Trying To Connect Two Dimensions (Universes) To Escape

I had some interesting dreams but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of two of them, and to make things worse I forgot most of my last dream after waking up and trying to record the previous dream first which led to me forgetting most of my most recent dream because the two were […]

Previewing The Twenty Fifteen Theme | Sebastian Stan’s / Prince Jonathon “Jack” Benjamin’s Family Gets Attacked

Dream 1 My first dream is super unclear and I can not remember most of it, I think that the dream involved the new WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme that is still being worked on, and several men were talking about various topics in a room as they and/or I previewed one or two blogs that […]

1-20-2010 | Dream Journal | A Kings Inspired Dream: The Swordmaster And Royal Incest?

The last two nights or more I have had small dream fragments related to or inspired by the TV series Kings, there have been at least 4 in 2 weeks or less, which has to be a new dream record for me or something. At this time I only remember part of two dream fragments, […]