A Business Near The Highway | Former Classmates And Getting Cut By A Sword And Being Afraid Of Losing My Role As Earl Ingstad’s / Lagertha’s Adviser And Getting Sacrificed And Getting Left Behind

Dream 1

All that I can remember is going to a multi-purpose business in a L-like place during the day near a highway on a side road/exit in a fictional small community near/in the forest/country that is sometimes in my dreams when driving through fictional parts of L, and my brother GC was with me.

This business was like a tourist stop for gasoline, food, drink, maps, brochures, maybe a few rooms for rent, et cetera combined with a small general store and arcade and a few other things that the people who lived in the community would often use.

I remember us spending time inside the business and I remember being in a corner area near/in the arcade area where there was a bit of privacy and at some point I remember being naked like I was trying to change clothes or something when some people entered the business; and so I hid while trying to get dressed, and some of the people lived in the community.

Several young adults were hanging out and there was some relationship drama or something going on I think but I could be wrong, mostly they were just hanging out trying to have fun, and I remember seeing some tall posters of various people including a fictional female professional tennis player who was tall with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who looked somewhat old.

There was a woman who entered the business who lived in the community and maybe worked at this business who was or used to be a tennis instructor, she was possibly even the woman on that poster, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was a longer and more personal and realistic dream that left me feeling various emotions and the third dream continued where this dream left off, I made a voice recording of the first dream and this dream this morning, but I did and do not feel like typing my dreams or blogging; and so I did not bother to listen to my voice recording before typing this so expect me to miss details, but it is amazing that I am even typing this because I came very close to not blogging at all today and possibly giving up on blogging (which could still happen).

I remember being with most of my family during the day and my former male classmate DC and we drove to a parking lot in another city that felt a bit like a fictional LC-like city, we were trying to go to a store, and so we walked across the parking lot to the sidewalk and catwalk; and there were some people in the parking lot and around the area, like a woman and her kids who probably spoke Spanish, and her kids were playing with shopping carts.

This area was like a complex/center/shopping mall-like place that was confusing so we did not know where the business was and we ended up going into a building that looked like a high school in a band hall-like area, we stopped at a desk/counter to wait for a teacher or someone to ask them some questions, and I remember my dad and my brothers KD and TD eventually going further into this area to talk to a teacher who was maybe a band/music instructor about something while the rest of us waited at the desk.

A tall somewhat older male teacher with whitish colored skin walked to the desk and somehow we had some fried fish and we asked the teacher for some ketchup and he gave us a very small amount of ketchup, I could actually taste the fried fish and it tasted like catfish and maybe a few pieces were bass, and while I was talking to the teacher he rudely walked off without saying anything (he walked off to do something that he forgot to do I assumed).

At some point I remember walking around and talking with my former classmate DC as we looked for the business and there were now lots of students, parent’s, teachers, et cetera around the catwalks/sidewalks/halls/buildings/et cetera, we walked around outside noticing that a college was also in this area and we saw college students, but we still did not know where the business was so we kept looking for it.

At some point my family found us and they were ready to go, maybe they found the business and had already shopped there without us because I think that my brother TD had bought a sword that was a bit curved near the tip of the sword and it was thicker/wider than an average sword, and I remember carrying it for him as we walked back to the parking lot to get ready to leave.

When we were almost to the parking lot I saw what looked like college students about to jog like they were either doing this for a sport or for the military/ROTC, and among them I saw a man who looked like my former male classmate JC; but I was not sure if it was him or not, he did not see me as we passed by, and I did not say anything to him.

I felt various emotions since I have not heard from him since his mom died and he has not responded when I last tried to contact him when we were supposed to meet up to play some tennis for the first time in years and because until the end of last year that was the first time that we had seen each other in several years, I assumed that maybe he was back in college again hoping to finally finish his last semester and/or that he was about to join the military and/or that he was doing ROTC at the college, and he seemed to be in a positive/excited mood (so did the others who looked ready and excited to jog) so I assumed that things were going well for him and I decided not to say anything to him and it was good to know that he seemed to be doing good.

They started jogging as we walked to our automobile and I saw another man wearing different clothes among the people jogging who also looked like my former classmate JC, this confused me and I could no longer see the previous man who looked like him, and so I started to wonder if I had been wrong.

While I was stepping over a short metal/pipe fence/barricade to the parking lot, my brother’s sword that I was carrying accidentally cut the back of one of my arms making a long cut on the back of my arm, and I could feel this cut and it somewhat hurt; and the cut got worse and it felt worse the more that I tried to move my arm, and this annoyed/angered me that I got cut with this sword that my brother should not have even bought.

This makes no sense to me but I started to be afraid that I would lose my position as adviser to Earl Ingstad / Lagertha from the History Channel television show Vikings, I feared that she would think that my injury was serious enough that I would be useless to her now, and that she would decide to make me a sacrifice in one of their/her religious ceremonies.

I have no idea where this came from but this is what I thought after getting cut by the sword, this was my fear (I even visualized various ways that she might react to the news of my injury) and I tried to be careful not to move my arm too much to avoid making the cut worse, and I tried to think of what I could do and say to Earl Ingstad/Lagertha to avoid losing my job/role as her adviser and being made a sacrifice; but I woke up as I tried to think about what to do.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that this was a continuation dream that changed the ending of the second dream, instead of leaving back to the city of D with my parent’s and maybe my former classmate DC, I stayed behind to go on a trip with other people who seemed to mostly be students including some of my former classmates; and we each had to pay $100-something to go on this trip.

We were going to go on buses somewhere in another city or state or country and then maybe we were going to go to an airport to fly to another country, stay for a day and stay at a hotel, and then come back; but I am not sure where, and so they divided us into groups and we waited for the buses to arrive.

I remember talking to various people including some of my former classmates, I think that I talked to my former male classmate JC, and I think that we had a long conversation about various things; and I remember feeling various emotions again as we talked about various topics like what happened after his mom died, and then at some point we said goodbye.

My group started walking near where the buses were arriving because some of the buses had started to arrive to pick up some of the groups, our bus had not arrived yet, but as I was walking with them I noticed a man holding something that looked like it had the last name of my former male classmate AK on it; and from behind it looked like him, I have not seen or heard from him since he left high school when his family moved away, and so I walked over to ask the man if he was my former classmate AK.

I was correct about it being my former classmate AK and I remember feeling various emotions and being happy/surprised to see him again after all of these years, I told him that when he moved away that I had sent him several emails over the years, and that his mom had replied to one of the emails saying that the email address was a joint/shared email address that him and his family used; and that my former classmate AK was going to college in the state of U I think.

That was the only email that I sent that was ever replied to and no one ever told me how to contact my former classmate AK and I had never been able to find him online anywhere, and so after all of these years this was my first time seeing him or even communicated with him since about 10th or 11th grade; and so it was good to see that he was alive.

I remember us talking for a long time and we had such a good conversation that I forgot about my group and the buses, we said goodbye, and I went to try to find them but I could not find them; and all the groups and buses seemed to be gone, but there were still students/teachers/parent’s/et cetera around the area I think.

I did not know where they were going or how to contact them, I continued searching for them while trying to figure out what to do, and so at some point I think that I used my mobile phone to call my parent’s to see if they could find someone who would know how to contact them and/or where they went so that I could see if I could meet up with them or if they could pick me up; and if they were too far away, I needed someone to either pick me up now or give me somewhere to stay for the night until morning when someone could pick me up because it was dark now, and so I hoped that they were close enough so that I could meet up with them.

I did not want to miss the trip, especially since I had paid $100-something, but I woke up.

I felt various emotions in these dreams and they were pretty realistic, it was interesting getting to meet various former classmates after all of these years, and to talk to former friends; it was like a simulation of what it would possibly be like if I really got to see them again and talk to them, and how I would feel and think and say in those situations; because at this time I am not even sure if most of them are still alive or not or how to even contact them, most of them stop responding to me years ago for no clear reason(s), and so I have mostly given up trying to contact them now-a-days.

The end,

-John Jr


A Vikings Inspired Dream

Katheryn Winnick and Travis Fimmel in Vikings (2013)
Titles: Vikings, What Might Have Been
People: Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel
© 2016 History
Source: IMDb

Last night I remember part of a dream that was inspired by the new History Channel TV show Vikings, which I watched the first two episodes of last night on the History Channel’s official website for Vikings, and I remember that the dream started without me being in it during a foggy or gray day where the main character Ragnar Lothbrok & his wife Lagertha were walking happily back to their home by the water when they saw their son Björn Ironside fighting a bandit/man attacking their home; and they rushed to help him after stopping/smiling/taking a moment to be proud/encouraged/et cetera that their son managed to hold off a bandit by himself long enough for them to return.

They easily defeated the bandit but I am not sure if they killed him or not and I think that they learned of a rumor of treasure from the bandit, they congratulated their son for his bravery/accomplishment, and then later that night the husband & wife talked about the rumor of treasure as they were in their kitchen preparing/getting food; and I remember the wife encouraging her husband to search for the treasure, and she told a story that she read about in reference to certain beliefs/ideas that were starting to form in their society after a certain war (the time period in this part might have briefly changed from the Viking time period to a time period near or after World War I (WWI) in Russia/The Soviet Union or I was just thinking of this time period because it reminded me of this time period).