Female Knights?

I possibly got less than four hours of sleep last night, I still had dreams, and I still remembered part of some dreams; but I did not record my dreams.

When I finally woke up, I remembered barely part of the end of my last dream, but I forgot to record those details until it was almost too late.


A Text-Based Adventure Format Dream

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I fell asleep on the living room couch until after 3 AM and I got in bed, I had a variety of dreams during this time that I remembered but I did not record, and eventually I forgot them all except for barely part of one dream.

This dream took place at a fictional version of The BP Library, and I was there working at my IT Assistant job.

A variety of clear scenes happened during this time, almost like a movie or skits happening in the dream itself, and each one was different but flowed smoothly to the next but I can not remember most of them.

One of them involved a man who spoke English with a Spanish accent like he was from Spain, he was a cool and relaxed rogue swordsman-like man, and he talked with various people.

At some point a group of knights showed up and they were led by a female knight, the rogue started talking to them/flirting with the female knight, and the female knight did not like the rogue at all and was being mean to him; but slowly the flirting began to work.

At some point the rogue offered a bit of oil to the female knight that he put on her hand, she smelled it and maybe tasted it, and then she started to smile for the first time and it seemed that she finally felt positive about the rogue; but then she fell to the ground.

Her knights under her thought that she was dead, that the rogue had poisoned her, and so they killed him immediately; but the female knight woke up eventually, and they learned that she had fainted.

I assume that she had started to like the rogue and I guess she got too excited and fainted, and so the knights had killed the rogue by mistake.

The female knight was sad about this and the other knights felt bad.

The next thing that I remember is working with my coworker Mr. JM and the dream was using a text-based adventure/RPG video game style to it for almost everything, and at some point a male patron with light-color skin wearing a cowboy hat was standing near us needing help so we started to help him.

The patron also used the text-based adventure format, and so how we talked and acted all had to follow this format which made everything take a long time.

About thirty minutes later the patron was still being helped, but he seemed to be having fun; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I should have recorded my other dreams that I remembered, but they are forgotten now.

The end,

-John Jr


April 13, 2015 | Dream Journal | Two Knights Get Executed | Sleep Paralysis In A Dream? | Imperial Stormtroopers?

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Dream 1

My sleep and dreams got interrupted and effected/affected by an insect bite that started burning and itching badly, this disturbed me enough that I woke up eventually and so I forgot most of my dreams and most of the details of the dreams that I do remember, but eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was probably somewhat inspired by the television show Game Of Thrones, which I watched last night, and it involved a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair who probably somewhat reminded me of Cersei Lannister in appearance/personality/how she dressed; and this dream seemed to take place in an older time period like on the television show.

This woman sent two armored and armed male knights with whitish colored skin with medium-length yellowish colored hair on a secret mission in another kingdom or kingdoms, both knights left to the other kingdom or kingdoms; and they successfully completed their mission, and they returned to the woman.

They were both executed/killed for no clear reason even though they did everything that they were told to do, it seemed that the woman had them killed which made no sense to me, and so I remember trying to figure out who had them killed and why because it made no sense; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is possibly being sent by a woman on a mission to retrieve something from a fictional school that I once went to when I was younger, I remember walking down a hall in the school until I reached a dimly lit locker room, and I went inside the locker room to see people changing clothes/using the bathroom/taking showers/sitting/standing/et cetera; and some of them were former classmates of mine like my former male classmate SS and a short former female classmate of mine whose name I can not remember who had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair and she wore glasses.

The people were mostly quiet and looked a bit depressive/gloomy/neutral which was a bit strange, I possibly stopped to use the bathroom or something like that, and maybe I said a few things to some of my former classmates; and then I found a door near where a woman had changed clothes, and I went through it to another hall with several rooms along the hall.

There was maybe a nurse’s office that I assumed had the object/whatever that I was sent to retrieve, so I was going to sneak into it but a female nurse walked out pushing a cart, and so I went to hide in the locker room until she passed by; and so I sat on a bench or couch in the locker room across from a man from India or Pakistan who was laying on another bench or couch, but there seemed to be something wrong with him.

I noticed that his body was moving and changing oddly, I asked him if he was okay but he did not respond, and at some point it seemed that his body was only part of an upper body with a very thin/small partial arm like his body was slowly disappearing and warping like it was being controlled and consumed/warped/mutated/whatever by something; and it looked like he was choking on a flashlight that was in his mouth, and the flashlight was on.

I asked him if he was okay again and his partially deformed upper body (head, neck, chest, small partial small arm) floated in the air with the flashlight still stuck in his mouth above me, I was paralyzed and it felt like I was having sleep paralysis in the dream and/or in real life, and I started to get freaked out a bit and I continued trying to talk to the floating partial body of the man who was moving oddly in the air above me with the flashlight stuck in his mouth (the front of the flashlight was inside his mouth so the light was lighting up part of his insides probably) slowly moving toward my face.

This was very freaky and the look on the man’s face was disturbing and creepy like with his eyes bulging like someone choking/dying/unstable and his body moving in jerking motions as it floated toward me like someone controlling a puppet in a creepy way, I could not move and I started to get afraid like during sleep paralysis, and the man’s body continued to warp until you could see inside his body and you could see his eye balls because the top of his body was gone and it was warped so badly that he no longer looked human.

All I could do was try to talk to him as he got closer to my face, no one else seemed to notice or care and they still looked gloomy/neutral as they continued what they were doing in a creepy/odd way, and I accidentally woke up from the fear/creepiness/panic.

Dream 3

This was a confusing dream that I can only remember part of the end of the dream unfortunately, at the end of the dream I remember going to the yard of a family with one of the children (a young adult or adult male) of the owner’s of the house, and his family (mom and dad) greeted us outside in their nice yard; and there was an above-ground swimming pool, and various other things.

They probably offered us some food, drink, et cetera and we talked and they treated me very well and some other people were there as well and/or arrived; but things got a bit confusing and weird as time went on, and at some point I remember Imperial Stormtrooper-looking people arriving in the yard.

One of them had a short energy or projectile carbine-sized rifle/weapon/gun that looked like it was made of the same material as their armor and it was the same whitish color with blackish colored trim, the mother made them line up one at a time to be given a battle rifle (which was longer and bigger and it looked semi-automatic) and declared loyal to the empire after having to give an oath, and their previous weapons were taken and maybe they were given a few other things by a machine like they were on an assembly line.

The family seemed to be building an army loyal to an empire by converting and arming people/soldiers to it through this process, I wondered what this was all about and what was going on, and if they were going to try to do this to me or not.

There was a lot more that happened in this dream before this point and some things that happened after this point but I can not remember the details, and so none of this makes sense; and even in the dream I was confused.

The end,

-John Jr


A Bathroom Incident | A Family Gathering And My Largest Birthday Ever And An Age Of Empires II-Like Virtual Reality Game

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Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of what might have been two dreams or one dream with several parts, the first dream or first part that I can remember started in my grandfather’s house which was a school/college strangely, and I was a student there I guess; and the middle room was a bathroom now, and the other bedrooms & probably bathrooms were classrooms now with the kitchen & breakfast room as a cafeteria now probably.

*Sexual Content Warning Until The Second Dream Starts*

I probably had finished my classes for the day, and I went to the bathroom where the middle room should be to use the bathroom; but a former female classmate of mine who might have been a fictional former classmate of mine (I am not sure if she was a real or a fictional former classmate, but I think that she looked somewhat like AM but thinner) entered the bathroom while I was trying to urinate, and she started bothering me like she wanted to have sex with me or something while invading my personal space when I was trying to urinate.

Something strange had happened to my penis either before she entered or after she entered the bathroom where my penis was super erect/hard and super long but thinner & flatter so I could not urinate or put my penis back in my pants, and so I struggled trying to urinate and/or make the super erection go away but I could not; and during this time I also had to deal with my former female classmate who kept bothering me, who was now wanting to use my penis for something and/or have sex with me.

I kept giving excuses, saying no, and saying negative things about myself to try to make her leave me alone since I was not interested in having sex with her or having her use my penis for whatever she wanted to use it for; but she would not give up, and I literally had to walk around the room away from her with my penis hanging out trying to get the super erection to go away while trying to keep her away from me.

This was a bit comedic but also annoying & slightly scary, since I was dealing with a strange penis problem while also being sexual harassed & almost sexual molested & almost raped, and so it was a very strange/uncomfortable situation; and I ended up having to go into the hallway with my penis still hanging out to avoid my former classmate who was still sexual harassing me, fortunately no one else was in the hallway, and maybe I finally got the super erection to stop & maybe finally my penis went back to normal but I am not sure.

Dream 2

Something strange happened where maybe the dream jumped/glitched or I woke up or my memory stops there, and I guess my second dream started in the same hallway of my grandfather’s house except his house was no longer a school/college; and my mom, and some of my indirect family members from her side of the family where there & other indirect family members were slowly arriving for a family gathering or something like that.

My mom told me that she wanted to show me something and she took me outside during the day, my dad joined us, and they walked me to the area by the R Trailer where I saw long rows of tables full of various foods that started near the R Trailer and went down past my aunt JE’s house and her two neighbor’s houses; and my parent’s said that this was for my birthday (even though it is not my birthday in real life, but it is my cousin JE’s birthday), I was shocked & thankful/excited, but I felt that this was way too much food for even both sides of my indirect family combined and/or the entire neighborhood to eat in a day or two & I felt that some of the food would be wasted which I did not want & I felt that it had to cost too much so I was wondering what I could do to help get my parents money back & I thought that insects would get on some of the food since the food was outside in the open et cetera.

I had never seen this much food in my life in one location, I predicted that this was enough food to feed both sides of my indirect family and/or the entire neighborhood for several days at least, and I walked down the rows of food looking at the various types of food; but I am not sure if I ate some food during this part or not since most of my indirect family had not arrived yet, either way, I tried to figure out how to avoid food being wasted/how to keep insects away from the food/how to pay my parent’s back one day for buying all of this food/et cetera.

Somehow a virtual reality game part took place after this part of the dream, and I was in a small video game world but I am not sure how I got there; and the game reminded me of regicide mode in the video game Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

I was one of three players in the game, I think that I had an ally player and that we were up against the third player, and we each had a small castle with a generic queen wearing a crown with fancy clothes/robes like Queen Elizabeth or someone like that who would stand at a window of the castle looking out; and we had to protect our queens and assassinate our opponents queen, and who ever lost their queen would lose the game.

Our three small castles were in a room with black colored walls, ceiling, and floor like in a film studio or hangar; and my castle was near my ally’s castle, and each castle probably had a wall/gate to help protect it along with some knights inside & outside the castle.

My strategy was to play defensively as usual, so my ally and I focused completely on defense, letting our opponent send knights to attack our walls/gates/castle; and we would defeat them each time with our knights, and maybe sometimes we joined in the battle but I am not sure.

My ally was a man and we spent most of our time behind our castles and walls/gates commanding our knights & working on defensive strategies outside in safety & where we could see the battlefield better to better command our knights to react to changing battle conditions & to help if necessary; and I think that our opponent was a woman but I am not sure, since our queens could also command knights if we gave her the authority to do so (this was like letting the computer control your knights for you), and I remember my ally & I testing our queens to see if they could properly handle commanding our knights.

Our queens did a bit better commanding our knights than I had expected, we were easily winning the battle so far with our defensive strategy, and things had slowed down; and so my ally and I let our queens command our troops, and we both took a break from the game.

I now was back in the dream world where my birthday was taking place and more of my indirect family members were there now, I ate and drank with them & then I might have helped pack up a lot of the food to be stored in refrigerators so that the food could be eaten over the next few days but oddly some of my indirect family members started up their charcoal grills/barbecue pits, and at some point I went back to the virtual reality game to see how the battle was going & to finish the battle with my usual huge end game offensive attack strategy since our opponent should probably be weakened enough to defeat now.

I entered the game confident but to my surprise the situation had changed, our opponent or our opponent’s queen was in berserk mode/all-out attack mode screaming orders to her knights, and she had siege weapons firing at our castles/walls/gates/knights; and my ally was not back yet, so our queens had commanded our troops while we were gone, but our opponent had changed tactics in a way that our queens could not handle causing them to start losing the battle (instead of attacking our opponent once she got siege weapons & before she could use them, our queens kept a defensive position like we had taught them/used).

Large explosive balls, large fire arrows, large rocks, et cetera were being shot as us destroying our castles/walls/gates/knights; and I had to take cover, the situation was bad, and I did not know what to do since we had no siege weapons or defenses against them & soon the walls/gates would break allowing our opponent to send in her knights to attack.

My alley entered the game smiling but then he saw the situation, and he ran to take cover next to me asking me what had happened to cause the battle to start going so badly; and I told him that I was not exactly sure what happened but that one of us should have stayed to help our queens (the computer) manage the battle, and our biggest mistake was probably getting too confident & letting them manage the battle alone.

Our walls were almost broken and our opponent sent knights to attack, we sent our few knights left to fight them and they won giving us some hope, but they were killed by siege weapons by our opponent or her queen; and so now the battle seemed lost, and we tried to figure out how to surrender but I think that my ally left the game in fear cowardly leaving me alone, and I tried to call him back but he did not come back leaving me alone.

I tried to find a control panel to signal a surrender, I heard the walls break, our opponent send knights to attack, and our queens were standing in the windows of their broken castles in fear as siege weapons continued to hit our castles & battering rams hit the gate/walls; and as the knights entered our broken walls to kill our queens & me I finally found a surrender button, and that ended the game with my ally & I being defeated but at least our queens were alive & we were alive.

Now I was back in the dream world with my birthday party but it was late in the evening starting to get dark, most of my indirect family members were at my grandfather’s house now but some were still arriving, and next to the street by the R Trailer were some of my grandfather’s trashcans & they were smoking & I saw flames; and so I grabbed a water hose & turned it on, and I opened the trashcans to see what was burning in them.

I saw charcoals that some of my indirect family members had probably used in their grills/barbecue pits, some of the charcoals were still hot enough to burn some other items in the trashcans causing fires & smoke, and so I put out the fires wondering why they would do something so stupid like that; and my aunt SE drove by asking me what was going on, and so I told her.

I then walked to my grandfather’s house to tell the others what had happened, so that they could avoid this from happening in the future, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


King Arthur Pendragon Dies And My Former Classmate RB’s Soccer (Football) Team

Dream 1

I had at least four dreams or two dreams with the first dream having three disconnected parts, unfortunately I forgot the main dream which involved my family and maybe some indirect family members, and it might have involved vampirism/vampires/zombies/magic/or something like that; but I can not remember this dream at all, except that I remember my brother GC told my mom that he had cleared almost everything off the from porch & cleaned it & sprayed it with apple cider vinegar to get rid of a nasty smell, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I remember the end of a dream that involved King Arthur Pendragon from the BBC TV show Merlin, King Arthur and some of his knights were having their last battle with the forces of probably Morgana Pendragon & probably Morgana herself, and they had been led into a trap by Morgana.

They were led into the woods (forest) into a cave and they fought probably vampires/zombies/magic-related things and many of them died and/or were turned into zombies/vampires in the woods & in the cave, I was in the dream at some point but I can not remember when or what happened, but somehow they barely won the battle & Morgana probably was killed; but only King Arthur, maybe a few knights or no knights, and I were still alive.

King Arthur stumbled out of the cave and I was with him, reinforcements from Camelot were arriving by horseback with a strange-looking thin man with a bald head who did not look like a knight (he looked like an assistant/servant/magic-user & so maybe it was Merlin in disguise or something), and they started cheering King Arthur’s victory; but King Arthur did not look well, he started coughing/gagging/or something, he looked like he would lose consciousness or die, he fell to the ground having almost seizure-like symptoms, and he died like he had been poisoned during the battle or something.

The reinforcements stopped their cheering in shock and the strange-looking man ran over to help King Arthur but he was dead, the strange-looking man announced that the king is dead, and he took King Arthur’s ring off his finger; and some knights loaded his body on a horse or carriage.

I did not hear any mention of there being a Queen and so I wondered who would become the new King or Queen, it seemed like there would have to be a meeting & ceremony to decide the new leader, and the ring would be given to the new leader.

They left with King Arthur’s body in silence, and I woke up or I walked back through the cave; and out the other end of the cave or another cave was a soccer/football match taking place in a narrow field, and my former classmate RB was coaching/leading a soccer team of some of our former classmates & a few other people.

RB had formed the soccer team, coached/trained the team, and probably played on the team as the team captain as well; and she was respected by her team, and I decided to join the team.

RB’s personality was stronger/more leadership-like and her voice louder than normal, but she still was her usual angelic/angel-like/beyond Human self; and so she managed to still have my attraction/respect/loyalty/and I still looked up to her, and so it was easy to follow her leadership & for her team to follow/respect her.

I can not remember if RB played in this match or not, I only remember her being on the sidelines coaching during the match from the parts of the dream that I remember, and I was talking with her & helping her; and I asked her to let me play defense/sweeper, which is what I was good at, and she decided to let me play even though it has been many years since I played or practiced.

Our team was losing but I managed to stop the other team from scoring, which allowed our team to score enough to take the lead, and then RB put me back on the sidelines to rest I guess; and she realized that I was her new secret weapon on defense.

Something happened that I can not remember, either the game ended or zombies/vampires/something attacked us, and everyone ran; and us survivors met up at the D High School parking lot near the bus stop area.

There I saw & talked to some of my former classmates from the team like AH, some of their parent’s like AH’s mom, and it was a nice sunny day outside.

RB probably survived and we all met to talk about what had happened, the future of our team, et cetera; but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream is very short and involved me walking through my grandfather’s yard toward the gate by the bus stop, but my brother GC’s dog C followed me; and he ran at something under my grandfather’s truck, and I heard him scratching the gravel but I could not see where he was.

At some point C came from under the truck as I was looking under the truck and then I saw the feet of someone entering the yard from the fence by me, it looked like my cousin ME with his MD’s work uniform, and then I heard/saw C running toward him; and so I stood up to stop C, but I did not see either of them.

I heard scratching under the truck again and so I looked under the truck trying to find them, but I could not, and then the scratching stopped; and I was worried that one or both of them were hurt/dead.

I saw ME’s feet walking out of the gate and so I got up & ran to him, grabbed him by the arm saying his name, and I asked him what happened; and he said that C ran at him like he was going to attack him.

I asked him if C attacked him, is he hurt, and is C hurt or dead; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr