Language Learning And A Monster Rat (Queerat) / Ewok?

The end of this dream took place inside a room that was almost like a nice small school library / classroom / study room, and me and my mom were in this room doing some language learning with some children.

We were trying to promote and encourage learning in general and lifetime learning, learning to learning, to promote and encourage language learning and foreign language learning and applying and using those languages in everyday life, promoting and encouraging education, promoting and encouraging them to mentor others, promoting and encouraging working together, trying to be a positive influence to them and hoping to encourage them to be a positive influence to others, et cetera.


A Duolingo-Like App | An Outdoor Living Room?

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by me (John Jr’s Duolingo Profile) doing an Esperanto lesson using the Duolingo app and then watching a video review of Duolingo on YouTube by Langfocus called DUOLINGO Review – What is Duolingo and what do I think about it?:

I am not sure if I was myself in this dream or not or if I was even in the dream or not, I just know that the main character of the dream was possibly either a man with light-color skin and / or a video game-like character who was a man with light-color skin, and the dream involved the man or me using a Duolingo-like language learning app that used gamification including actual video games.

At some point in the language learning process using the Duolingo-like language learning app the man or me reached the end of a skill(?), and before you could move on to the next skill you had to play a video game and the man or me was controlling a male video game character with light-color skin who was under attack.

You could not fight back against the threats, your goal was to avoid them and reach the next skill, and so that is what the man or me tried to do.

The man or me sometimes talked to someone and / or each other as he and / or me tried to complete this video game to move on to the next skill, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My memory of this dream is unclear and confused, I think that it took place during the evening outside in an outdoor living room across the street from where the P’s Restaurant should be in the city of D, and I was there with some of my family and some other people.

I think that we had a large flat screen television across the street near where P’s Restaurant should be, and we were watching something on that television from the outdoor living room across the street.

I remember us sitting down in chairs et cetera as we talked and watched the television, and at some point I walked across the street to adjust the television.

The television was on a platform that had a rope ladder to the left of it that was set up vertically, but I sat the rope ladder on the platform horizontally.

The platform possibly had a partial roof to protect the television from rain et cetera but I can not remember, but I woke up as I was adjusting the television.

The end,

-John Jr


Attending A College With A Good Spanish Language Program

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed too late and I got awakened early by my alarm clock because I have to go do something early this morning so I got less than four hours of sleep, and so I did not get much time to dream and getting awakened suddenly from my dream caused me to forget most of the only dream that I can barely remember part of.

I know that the dream involved two different colleges, maybe they were in two different cities but I am not sure, and there were things that I liked about both colleges; but I had to decide which one that I would attend or which one that I would try first, and for some reason(s) that I can not remember I probably ended up attending the college who had a somewhat well-known Spanish language program even though my interest is in learning French.

I probably successfully finished the first semester because I remember being outside during the day talking to someone, I can not remember who I was talking to or what we were doing, but we both knew about both colleges and we talked about them and Spanish and French and language learning.

We talked about some of the problems and difficulties et cetera with both colleges, language learning, both languages, the professors, et cetera; but we also talked about some of the good things, advantages, differences, et cetera.

I talked about why I chose to attend the most recent semester at the college I did but I am not sure if I was going to try the other college or not, which possibly had a French language class, and I tried to guess some of the reasons that I was able to pass my first semester and pass my first Spanish language class easier/better than I had expected.

We were having a good conversation, we both knew about the topics that we were talking about and we both had interest in the topics, but I can not remember more unfortunately except maybe something about a dog (maybe cleaning a dog, maybe that is what we were doing outside as we talked, but I can not remember); and I got awakened suddenly by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr