishing move) to me, and he told me that he would let it slide because I seemed nice and I apologized; and I apologized again and I said that I probably should move somewhere else, he agreed with this idea, and so I moved somewhere else.

After eating and drinking I went inside the building again, the building had many classrooms and offices and dorm-like rooms and bathrooms and storage rooms et cetera in the same areas, and I had a dorm room/whatever; and some of my former classmates were there like my former female classmate DC, and she worked in the building in one of the offices.

My memory of this dream is flawed and out-of-order so I probably put some parts in the wrong place and messed up some of the details and I forgot most of the parts that took place inside the building, and so this dream is all messed up now; and I know that there was more to the gang part of the dream, and I came across some of them again outside and maybe inside the building (there was a gang with light brownish colored skin who spoke with Mexican English accents, there was a gang with medium – dark brownish colored skin, and there was a gang with whitish colored skin; and I only remember men being in all of the gangs).

At some point in the dream I rode a kick scooter to a Walmart store and after shopping something happened in the parking lot involving several gangs with guns and maybe a shootout, and I ended up using a stun gun pretending that it was a gun to save myself and stop the shootout maybe or something like that; and then I left on my kick scooter riding down the highway, which was fun, and I remember moving through lanes around traffic and jumping over debris.

There was a man and his two kids riding kick scooters as well behind me at some point and they were going the same direction as me, parts of the dream world were fictional and parts were the city of D like the highway that we were riding on, and at some point we reached the same building from earlier again; and we rode inside it, and I remember talking to them and they lived in the building as well.

I remember commenting about the appearance of the part of the building that I lived in which was a bit more rundown and lower class and dangerous than the other parts of the building (some of the gang members probably lived there as well), I commented that this part of the building had potential if the dangerous people would change or leave and if we could get people to clean and fix it up, but I was thankful to have somewhere to live and it was not that bad.

I walked around trying to find my room but I could not remember where my room was, I came across my former classmate DC again and she walked around with me trying to help me find my room, and I remember us finding a somewhat hidden room behind a corner that had a solid door and then a bathroom-like stall door.

Behind these two doors was a dorm-like room and it seemed that no one lived in it and it seemed like a nice quiet and more private and safe area, we both wondered if rooms like this were open for us to move into and how many more available rooms were there, and so we started looking around for more rooms; but we stopped by my former classmate DC’s office where she worked so that she could as her female boss if that room and other rooms were available for us to move into, and if so which rooms were available.

While she was doing that I waited outside but I wanted to continue searching for more rooms so I told her that I was going to continue searching, and that she could meet up with me when she was finished; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Portable Motorized Scooter From My Brother CC

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream which took place during a nice day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I was riding in my dad’s automobile and he was driving.

We were driving to the automobile repair shop that is next to the recycling center down the road from one of the fire stations before you get to GA, my brother CC had given me a fictional portable / foldable silverish colored motorized scooter / kick scooter that he owned before probably leaving to start his active duty military service / tour, but it was not working and it needed some repairs.

The small quiet road to the automobile repair shop was up higher than the automobile repair shop like it was on a hill, my dad and I parked on the field on the right side of the road, and we walked inside the automobile repair shop as I carried the portable motorized scooter.

Inside were several workers with whitish colored skin including a woman and two or three young men, the woman knew my dad/us and even some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family, and the young men made fun of the portable motorized scooter that my brother CC gave me.

While the young men started checking the portable motorized scooter the woman showed me some photographs that she had of some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family like maybe my aunt RE and my cousin RE, and some other people who I did not know.

She told me some stories and information about how she knew some of my family members and about some of the times that my dad brought his automobile to their automobile repair shop to get fixed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr


Riding A Kick Scooter | Shane Walsh Escapes | A Library / Store-Like Place With Stuff That Belongs To My Family And A Self-Sleep Study-Like Machine

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I had difficultly/a hard time/problems trying to go to sleep last night at first because I kept feeling like I was losing blood circulation or something strange like that but eventually I was able to go to sleep, I woke up to use the bathroom two times, and I barely remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

In the first dream I remember riding a kick scooter during the evening or night in the city of D on my way back to my parent’s house, as I was passing the train tracks near the A Plant I remember passing a man who(m) I recognized from a past dream or several past dreams who was riding a skateboard and he had whitish colored skin and he was bald I think, and we greeted each other and we said a few words to each other as we passed by each other; and we said goodbye to each other and we kept going in opposite directions.

There was no automobile traffic on the street and there was almost no one outside, so it was nice being able to ride the kick scooter down my grandfather’s street in peace, and I walked across the field by my parent’s house holding the kick scooter over my shoulder as my brother’s pet dogs watched me from inside the yard; and I went through the double gates of my parent’s yard near the end of my parent’s street, and I went inside my parent’s house after noticing that the abandoned mobile home across the street was gone except for a fictional small shack-like house that was the original house that used to be connected to the mobile home.

I remember talking to my brother GC about the shack-like house and he wanted to go explore it and so we went to explore it, I remember us looking in the backyard first, and all the trash cans and other objects left behind were dug into the ground separately where the top of each trash can/object was even/level with the ground; and it seemed that this was done to help prevent the wind/storms from blowing/throwing the objects around and to decrease the chance(s) of people messing with/stealing the objects/trash cans.

My brother GC went inside the shack-like house and I followed him, surprisingly the lights came on when my brother GC turned the light switch on, and there was an old TV that worked when my brother GC turned it on; and the inside of the shack-like house looked okay/pretty good and it was still furnished to our surprise, and I remember us looking around the shack-like house briefly but then I told my brother GC that we should leave and I made sure that he turned the light switch and the TV off and we walked back toward my parent’s house but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream once again took place in my parent’s yard during the evening or night but I am not sure if my family was there or not, I just remember seeing a group of mostly unknown men being led by Rick Grimes from the TV show The Walking Dead in the yard near the side of the house closest to the living room, and they had Shane Walsh from the TV show The Walking Dead chained up as a prisoner because it seemed that he had committed some crimes and he was too dangerous to let free; but I am not sure if they were all together trying to survive from zombies or not, probably, but I did not see any zombies in the dream.

Rick had two men (a somewhat large/over-fat man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing a short winter knit hat/cap and a thin man with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair wearing a tall/long winter knit hat/cap) escorting Shane at all times and it was time for him to eat, someone handed Shane some sugarcane-like plant to eat but he would have to break it open to eat what was inside, and I felt that he would try to use it as a weapon; and so I broke up the sugarcane-like plant into smaller pieces for him and I handed it/them to him, when he went to grab the pieces he moved very close to me and it seemed that he was going to try to stab me in the stomach with one of the pieces (we both stared at each other for a moment), but he knew that I was expecting him to try to stab me and that the pieces were too short to kill me and so he stopped his plan to stab me and the two men guarding him.

Rick and the others were very afraid/cautious about Shane, they wanted to do what ever it took to keep him chained and under supervision, and while Shane was eating I moved toward a tall probably wooden structure near where the picnic table should be that was almost taller than the house; and I remember a woman talking with Rick, several of the others, and I and this distracted us from Shane for a moment but then we heard some noise that sounded like a struggle.

We turned to see the two men knocked to the ground and Shane was gone, it was very dark outside and maybe a bit foggy, and so we were not sure where Shane was; and so in a panic and to avoid getting attacked by surprise we started to climb the tall structure to hide on top of it and to get a better view to find Shane, and Rick ordered the two men who got knocked down to search for Shane under the house.

The two men were afraid but they went under the house but something grabbed one of the men with chains and it pulled him screaming out of sight and his screaming stopped like in a scary film/movie or something like that, I wondered how was Shane strong enough to do something like that, and the other man under the house could not see Shane or the other man who got grabbed and pulled away; and so this made us even more afraid, and so the other man waited for Rick to decide what to do next.

We started debating on how to handle the situation and what we thought/predicted that Shane would do next, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third and last dream took place during the day at a small fictional library/Goodwill-like store/place (where maybe you could checkout items, rent items, and maybe buy items) that was familiar to me in the dream like I have been to it/there before in one or more past dreams, I even remembered that my family had donated several dark reddish/burgundy colored wooden shelves to the store/place, but my family forgot to remove their stuff from the shelves and so my family’s stuff was still on the shelves; but surprisingly it seemed that no one had bought, sold, stole, or thrown away any of my family’s stuff yet even after one or more dreams of this store/place to my surprise.

My mom was there with me looking around the store/place with other shoppers/people, there were lots of shelves along the walls like book shelves with various items (including books), and the back wall to the left had several windows where you could see the outside to a small alley(way); and it somewhat seemed that we/the building were/was where the BP Library used to be after it burned down many years ago connected to/next to the BB store.

At some point I showed my mom the stuff that belonged to our family that was still on the shelves that we had donated, I asked her to go through the items to pick the items that she wanted to take back home with us, and I would pack them up; and she agreed with the idea but I do not think that she followed my advice but she did look through the stuff, and I remember using one or more large brown paper bags to put my family’s stuff in while my mom was still shopping.

I remember a lot of my dad’s stuff being on the shelves like the custom brownish/blackish colored leather case that holds his high school diploma with his name on it, custom leather Christian bible covers/cases with his name on them, some of his books, some of his old music tapes/disks/records/cassettes/et cetera, old personal objects, et cetera; but there were also some things that belonged to my mom as well like decorations/et cetera, and maybe a few things that belonged to my brothers and/or me.

After packing all the items that I could that belonged to my family I took a break to check out a special self-sleep study-like machine that was on the back wall on the left side of the store/place by the windows, you had to sit at the machine and put on headphones and it would tell what to do and what buttons to press while showing you screens of the various things that it monitored on/from your body/brain/mind/et cetera, and my mom was still shopping/looking around the store/place.

I remember listening to and following the instructions that the self-sleep study-like machine gave me through the headphones, I remember pressing some buttons and looking at some screens that showed the various things that it was monitoring (maybe my pulse, blood pressure, brain waves, temperature, the time, et cetera), and I remember closing my eyes at some point when I was supposed to daydream and/or think and/or take a nap; but the volume on the headphones was very low and I could barely hear the instructions being given, and so I pressed a help button that called technical support and to my surprise two men working as technicians drove up outside the window to help me.

The two men (one with whitish colored skin and the other with medium brownish colored skin) drove up outside the window in maybe a whitish or brownish or blackish colored work van with the logo/symbol of their company on the sides and they both wore a whitish or brownish colored uniform that looked a bit like the UPS (United Parcel Service) uniform but with pants and with maybe a military flat cap/hat-like cap/hat, I opened the window, and they walked me through some diagnostic checks and the checks showed that everything was working properly; and then they checked a few things on the self-sleep study-like machine from the window, and so I walked off briefly to remind my mom to talk to the store about letting us take our stuff back home.

After I finished talking with my mom I waked back to the self-sleep study-like machine but the two technicians were gone, I sat back down at the machine to test the headphones, but I can not remember if the volume was better now or not; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr