The Revenge (Hit) List

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I decided that I better type my partial dream fragment to help stop my failing dream recall before it gets worse. 😀

I barely remember part of one dream where a woman who had been kidnapped, tortured, rapped, beaten, humiliated, striped, et cetera but survived; decided to make a revenge (hit) list listing all the people who she wanted to get revenge on, and how she was going to get her revenge on each person & she might have even blogged some of her revenge list.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, but I remember thinking and/or saying that was not a good idea to blog about your revenge list and to blog about how you killed/murdered the people on the revenge list.

I felt bad for the woman, who had suffered a variety of horrible things repeatedly over various periods of time (she had these things happened to her more than once and by more than one person, it was like sometimes she would be targeted for various horrible things on different days), but I did not think that her trying to get revenge was the right thing to do.

I can not remember what the woman looked like or who she was, but I do know that her list contained a surprising list of people, some of whom were doctors, scientists, maybe police/intelligence agents, gang/mob members, politicians, and few other people with jobs that would surprise some people; their jobs seemed to fit together in a sort of conspiracy of people working together to do & cover up these horrible things, maybe that is why she saw revenge as her only option to stop them.

The woman did not just want to kill/murder them, she wanted them to feel/suffer from some of the things that they did to her, and so her revenge list had detailed plans for each person; and I think that she actually killed/murdered several people on the list during the dream, and she might have blogged a bit about one or more of those but maybe she deleted those posts after realizing that it was not a good idea (maybe after hearing what I said or thought, if I was even in the dream, which I am not sure).

I think that some of the people on the revenge list started to worry when they lost contact with some of the people on the list, and some of them began to get afraid/paranoid; which is what the woman wanted, and she would stalk her targets & future targets watching their reactions & patterns & looking for a chance to strike/attack.

She was going to bring the entire list of people down, they were not going to harm her or anyone else again, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

An Action Movie Interview

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Dream 1

I remember part of two of my dreams from last night, with the first dream being the most unclear, and I remember being outside at an unknown location during a bright day; and the sunlight in the dream had a dream-like vivid / intense bright orangish color, that is more vivid / intense than in real life.

I am guessing that my vehicle broke down in this somewhat desert-like area with canyons / mountains near me, and so I started walking; and I found a woman who was probably in another vehicle that had broken down, and I think that her friend had went to get help.

The woman looked like the actress Shannyn Sossamon, and I think that we went to look for her friend; but from a canyon / mountain, we saw her getting robbed & kidnapped by some bandits.

I think that I told her to go get help while I try to follow the bandits and save her friend, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place at a nice house on a canyon / mountain, like in the dream before but during the night, and a celebrity award party or something was taking place; and I was on the patio / deck that over-looked the area below the canyon/mountain where there was a river with rocks and a small cave entrance.

Next to the edge that over-looked the area below, a female news reporter who worked for maybe a Spanish (Spain) or Greek news company with hard to describe whitish colored skin with long black hair, was interviewing an actor who looked slightly like a younger Dennis Quaid, and near him was an older actor who I think might have been Martin Sheen.

I watched the interview as the actor talked about his action movie that was coming out soon, but I noticed that he seemed to be in character & it seemed like he was acting throughout the entire interview; which was a bit odd, and overly self-promotional.

At the end of the interview the actor did a stunt that the camera person edited with special effects to make it seem like the actor had jumped off the ledge down to the area below, and landed in the cave entrance without dying; it was funny, and obviously fake.

The woman doing the interview started talking with Mr. Sheen, and then I started looking around for the woman from the dream before this dream; and I wondered if she was okay, and I remembered that we needed to save her friend.

I started asking people if they had seen her and I started trying to find some security guards, police, soldiers, and/or someone with a helicopter and/or vehicle that could help me find the woman & save her friend; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

An Annoying Costumed Villain With Powers?

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Once again I forgot most of my dreams due to staying in bed instead of going to use the bathroom until I woke up later with my bladder hurting again, but I did remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional version of D across from the BB store, and there was a small one story apartment there; and I remember going to the apartment a few times, and AsaTheComic from YouTube lived in one of the apartments.

I remember going to his apartment a few times to visit with him and a few of my former classmates or something like that, and at some point Mr. Asa decided to start selling things from his apartment to make some monies (money) (as my uncle JE would say).

One of the things that he was selling were these Slim Jim-like meat sticks / jerky, that were normally at least $1, but he was going to start selling them for $0.90 – $0.95; and so I told him that was a good idea and that I would start buying them from him instead of the local stores.

Mr. Asa felt good about his chance(s) to make more monies (money), and he was already trying to come up with new ways to make monies such as having his wife and/or a few of his family members doing/cutting hair from his apartment, selling other foods & drinks from his apartment, and various other business ideas from his apartment.

I said goodbye and good luck to Mr. Asa and the others, and I started to walk away; and I remember seeing my brother GC walking too and so I stopped to talk with him, but I woke up.

Dream 2

My last dream is unclear so it does not make much sense, but it took place in a fictional version of D during the day near the shopping center where JCPenny is, but oddly my family and I lived in a house connected to the shopping center near where JCPenny should be.

I can not remember the details but an obese goofy looking costumed villain with the power to teleport and/or move fast was annoying me for some unknown reason, he looked like a silly villain from the TV show the Power Rangers or from the Action Bastard (Action Mask) TV show from / on the anime television show Shin Chan (Crayon Shin-Chan) animated TV show, and his costume was a full body costume like Barney The Dinosaur but his costume was a strange combination of various things; and so I had no idea what he was supposed to be since his suit was a combination of robotic and organic looking villains.

It is possible that it was not a costume and that it was his real body, but it looked costume-like to me, but I could be wrong.

The villain kept annoying me verbally and teleporting and/or moving fast, messing with my property, and he stole some of my stuff.

At some point he left me a photograph of me, a photograph of my mom, a photograph of something else, and an object that I can not remember what it was but it may/might have been a note; and it seemed that he had kidnapped my mom, stole an important object(s) from me, possibly released private photographs / video / audio / information of / about me online, and something else.

I became angry and I panicked a bit, and I ran into the house to see if my mom was gone; and I could not find my mom, and the rest of my family did not know where she was.

Some of my important personal property was also gone, and so the villain seemed to have really did the things that he said; and so now the situation was very serious.

The villain was annoying but he had powers that would make it hard to catch him or defeat him, and so I tried to figure out what to do; and I think that the villain appeared to annoy me a few times, but he kept teleporting and/or moving too fast for me to see or catch him.

I kept asking him where was my mom, where was my personal property, did he release personal information about me online, what did he want, et cetera; but he just kept annoying me / taunting me / playing around with me for fun.

I became very angry and I started to threatened him and chase him around the house & outside of the house yelling, and I kept trying to figure out how to catch him since he was so fast and/or he could teleport and/or he could become invisible; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Kidnapped Baby

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Last night I only remembered most of my last dream, which started with a video of a woman & her baby at what may have been an airport or train station or something.

I think the baby was in a stroller and the mother turned to either talk on her mobile phone or throw something into the trash can and as her back was turned a man grabbed her baby, and got on the escalator.

The man stared down at the mother and just smiled as the mother noticed that her baby was gone, and then you could no longer see him or the baby due to them being out of the range of the camera.

This video was being watched by a man who looked liked the main character Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, and he appeared to be a college professor in this dream; somehow his camera had caught this crime, this was his first time watching the film so he instantly called the police to tell them so they could come get the video for evidence.

I walked into the building he was in, it was a small building with three separate entrances on different sides of the building.

The building had a small auditorium for lectures, a normal class room in the front, a hallway with bathrooms, and the professor had his own room.

The professor showed me the tape and then he decided to call a security company to send some people to secure his building before the press/new reports could get there.

Soon a van pulled up with three big guys that looked like huge football players in it, and they got out & started to put some old suits on so they could look more like professional security guards.

The professor and I went outside to greet them, I noticed that the suits they had were dark blue instead of black and they were a little dusty like they had not been worn in a long time.

I asked the three security guards to each guard the three separate entrances and to not let anyone in but the police, and so they all got into positions to guard the entrances.

The professor walked back into the building to his desk to hold the videotape until the police got there, and I decided I would walk around the outside of the building to make sure it was secure and give some advice to the security guards; I was surprised that the press / news reporters had not gotten there yet, and I hoped that the police would get there first.

I checked the front entrance of the building which was clear & had a security guard guarding it, I checked the side entrance which was clear & had a security guard guarding it, but when I went to check the back entrance; no one was there guarding it.

I found this odd and looked through the entrance door, which was made of glass, and I saw some weird things; they looked like people in suits like the random villains on Power Rangers or something. 😀

A few of them were at the professor’s desk but I did not see him or the missing security guard, so I ran to warn the other security guards, but they were gone too.

Outside the building was a small road  and next to it was a river, and down in the river I saw one security guard fighting one of the things on a large rock that was in the river; so I ran over to help him, since he was losing the fight.

Like I said earlier the security guards were huge like football players, but the things were even bigger, so I decided to double drop kick the thing from behind which knocked it into the river.

I asked the security guard where the others were and what had happened, he said that a group of strange-looking things came out of nowhere and attacked them, and that the professor and the others were further up the road; so we ran over there to help them.

I saw more random things attacking the professor, the other two security guards, and a female professor that had come to help.

But I saw a woman wearing a suit with glasses that looked like LA, and she was on some robot looking thing that was even taller than the strange things that were attacking everyone; she was smiling and seemed to be the leader of the things, so I decided to attack her first.

I ran over toward her and jumped in the air to attack her, since she was up high, but before I could hit her another woman flew through the air and scratched me on the back; which almost instantly paralyzed me and knocked me unconscious, the woman looked like the main female villain Baroness from the film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

I woke up in what felt like a few seconds later, but I was still paralyzed and I was laying on the ground; the woman who scratched me was standing over me laughing, she seemed to be the second person in charge.

The woman on the machine said that she was surprised that I woke up so fast, she said that the poison scratch attack usually keeps people unconscious for a lot longer; she also said that I must be gaining a resistance to the attack.

At that moment I remembered the woman on the machine from another dream or dreams, and remembered that she had used that attack on me before so my body must be gaining a resistance to the poison; oddly I can not remember ever having a dream with her or that attack in real life, which is very odd.

The woman seemed to enjoy the situation, like it was fun to have a person finally be able to somewhat withstand the poison; the woman on the machine told the woman who scratched me and the others that they had gotten what they had come for, and that it was time for them to go so they left.

I was still paralyzed and could not see how they left exactly, and I could not get up until a few seconds after they were gone.

The professor and the others came over to me to see if I was alright, during this whole attack I had forgotten about the video that showed the baby getting kidnapped, and did not realize that this attack was related until the professor said that those people had stolen the tape.

We were all confused and wondered who those people were, why did they steal the tape, and what was that weird technology & gear they were wearing; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

The Open House | John Jr Gets Kidnapped

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Here are two dream fragments I had almost a week ago, both dream fragments are from the end of both dreams.

The Open House

The first one is the most unclear and I only remember being at a nice house that was for sale, and the owner & her son were having an open house so that people could view the house.

I remember going to look at the house for some reason, even though I doubted I could afford a beautiful house like the one in the dream, and other people were there viewing the house as well.

For some reason I noticed that the owner was acting like she did not like me for some reason, but her son did not act like her and started to show me around the house & tell me about it.

He was like a fake version of C, and looked like he was only in 8th grade.

As we all looked around the house, the owner would sometimes give me a mean look or tell her son to go do something to interrupt my tour.

After a while I was about ready to leave, but somehow as I was walking out of the house I only had underwear on, somehow my clothes disappeared.

I was confused, embarrassed, and did not want the others to see me so I tried to sneak away without anyone noticing me but somehow the owner noticed me.

She came outside and started yelling at me about ruining her open house and that if I did not leave & never come back, she would call the police.

I got mad and told her that I did not do that on purpose, that I did not know where my clothes had went, and that I have tried to be nice even though she had continued to treat me badly for some unknown reason.

I did not feel like talking anymore, so I probably told her, “beep you!”, and walked off in my underwear; then I woke up. 😀

John Jr Gets Kidnapped

My second dream fragment starts off after I got kidnapped, I do not remember how or why, I just remember escaping into an abandoned house from my kidnappers.

I think I was in an automobile with the kidnappers but I saw an abandoned house, and I jumped out of the automobile to escape.

There were about 6-8 kidnappers and they all looked similar.

They wore long shirts, big long necklaces, baggy pants, hats, and other Hip Hop / Rap style clothing; they looked like annoying thug / rapper / generic BET (Black Entertainment Television) music video character wannabes or something, which was even more annoying. 😀

Some of them had guns, but I managed to run into this multi-floor house before they could get their pistols out.

The house was old and some parts had collapsed, but I kept running higher up the stairs to the top floor, and went through a window in a room to escape back outside before they could see me.

I ran through a trail that led to the S inn or whatever in D, and I went inside telling the woman at the counter that I had escaped from some kidnappers & that I needed to call 911, she told me to use the telephone across the room.

I ran over to the phone and ducked under the counter, and called 911.

I quickly told them the situation and then ran into the parking lot to hide under a car, because I felt that the kidnappers would come looking for me soon.

I was right and the kidnappers came right after I had gotten under the car, they ran into the hotel with their guns and ran upstairs to look for me.

I stayed under the car waiting for the police to get there, so I could describe the appearance of the kidnappers and show them which automobiles were theirs; but I woke up before the police got there.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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