Magically Restoring An Abandoned Old House

I forgot most of my dreams and most of this dream, but I do remember part of the end of this dream that possibly took place in a fictional city.

I remember walking through a neighborhood maybe late in the afternoon, I saw a very rough-looking old large one-story abandoned house that looked like it probably used to look nice many years ago even though it looked terrible now, and so I walked to one of the door-less or open entrances to see what it looked like inside.


A Charles Manson-Like Man | My Former Classmate CW Apologizes

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered more details of my dreams from last night that were pretty detailed, but I did not record most of them unfortunately.

Dream 1

There was more to this dream but my text note of this dream on my mobile phone was only about 5 words long, and so most of the dream is lost now.

The end of this dream took place during the day outside and inside at an area near a street in a neighborhood, there was a yard that slightly reminded me of the yard of The E House but it was not, and eventually I discovered a small prison next to it.

To my surprise a Charles Manson-like prisoner was being insecurely held in the prison with no guards it seemed, and he was possibly able to move between inside and outside the building so he possibly approached me as I stood in the yard.

The Charles Manson-like man spoke to me but I can not remember what he told me or what else happened other than me wondering where the guards were and he seemed a bit crazy and dangerous, my memory was pretty detailed about what happened, but I went back to sleep without properly recording it.

Dream 2

This dream is also unclear now unfortunately even though it was detailed and I had remembered more of it earlier.

This dream took place during the day, I am not sure if I got a telephone call from my mom telling me that someone was at The E House who wanted to talk to me or what happened, I just know that I went to a fictional version of The E House that has possibly been in a past dream.

This fictional version of The E House looks nothing like the real house, it is much larger and nicer, and it even has maybe an attic and maybe a basement and / or something like that; and this house has its own history and false memories that I knew and remembered so I was familiar and comfortable with it.

I remember walking through the main hallway that passes several rooms, one of the small rooms had some of my former classmates (like maybe my former male classmate DS) and one or more of my family members (like maybe my male cousin ME) hanging out in it, and next to their room was a large lobby / living room-like area that I entered.

In this room I saw a person sitting on a couch at the back of the room in the middle, and as I got closer I realized that it was my former female classmate CW who I used to like back in high school and eventually I even let her know but I was politely turned down (rejected).

I was surprised and happy to see her because I have not seen her since we graduated from high school, and she looked like she was the age that she would be now and her hair was a bit curly and she looked better than I had expected.

CW seemed to be waiting on me or just happened to be there, and she greeted me telling me that she wanted to tell me something.

She told me that she was wrong and she asked me if I would forgive her, and so I asked her what she was talking about and she explained that she had been wrong for rejecting me all those years ago.

She told me that over the years since then she has been in various relationships and marriages that have all failed, and here I was all these years later still single and that maybe this was possibly a sign that she should have gave me a chance all those years ago.

I told her that she had nothing to apologize for, that it was okay, and that I was sorry that her relationships had not worked out over the years.

She asked me if I would give her another chance and I said yes, she started to cry, and she gave me a hug.

I comforted her and we talked briefly, and I told her that I wanted to give her a tour of the house and tell her about some of its history and some of my memories of it.

She wanted us to do something else together, but she needed to leave to do something else first so she left.

I felt that I needed to brush my teeth because I did not want my breath to be stinky so I left to walk home to do that and then return quickly, and while I was walking my mom called me on my mobile phone telling me that maybe my uncle CE had a computer in the laundry building at The E House that he wanted me to fix.

No details were given about the computer so I told my mom that I would stop and maybe get it along the way home, and when I reached the laundry building it was locked and I was not sure if I had the key or not so I decided to worry about it later and I probably went home and brushed my teeth and I quickly returned to meet up with CW.

I was happy and excited and maybe slightly nervous because I was not sure what we were going to do, and I got back right before CW did.

CW entered the room looking sad, she asked me to have a seat with her on the couch, and she explained that whatever she had planned was cancelled and that she was sorry for getting my hopes up and for ending up rejecting me again.

She then told me that she was either recently divorced or was still getting divorced and that she had a boyfriend, and she apologized for not telling me this before.

I thanked her for telling the truth, and I tried to make her feel better by acting like everything was okay even though I probably felt a bit sad and I knew that the sadness would probably hit me later when no one else was around.

I did not want her to feel bad, I am not sure if she left first or if I did, I just know that I was happy that I at least got to see and talk to her again; but I was also starting to feel sad and depressive, and so it was starting to hit me already.

The situation was a bit messed up, having your hopes raised again after all these years after being apologized to and then crushed again, but that is the kind of luck I seem to have sometimes I thought to myself so I am somewhat used to it but it still hurts.

The end,

-John Jr


A Mind Control Program Using Orphan Children?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I woke up and I went back to sleep several times and I had several continuing and connected dreams, I am not sure in what order they go in and I can not remember most of them, but I will type what I remember as one dream even though it was not one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was at The B Parish Library where I work as a shelver, and I was working on my shelver job checking in items in the shelving room but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I am not sure if this happened next or later but I remember being back at my shelver job at The B Parish Library on another day I assume, and I was once again checking in items.

My female coworker Mrs. D, who is teaching me during most of my checking in training, was there training me to check in items when suddenly the electricity in the library went out.

We waited for the electricity to come back on but it never did, and so we could not finish checking in items so I assume that work was cancelled for the day and we probably left but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

This part of the dream possibly took place before the previous part but I can not remember, I remember being in the yard of The E House during the day, and I went inside the laundry building that is outside by the fig tree.

Inside the laundry building I saw a cooler on the floor with a few dead fish on the floor near it, and so I move the dead fish outside the laundry building.

I opened the cooler to find some more dead fish, some ice (most of it was melted), and two cans of Coca-Cola (Coke) soda.

It seemed that someone had went fishing and so the dead fish were on ice but most of the ice was melted, and a few fish did not make it into the cooler so those two or three dead fish were probably no longer any good so I had them on the ground outside for now.

I took one of the cans of Coca-Cola for myself and I took the cooler outside to drain all the water off, and then I was going to add some more ice to it from a small ice reserve inside the cooler that was in its own separate part of the cooler.

After draining off all the water I added the  last of the ice to the cooler, and then I put the cooler back inside the laundry building.

Something strange happened where the dream possibly jumped to a story following some orphan children who all had whitish-colored skin and all of them I heard talk had British accents, and several of them were saying how they were tired of what was happening to them and they were talking about protesting and/or something like that.

I remember hearing a female voice tell them something about maybe how all of this was being done to them for a reason, and that one day when they are adults they will be called upon and/or activated for various reason(s) and so they were being trained/programmed/brain-washed/conditioned/whatever to prepare them for that time and/or something like that.

The woman’s voice possibly ended their inspiration and made them give up on the protest idea since it seemed that hidden microphones had probably allowed their conversation to be heard and so I then remember them sadly and disappointingly going into or being in a large windowless probably underground room with many orphan children with whitish-colored skin who had British accents (so I assume that this probably secret underground facility was probably located in The United Kingdom), they were all dressed the same in simple poor maybe gray uniforms/outfits/clothing, they seemed to all sleep on the floor on maybe mats, and there was probably a large screen on the left side of the room that was probably used as part of their training/brain-washing/conditioning/et cetera which probably included torture and other things besides the poor conditions to break these orphan children down mentally/emotionally/socially/physically.

This place looked pretty depressing and the orphan children looked the same, they probably looked a bit dirty too, and it seemed that someone/something/some group was gathering orphan children here as part of some mind control program and to use them for various purposes now (these orphans were probably forced to work and do other things as well) and in the future as adults (maybe mind controlled sleeper agents, et cetera).

The screen probably started to play something so the orphan children stood up to watch it with their depressing facial expressions, but some of the children were inspired to protest after hearing those other children from earlier so some of the children started yelling angrily at the screen about their protest and encouraging other to protest and maybe rebel.

This all reminded me of The Two Minutes Hate from the book and film for Nineteen Eighty-Four:

The children who had come up with the idea to protest earlier had since given up on the idea after the female voice spoke to them earlier, and so these children tried to stop the others from protesting and they tried to get them to be quiet before the voice says something again.

Before the protest could spread a voice spoke over an intercom I assume, probably the same female voice from earlier, and the voice said something that I can not remember that reminded them of something which also included reminders of the punishments if they continue to protest and/or even think about rebelling.

Once again this female voice broke their inspiration and the protest ended, and the children sadly and disappointingly continued to do as they were told and watch and listen to the screen and do whatever it said, and whatever the voice told them to do et cetera.

Shortly after this the dream probably jumped back to me in the laundry building, I probably got my Coca-Cola, turned off the lights, closed the door, and went outside to drink my soda while maybe thinking about what I had just saw and heard et cetera.

But I woke up,

-John Jr


A House For Sale?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of two dream fragments from last night, with the first dream fragment taking place during the day at the end of a nice neighborhood where my family & I found a house for sale or a nice abandoned house, and we went inside to look at it.

It was a clean & nice one-story house that was small for the neighborhood that it was in, it was fully furnished it seemed, and the entrance had a small area to put your shoes & jackets; and that led to a walk-through kitchen with an island counter, which led to a dining room, which led to a small living room, which led to a bedroom.

Behind the kitchen area was a hallway that led to the laundry room & a master bedroom with bathroom, and the bedroom next to the living room had a small bathroom next to it probably.

There was an opening right behind the kitchen area that led to a family room that probably had one bedroom on the left & a bathroom and probably one or two bedrooms on the right; and there might have been a sliding glass door that led to a patio or porch in the backyard, and there might have been a small swimming pool and/or pond and/or garden in the backyard.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside and it looked great inside, and my family & I had a good time looking around the house & imagining ourselves living there; and we wanted to buy it or move in if it was abandoned.

I remember us relaxing and re-enacting what it might be like to live there and choosing which rooms each of us would have, but I can not remember the rest, other than us trying to find out who or if anyone owned it.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment that I remember is being in a fictional LC & L-like city during the day, and I was driving through the city; and at some point I came across a former classmate and an old man who was thin with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with long gray/whitish colored hair on the sides who looked a bit homeless & who did Readings (he would do a small ritual-like thing with maybe a drum-like thing where he would spit in it & do something else & he would wait to read the signs, which would reveal information about the person who asked for the Reading).

The old man started to do a Reading for me and he got to the part where he would wait for the signs, so that he could read them, but then he left; I thought that he was going to the bathroom or something, but he never came back, and so I left.

I came across my uncle CE while driving around the city, and he told me that he had been to the old man to have a Reading done at least two times, but the old man never finished his Readings either; and then I started back driving, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂