What If A President Is The One Leaking Information To Another Government?

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All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it was evening, and my brother GC and I were in an automobile at a fast food restaurant that was probably a slightly fictional version of the McDonald’s in the city of D and it was in the same location that it is in real life.

I am not sure if I was driving or not but I will assume that I was driving, and I remember slightly passing the first window by accident because there was another window that was between the usual first and second windows so I had to reverse to the first window.

An obese female employee with medium-color skin was at this window, and I remember her starting to talk to my brother GC after we maybe paid for our food and she asked us to pull up to the middle window where they could talk more privately.

In the dream this female employee was a woman who(m) my brother GC pays to braid his hair sometimes so she also had a hair braider / hairdresser / hair stylist side job that she did from her home, and so she was talking with my brother GC about setting up his next hair braiding appointment.

After this we waited in line so that we could go to the last window to get our food, during this time I started thinking about and then daydreaming about a what if situation, and that what if situation was: what if a president is the person leaking information to another government?.

These thoughts and this daydream then became its own dream within a dream so I was switched to this dream within a dream where I was either just an observer whose thoughts controlled this dream and / or I was the president in this dream, and this dream within a dream was being made up as I thought / daydreamed this what if situation.

This dream within a dream took place during the night at a presidential residence where the president was, the president was a man with light-color skin, and the president had been leaking information to an old government agent of some kind with light-color skin with white / gray hair who was from another country’s government (probably a rival government or former rival who was still considered somewhat of a threat).

The president of this country had probably been leaking information to this other country’s government agent for a while, and they would meet in person secretly to exchange this information each time.

The other country’s government agent was probably an old experienced intelligence agent / spy, the president and him seemed to maybe know each other or they had a good relationship like one between former rival spies who were now friends, but who knows.

The president and this government agent were supposed to be meeting secretly in a few minutes, and so the president had to try to sneak past his security to reach the secret meeting location.

It was night and the president was in his room so he pretended to be going to the bathroom so that his security would not follow him, and after that he sneaked to a series of possibly secret tunnels and halls under the presidential residence.

As this dream within a dream took place my thoughts would shape this dream so my thoughts changed this dream in real-time in various ways like one time I remember trying to figure out how they would communicate with each other, mobile phones and things like that would probably not be an option, and then I thought about radio communication which caused the dream to show the government agent using an old radio communication device until I said that would not work and it disappeared.

I could not see a way that they could communicate secretly with devices so I assumed that they would secretly pass a physical message or sign or signal to each other in person that would indicate the meeting location and time, and then they would just show up during that time at that place.

The underground tunnels and halls were pretty dark and there were many rooms and turns et cetera so it was almost maze-like, but at some point the president found the room that they were to meet in.

The other country’s government agent was wearing a trench coat and a fedora, and they went to quickly exchange information before the president’s security realize that he is missing.

The president knew he only had a short amount of time, and if his security came looking for him he planned to lie to them and say that he was just taking a late night walk.

I remember wondering how would most countries deal with a situation like this and would most countries ever suspect or figure out or want to believe that their president was the one leaking information to another government?

I then started to wonder if the president’s security would notice him missing in time, maybe his security started to wondering what was taking him so long, and maybe they went to check on him and then look for him but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream within a dream / daydream within a dream that I had before I woke up in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

Alice Morgan Calls John Luther

Source: Wikipedia.org

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was working at my shelver job at The BP Library, and it was raining outside.

At some point I noticed at least three different water puddles in the children’s section, and I saw that there were at least three different water leaks coming from the roof/ceiling.

Last year in real life there was one water leak in the children’s section, in this dream there was a water leak from that same location, but now there were two other water leaks so I went to tell my coworker and our security guard Mr. C.

Mr. C’s office looked different, he had an open separate room on the left side of a fictional version of the real life office that him and our Branch Manager Mrs. PH share that was moved over further to the left in a different location, and I saw Mr. C sitting at a desk on his computer.

I told Mr. C about the water leaks and we walked to the children’s section so that I could show him the leaks, there were several kids there now (a boy and a girl with whitish-color skin with yellow hair, and a boy with dark-brown skin with short black hair), and as we entered the children’s section Mr. C said something in French to maybe the boy with dark-brown skin.

I am not sure what Mr. C said in French to the boy, but then Mr. C started speaking in English to the boy and he said that he saw the boy putting something in his pocket and he told him that stealing was against the rules and that it was wrong so he wanted him to put whatever it was that he put in his pocket back where it belonged.

Two parent’s (a woman and man with whitish-color skin) then entered the room, the boy with whitish-color skin then said that he saw a cockroach (roach), and I looked down on the floor and I saw the roach near him so I told him to step on it before it escapes but he was too afraid it seemed so I tried stepping on it.

Then I did not see the roach for a few seconds but then it reappeared so I stepped on it until it was dead, then I got a napkin or something to pick up the roach with, and then in the corner of the room was large plastic thing with water inside of it with an area (maybe dry) in the middle to hold full trash bags.

I assumed that maybe some fish were in the water so I threw the roach in the water, the plastic was white so you could only see shadows through it, and I saw the shadow of a fish (the shadow looked like maybe a perch-like fish) and it sounded like the fish ate the roach.

Mr. C then started trying to figure out what to do about the water leaks, I asked him if we should get some buckets to catch the water but I can not remember his response, and then maybe he went to get some buckets and/or to call the repairman.

The next thing that I remember is possibly a dream within a dream or a daydream within a dream or something else that happened abruptly interrupting this dream, I just remember that it was a gray day, and maybe I was slowly driving up a road that looked like the road that goes past The BP Jail House/The BP Police Station.

Somehow I was hearing a mobile phone conversation between the characters Alice Morgan and DCI John Luther from the BBC television series Luther, and when one of them would be talking I would see them in my mind somewhat vaguely (I saw them in a somewhat faded way, like a daydream) as they talked as I continued driving down the road.

Alice Morgan called John Luther, it seemed that maybe they had not communicated with each other in a while like maybe Luther had avoided contact with Alice, and so Alice was probably letting Luther know that she wanted to continue communicating again with him and that she wanted to meet him in person in again.

The conversation in my dream was a lot calmer and nicer than this one:

I remember Alice Morgan saying something that I translated to mean that she was reminding Luther that ignoring her to punish her and/or try to get her under control was not going to work against someone like her who lacks certain human emotions, and I think that Alice said something like:

“John, you should already know that hidden pecks does not equal *something that I can not remember* for someone like me.”


“John, you should already know that hidden pecks does not equal hidden specks for someone like me.”

Or Something like that.

I assume that Luther had avoided Alice to see if he could use this tactic against her when she gets too out of control, he knows that Alice wants to communicate and be with him, and so maybe he hoped that this tactic would get Alice to calm down during times like that because she will realize that there are limits to what she is allowed to do so he probably hoped to use this tactic to help her stay within those limits.

But I woke up as they were still talking while I was still driving.

The end,

-John Jr

Busted Pipes Leaking And The Verve Pipe

Source: Wikipedia.org

Dream 1

My voice recording for this dream from last night is very unclear so I could not make much sense of it, but this dream seemed to take place inside my parent’s house but I am not sure if it was night or day.

My voice recording of this dream says that something was stopping me or had stopped me from doing something so now I was walking around my parent’s house through different rooms until I found some films that one or both of my parent’s had made and/or something that I could not understand (in the voice recording I said something, but I could not understand what I said 😀 ).

I looked at the film or films, and then I remembered seeing some video clips about something that I can not remember that possibly involved trying to find and/or make something but I can not remember.

And that is all that I can make sense of from my unclear voice recording of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a fictional house with large open barely furnished rooms where some of my family and I seemed to live, and maybe some friends and/or classmates and/or teammates of my brothers TD and KD were visiting until they left at some point.

I am not sure if this house was one or several stories, it somewhat felt like I was on an upper floor but I have no idea because the house was probably windowless, and I remember finding a cart that was possibly left behind by the friends/whoever of my brothers KD and TD that was like the carts at my shelver job at The BP Library that had books and music and films on it with most of them being things from probably the 1990s.

I started sorting and setting up the cart in order but then I went to the bathroom which was either a different room or in this same room, but I noticed water shooting from the turn-off valve/whatever for the toilet so I turned it down which released some of the water pressure so it stopped shooting out water but I noticed that some pipes were leaking.

Turning down the water pressure stopped them from shooting out water but water was still dripping slowly from them, several PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes were busted including a main pipe that possibly had another pipe inside of it oddly, and oddly there were deep holes dug in the dirt and so the floor was missing in these areas which is how I could see the pipes so well.

I found my dad and I told him about the busted and leaking pipes, I showed them to him, and he said that because the pipes were only leaking slowly now that the water pressure was down and because the deep holes in the dirt would be able to absorb or hold most of the water for now that gave us more time so he would try to fix the busted pipes and leaks eventually but not today.

I then went back to finish setting up the cart, while setting up the cart I remember being reminded of various memories from the 1990s because most of the items were from the 1990s, and one of the items mentioned a music group named The Grunge which did not sound familiar to me so I tried to think to see if I could remember that music group.

I remember thinking back to the days when I used to go to record stores like OC, which changed names several times over the years back then until it closed down, and I remembered cassettes and portable cassette players et cetera.

I still had no memories of a music group called The Grunge, I knew that there was grunge music, but another music group did come to my mind and it was the music group The Verve Pipe (maybe because of the leaking pipes 😀 ) and I remembered their song The Freshmen from their album Villains which started playing in my mind:

As I listened to that song in my mind I continued thinking about various memories from the 1990s while setting up the cart.

*While at work the next day (January 19, 2017) I was shelving some books when I suddenly realized that I forgot part of this dream (dream 2), and I remembered that part of the dream so I will share that part of this dream below*:

Another thing that I found on the cart was a bottle of something that looked like honey, and so I tasted a bit of it and it tasted like chemicals mixed with honey so I spit it out.

It seemed to be a bottle of sunscreen that had honey as one of the ingredients, I still had the chemical taste in my mouth, and so I went to the bathroom and I rinsed my mouth out with water that I spit into the sink.

That helped but there was still a slight chemical aftertaste in my mouth, and then I went back to setting up the cart while still trying to get the rest of the nasty chemical taste out of my mouth but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Driving (Riding) In The Rain (A Storm) With My Parent’s

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I had several clear dreams last night but I woke up one or more times during the night without voice recording them, one of the dreams was so clear that I felt pretty confident that I would remember it even if I accidentally went back to sleep, but unfortunately I forgot it eventually after having more dreams and waking up and going back to sleep more than once.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was riding in an automobile (maybe a van) with my parent’s (near the end of the dream we were possibly driving in the city of D past the shopping center where the Eastside Dollar General is), I am not sure if anyone else was with us or not, and I think that a storm was taking place or about to take place and it was raining.

At some point in the dream I remember having maybe an umbrella and maybe part of the roof of the automobile was leaking from the rain/storm, and I was possibly using the umbrella to stop the water from leaking on my mom and I who were sitting in the back.

I remember my mom complaining about something or asking me not to do something, it possibly had something to do with me trying to block the water with the umbrella which was possibly meant to be used for something else, but I can not remember.

Unfortunately I can not remember the rest of the dream now, I know that there were more details that would make this dream make more sense, but I can not remember those details so this dream does not make much sense now.

I do not know where we were going or why or what was going on exactly, some of those details were explained, but I can not remember now.

The end,

-John Jr

November 20, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is just one transitioning dream or several dreams so I will type it as one dream, I only barely remembered part of the first two parts of this dream thanks to me thinking about my dreams to voice record them before getting out of bed to use the bathroom and then voice record my dreams, but unfortunately my favorite part of the dream (the first part of the dream) is too unclear to properly type accurately so expect errors and missing details and confusion; and I think that it was partly inspired by some Pauline Croze videos on YouTube that I watched last night before going to sleep as I was trying to decide if I should replace the video at the end of my About page or not or any other videos on that page (I looked through some Inception and Luther videos as well).

All that I can remember of the dream is being inside a windowless hotel-like room with whitish/grayish colored carpet/walls/ceiling, there was a woman who either was Pauline Croze or there was a woman who reminded me of Pauline Croze or Pauline Croze and another woman were in the dream at different points in the dream and/or some of Pauline Croze’s music was in the dream, either way there was a woman with whitish colored skin who I wanted to build a relationship with or to at least be close to physically/mentally/emotionally/socially/et cetera and it was not about sex and there was no sex or nudity in the dream.

Instead of sex or lust or any of that it was about simple human connection/relationship/et cetera, like having someone to hug/cuddle/make physical contact with and to not have to sleep alone in bed and having some one to talk to and having someone to listen et cetera, and so I was not even worried about or thinking about sex during the dream; it was all about the simple human need to be close to someone on those various levels that I mentioned earlier, and I assume that was something that I was missing in my life and I was hoping to fill that need.

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