Tony Hale Teaching A Class In The Shelving Room

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had some more dreams but I forgot them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place at a slightly fictional version of The BP Library where I work.

I was working on my shelver job, the building was a bit bigger and some things looked slightly different, and the lighting was dark in some areas.

The shelving room was a narrow rectangular shotgun-style room, I possibly left it to shelve in the children’s section which was dark for some reason, and my coworker Mrs. DT was working in the middle of the main area closer to the front desk and children’s section and the shelving room.

I had to use the bathroom so went to use the patron bathroom but it was blocked off oddly, I went to the children’s section but that bathroom was blocked off as well, and several other areas were blocked off like maybe something was going to get fixed or something.

I saw my coworker Mr. CF and maybe my coworker Mr. JF walking to the meeting room talking like they were about to work on something, and then I saw my coworker Mrs. ML walk over to talk to my coworker Mrs. DT.

My coworker Mrs. ML joked about something that she had said to Mrs. DT earlier in the week, I can not remember what, and they started talking about that.

I still needed to use the bathroom but the bathrooms were blocked so I went back to the shelving room, and on the right side of the shelving room was an old CRT television on a cart with a cardboard box on the floor near it filled with some old work boots and work shoes.

I saw a spider crawl out of the box and I ended up stepping on it, and then maybe I accidentally turned on the television and it started playing an old educational work video but I turned it off.

Then a man wearing glasses entered the shelving room who looked like the actor Tony Hale and some people entered the room like a class was about to take place, and Mr. Hale was the teacher.

Mr. Hale started teaching a class and I remember him making a joke about his foreign policy not being worse than his something that I can not remember, the joke flew over everyone’s heads and / or they did not laugh, and so Mr. Hale continued teaching his class.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Words Of My Father

Years ago my dad was lecturing my brothers and I maybe after some of my brothers and/or I had been arguing or fighting or something like that but I can not remember, and he made a statement that my brothers and I thought was funny and that did not make sense to us (unless you try to think deeply about it, and find or make some sense in/of it; which I can):

If you can’t get along with others, how are you going to get along with yourself?


Our dad often says things that do not make sense, accidentally says the wrong thing when he means to say something else, sometimes he uses words that do not exist, sometimes he pronounces words incorrectly and in strange ways, sometimes he uses words incorrectly, and so I might start blogging some of the memorable quotes/sayings/words/et cetera sometimes before I forget them.

The end,

-John Jr


Vampires And Abby Martin

I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, which took place at a college, and it involved increasing tensions between some Vampire: The Masquerade based vampire sects and vampire clans; but I am not sure if I was a vampire or not, I seemed to be more of an observer trying to observe the situation, maybe prevent conflict and prevent killings (vampire and human) and prevent Masquerade violations, and maybe trying to decide which vampire clan and vampire sect to join if any.

I am not sure if the Camarilla vampire sect was in the dream or not but I do know that the Sabbat vampire sect and the Anarchs vampire sect were in the dream, I also saw members of the vampire clan Brujah in the dream, but I can not remember which other vampire clans were shown in the dream; and the Sabbat had more members than the other sects in the dream.

Most of the people at the college were normal humans who had no idea that vampires existed so this conflict was secretly going on at the college without normal humans knowing it seemed, at some point in the dream I wanted to get something to eat at the cafeteria, but first I needed to investigate a large build up of vampires in a certain classroom where the journalist Abby Martin was going to have a lecture; and I also wanted to attend the lecture.

I went to the classroom to find mostly normal humans sitting down in chairs including some of my former classmates like my former female classmates N and AW and several others and my former male classmates DH and maybe DH, mostly vampires standing along the left side of the room grouping up separately by vampire sect on different parts of the left side of the room, and Mrs. Martin was standing and walking around lecturing in front of the sitting area.

The vampires were grouping up like they were going to start fighting soon if someone did not calm the increasing tensions between the vampire sects, I was worried about vampires and humans dying if they started fighting, and I was worried about the Masquerade being broken if the humans realized that they were vampires; and so I kept a close watch on the situation as more vampires slowly entered the room to join their sect.

Near the end of the lecture I remember Mrs. Martin relaxing and joking around with the audience, I remember her talking about a situation during a previous lecture involving a discussion with a butch lesbian (her words not mine) in the audience, and then she started joking and calling out a woman in the current audience as a butch lesbian; and she was joking around, but I did not think that was a good idea and it seemed uncomfortable/awkward/a bit rude to me.

The woman and the audience laughed and they took it well because they realized that Mrs. Martin was joking and trying to relax the mood, I briefly talked with my former classmates a bit, and I was worried about them getting harmed if the vampires started to fight; and so I probably suggested that they leave as soon as the lecture is over and meet me in the cafeteria, but I did not tell them why.

I probably talked with a few of the vampires trying to calm the tensions between them, I also probably wanted to talk with Mrs. Martin, but I was hoping that the humans would leave the room soon so that I could try to deal with the vampire situation to prevent a battle; and then I wanted to go eat at the cafeteria, maybe talk with Mrs. Martin if she was going to the cafeteria as well, and then maybe report my observations about the vampire situation to someone or some group but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Leonardo DiCaprio Teaching Something? | Many False Awakening Dreams

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night one of my teeth (either a recently filled tooth with complications or a dying tooth or another tooth with a cavity waiting to be filled) started bothering me just enough (not that bad, but just bad enough to prevent me from sleeping) to where I needed to take some Ibuprofen to go to sleep (my dentist appointment was pushed back by two more months unfortunately 😀 , but my tooth is not hurting this morning fortunately), once I went to sleep I slept pretty well until I woke up forgetting all of my dreams (I knew that I had some dreams and I am close to remembering at least part of one of the forgotten dreams) except for part of the end of one dream, but I went back to sleep dreaming that I was recording my dream and thinking about my dream and I would wake up realizing that I was only dreaming that I had not recorded my dream; but this cycle kept continuing for a few hours until I woke up permanently this morning, so I only remember some false awakening dreams, and amazingly I still remember part of the end of the one dream that my mind kept dreaming/thinking about in those false awakening dreams and real awakenings.

Dream 1

I forgot all the dreams before this, though I am close to remembering part of one of the forgotten dreams, and I forgot most of this dream; but I do barely remember part of the end of this dream, but it is a bit confusing and unclear.

Part of the end of this dream took place outside in a fictional city in a concrete/paved parking lot/street/sidewalk-like area but I could not tell the time of day because the colors outside were a bit strange/gray (like in real life today except that it is raining) in a way that made it hard to tell the time of day, I was walking with a crowd of people walking around a man who I think looked like the actor Leonardo DiCaprio (he might have looked like another man at first, but I am not sure), and Mr. DiCaprio seemed to be teaching/lecturing us about something that I can not remember as we all walked.

At some point we walked into the road and/or the parking lot area, oddly there was water/a pond or a liquid-like substance that was waist deep but I can not remember what color or colors it was (it was not clear, you could not see what was under the water, and maybe it was the color of black and white newspaper clippings oddly but that is a wild guess), and we walked in this waist deep water/liquid as Mr. DiCaprio continued teaching/his lecture and I think that he carried with him a large black colored circular plate that could float on the water with some objects on it that might have been small figures of people or represented people or something symbolic (this part is very unclear and confusing, I just know that he had some objects on the plate and I felt that they were symbolic and that they represented something different from their appearance); and at some point an unknown water creäture/creäture bit and/or grabbed me briefly from under the water, I only got a brief glance at it so I do not remember what it looked like, but the experience left me a bit afraid/shaken.

My heart rate increased, my blood pressure increased, my anxiety levels increased, et cetera as we continued walking and I probably held the area on my body where I was bitten (but I can not remember what part of my body it was); and I kept looking around for the creäture, hoping that it would not attack again, and I probably tried to warn some of the other people and I asked them if they saw the creäture too.

I think that a few of the other people briefly saw the creäture too and Mr. DiCaprio heard us talking and so he stopped his lecture to see what were we talking about, he noticed that something seemed to be wrong with me, and so he walked over to me to see what was wrong with me; and he checked my pulse, my blood pressure, my wound, et cetera.

He seemed very knowledgeable medically and he seemed to know how I was feeling/my mental and emotional state and he said that my pulse was high, my blood pressure was high, he saw that I was afraid of something and that my anxiety levels were high, and he said a few other things that were accurate/correct about me that I can not remember; and he recommended that I get checked by a doctor, so he asked anyone in the crowd if they were a doctor, but I can not remember if anyone in the crowd was a doctor or not.

I told Mr. DiCaprio about the creäture that attacked me and I recommended that we probably get out of the water/liquid and/or that we watch out for the creäture, I can not remember his exact response but I think that it was a bit strange and symbolic and interesting, and I think that he gave me an empty silver-colored metal paint can that had a thin metal handle and he poured the objects from his large black circular plate into the empty metal paint can; and he probably asked me to hold the paint can with the objects in it, and this probably would help avoid them being knocked into the water/liquid.

Mr. DiCaprio probably continued his lecture and I think that we all continued walking through the water/liquid but I am not sure, there was more to this part of the dream and there was more before this part of the dream and some of the symbolism in the dream was probably explained a bit by Mr. DiCaprio, but that is all that I can remember now after so many false awakening dreams and real awakenings.

False Awakening Dreams And Real Awakenings

My false awakening dreams all involved the first dream where I would wake up thinking about the dream and thinking that I was recording my dream by voice recording it sometimes, writing it sometimes, typing it sometimes, et cetera during the false awakening dreams.

My real awakenings would start with me still briefly thinking about the first dream and thinking that I recorded it but then I would realized that I did not record it and that my memories were of false awakening dreams, but every time I would be too comfortable/lazy to get out of bed; and so I would go back to sleep into another false awakening dream each time.

This cycle probably went on for at least two hours, and so it is amazing that I was able to remember anything at all; but unfortunately most of my dreams, and some of the best parts of the first dream and some of the explanations of the symbolism in that dream are/is missing now because of that cycle. 😦

But if I remember more during the day I will try to add it later. 😉

The end,

-John Jr