A Military-Like Dorm / College / School With My Former Classmate JC And The Viper?

I really do not feel like typing the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, and so I will not waste much time typing it; and I will just type a lazy overview of the dream.

The dream took place inside a windowless multi-story building that seemed like a military-like dorm / college / school / whatever and I was there with young adults who looked like they were just out of high school, and my former male classmate JC was there; but I am not sure if we were younger or not as well.

I can not remember what this place was, why we were there, or anything like that but I know that it felt/seemed military-like because I remember a strict man with whitish colored skin angrily talking to us like a drill instructor who was going over the rules with us, and he separated us into groups who would be living in the same dorm rooms together; and he gave us uniforms that we would have to wear with undershirts during certain parts of the day.

We all had to wake up at a certain time, go to sleep at a certain time, eat at a certain time, go to classes/training at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, et cetera; but there was a certain time during the day where we could all relax and do what we wanted.

We were on an upper floor during the dream which had many rooms and carpeted hallways and I stayed in a small brownish colored windowless (we did have a window where we could see into the hallway, but not outside) square dorm room with four other people who were my former male classmate JC, a thin young man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, a thin young woman with yellowish/whitish/light-brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of Knives Chau from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and a young woman with pale whitish colored skin with short medium-length yellowish colored hair who reminded me of Siri.

The five us had just met for the first time but we seemed to be instant friends who were going to help, protect, et cetera each other and my former classmate JC and I had a more elder-like role probably because we were probably the oldest people there with the young people; and at the end of the dream we were hanging out in our dorm room during our break/relax/whatever time.

The young man in our group wanted to borrow one of my undershirts and so I said that he could borrow one of them but my extra undershirts were missing so I started looking for them as we all talked, the young woman in our group who was reminded me of Knives Chau was very popular with the young men so she was often seen flirting with various young men, and so was the other young woman in our group who reminded me of PS S who often had young men flirting with her.

My former classmate JC walked outside our dorm room, and standing/leaning against the wall outside of our dorm room was a strange/eccentric young man with pale whitish colored skin with somewhat curly medium-short length hair wearing round tinted glasses wearing maybe a blackish colored coat or jacket or trench coat or suit top with gloves whose nickname was The Viper and who reminded me of and probably sounded like a younger version of Dr. Strangelove from the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

The Viper was a huge fan of a fictional television show that whose main audience was probably mostly female and he probably even ran a fan club for that television show, and he greeted my former classmate JC and he asked him if he watched that television show or not; and my former classmate JC lied, and he said that he did watch the television show and that he was a fan of it.

At some point the other members of our group left the room leaving me alone, I got an email on my computer from The Viper about that television show that he liked, and so I assumed that my former classmate JC lied and told him that I liked that television show as well and he probably gave The Viper my email address.

I walked into the hallway where other people were hanging out but The Viper and my former classmate JC were no longer outside our dorm room, and oddly there was an outdoor area or an outdoor-like area down the hallway on the left side that looked like my parents yard on the side of the yard where the basketball goals are and the fence was there and part of the field was there.

All of the people in my group except for my former classmate JC were there hanging out with other people, young men were flirting with the two women in our group, and one of these young men was possibly older like me and he was a large strong young man or man with brownish colored skin; and he was flirting with maybe the young woman who reminded me of PS S, but the young man in our group approached him telling him that he liked the young woman and he told him to stop flirting with her.

It seemed that he was possibly joking and possibly serious, I could not tell because he was being comedic about it but also somewhat serious, and so I walked over to make sure that the situation stayed calm and I wanted to protect members of my group; and so I jokingly asked them what was going on to try to keep the mood positive, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Three Dream Fragments One With Paralyzing Screeching Sound

Last night I remembered part of three dreams, though I know that I had more dreams than that and I know that some of these dreams were longer, but I only remember part(s) of them; I am not sure of the exact order of these dreams, so I will put them in the order that I think they go in.

Dream 1

I think my first dream took place inside a building where a talent show-like event was taking place and I remember being there with one of my cousins and her fictional friend named Chow (which was her last name I think); Chow looked like Knives Chau from the film Scott Pilgram Vs. The World, with short black hair in a bowl-like style.