An Emergency Situation(s) With Guns And Bad Weather

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of one or two dreams, but I forgot the important details & so I am not sure if this is one dream or two; and I am not sure of what was going on exactly.

I am not even sure in what order things happened, I just know that both parts took place in an unknown fictional area that may or may not have been the same area, and both dreams involved a lot of unknown people & a few people who I knew like my former classmate DH was in at least one part.

The part that DH was in took place at an apartment-like building at some point during an emergency situation that might have involved bad weather, and maybe more; but I can not remember, I just remember that there was bad weather coming and/or that happened during the dream.

A lot of people were trapped and/or using the apartment building as a shelter from the bad weather I guess, but I can not remember the details except for talking with DH in the parking lot of the building before or after one part of the bad weather; but that is all that I can remember of this part.

The next part or dream involved either another emergency situation or part of the same emergency situation from the other part, but I can not remember what it was exactly except that there was a threat from other people who had guns probably; and so many people and I were trying to move around & survive.

I remember finding random guns and ammunition on the ground & in various places throughout the dream as we ran, hid, fought, et cetera.

Most of the guns were unloaded or had barely any ammunition, and most of them were slower type guns like bolt-action rifles, pump shotguns, old semi-automatic guns some/most of which were from the World War One & Two eras, and these strange cheap custom mostly wooden submachine gun/shotgun looking guns that I have seen in a past dream of mine before but they had not ammunition so I did not get to see what kind of guns they were exactly.

A lot of the people were scared and defenseless, and so several people and I were trying to protect them & lead them through the emergency situation; and there was small-scale fighting in this dream.

I remember using several guns to defend ourselves and giving guns to others in our group until I had no more guns, and we ran to hide & find more guns & ammunition.

It was strange that some areas outside had guns on the ground, I clearly remember one area where we were hiding outside that had grass, and it had a lot of mostly empty bolt-action rifles and WWI & WWII era semi-automatic guns & slower type guns.

I was trying to find a gun with ammunition since I gave all the guns I found away and some of them ran out of ammunition, when we had escaped a fight with the threats, and so we had a bit of time to prepare ourselves.

I picked up some of the strange mostly wooden (except for the barrel & other important parts) sub-machine gun/shotgun-like guns that were very short like a sub-machine gun, I recognized them, but I still did not know what kind of guns they were.

I think that I found an old tan colored semi-automatic rifle that still had two bullets in it and I might have found some ammunition for another-bolt action rifle.

There was a lot more to this/these dreams but I forgot all the important parts and most of the talking parts.

The end,

-John Jr


The School Bombs | The Female Captain

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at a school in D, and it was during the day.

I remember being in a classroom with some of my former classmates, and I remember LB reminding me how I used to like the TV show Boy Meets World many years ago; and at some point we started to leave the school & we were outside, but a bomb was dropped or thrown or found and it exploded.