A Classroom / Apartment And A Black Dynamite / Kung Fu-Like TV Show | A Former Classmate Talking In A Restaurant To A Man Who Looks Like Lenny Kravitz | A Witch Who Looks Like Sarah Jessica Parker And Has Visual Magic / Powers

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I woke up during the night about two times to use the bathroom remembering part of a dream each time but I did not voice record the dreams or think about them much and I went back to sleep both times,  unfortunately, but somehow I barely remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream started during the day at an apartment and I was in an apartment room that was also a classroom with a few of my former classmates like MT, LT, maybe DH, MB, BH, BH, et cetera (who I talked to, ate with, drank with, et cetera during the dream) and a few unknown students; but I can not remember if we had a teacher or not, I just remember that sometimes we did school related things, sometimes we ate food and drank that was made by someone from the kitchen which was our version of a cafeteria I guess, and the rest of the time we would hangout and I remember a fictional TV show that was being watched often and maybe we were briefly in the TV show a few times.

The fictional TV show was a bit like the film Black Dynamite combined with the TV show Kung Fu, the main character was always played by a different actor each season who always had brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and the main character was a great fighter/martial artists/warrior who seemed to travel around the world fighting to help people; and the TV show was an action, drama, comedy it seemed.

A few times our class might have been in the TV show and maybe we got saved a few times by the main character but I can not remember, but I do remember several of my classmates being fans of the TV show and they would talk about who they wanted to play the role of the main character each new season and what direction they wanted the story/plot to go; and I would listen to them, share my ideas, and maybe my ideas were shown as daydreams or as dreams within a dream but I am not sure.

The dream probably took place over a period of several days/weeks/months and most of the dream probably took place inside the apartment/classroom/TV show, but I remember going outside at least once during the dream; and it was bright outside, the apartment was built like a multi-story motel that was a reddish color, there was a parking lot, and we were in the middle of nowhere but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

My second dream probably also took place of a period of several days/weeks/months at a dimly lit restaurant with a bar-like area that I would visit each day or on certain days, and one of my former classmate’s (who is older than me and who was a grade higher than me back in high school) worked there whose name I can not remember (back in high school from a distance I once briefly saw part of him getting initiated in a school gang/group by getting beat-up/hit by each member of the gang under the stairs to the second floor of D High School).

He has light-brownish/whitish/yellowish colored skin with short brownish/blackish colored hair and he was good at basketball back in high school but he was a ball-hog and he was very over-confident/prideful but full of life/energy, anyway, in the dream he worked at the dimly lit restaurant that was owned by a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair I think who probably seemed a bit like a former rough/tough sailor or fisherman; and it was a nice quiet restaurant that was a bit like a diner/restaurant/bar, and most of us customers were regulars.

I would probably greet my former classmate on the days that he was working while I was there, but sometimes I would be there when he was not working and a man who looked/spoke like/acted like the singer Lenny Kravitz would be working there instead behind the bar/cash-register-like area; and one day when the man who looked like Lenny Kravitz was working, my former classmate came to briefly talk with him, and so I heard them talking as I ate my food/whatever at my table.

My former classmate asked the man who looked like Lenny Kravitz if he was going to go clubbing/to the club with him tonight but he said probably not/that he was not sure, then my former classmate asked him if he was messing around with/pursuing a certain woman, but he said no because the woman was dating a certain man who(m) they knew (a tough/violent/somewhat powerful man).

My former classmate said: “So what?” and the man who looked like Lenny Kravitz said:

“I am not about to get my head cracked / busted open trying to chase after someone else’s woman, you can if you want to, but I would not recommend it. *He Smiles And Laughs, And Then They Both Smile And Laugh*”.

My former classmate then tells him that he is right/correct, now energized by the conversation and getting too relaxed my former classmate starts to talk loud enough where everyone in the restaurant can hear him, and then he starts talking loudly about something that he should not be saying in front of the customers; and he loudly says several racist things during this like:

“I ain’t going let no white man tell me what to do, you think that I care about what these white people think and say about me, *Censored* white people!”.

I was annoyed/offended/disappointed/et cetera by this (not only do I hate racism but I hate the idea of race among humans, because I do not think that race exists among humans at this time, and I think that we are one species with no separate races/breeds) and I look around to see other people’s reactions (but I can not remember their reactions), and the man who looks like Lenny Kravitz is trying to get him to be quiet and is trying to tell him that he is wrong/going too far/being offensive/could lose his job/et cetera; and maybe he finally quiets down a bit, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The last dream is the most unclear but I remember there being three witches who were very close and the three of them had their own group (just the three of them), one of the witches looked like the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and her magic/powers were visual/visual based but that is all that I can remember about her powers/magic.

The three of them split and went their separate ways one day, years later after not seeing or communicating with each other for years one of the witches saw the witch who looked like Sarah Jessica Parker while they were walking outside and/or shopping, and she stopped to greet her.

She asked her how she was doing and if she was still using her visual/visual based magic/powers, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Grace Randolph’s Secret Video Clip Interview With Lenny Kravitz

Source: Wikipedia

I only can remember part of one dream that had several parts to it but I can not remember the first part exactly, I just remember seeing a short secret recording of Grace Randolph interviewing the singer/actor Lenny Kravitz probably in reference to the new Hunger Games film that will be coming out this year called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I never seen The Hunger Games or read any of the books, but I did watch the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale this year), and during this short secret recording Mr. Kravitz thought that the camera was off; and him & Grace were talking off-the-record, or so he thought.

It seemed that they were taking a break from their interview or the interview was over or something like that, and Grace asked Mr. Kravitz a question about his personal opinion toward a certain Hollywood company or Hollywood in general in reference to something that I can not remember; but he did not want to risk answering that question on camera, and so he asked Grace if the camera was off & she said yes or nodded her head & he glanced at the camera to decide if he thought it was off or not.

Grace started pushing the camera back but she kept looking at it like she knew that it was still on, she made sure to move it where it could still record them, and so it seemed that she was going to record Mr. Kravitz answer even though he asked for this not to be recorded; and she tricked him/lied to him it seemed, which was surprisingly.

The secret video clip that I was saw looked realistic and was filmed from the camera angle that you would expect, the video & audio quality was what you would expect in a situation like this, and the secret video clip stopped shortly after Mr. Kravitz answered Grace’s question and his answer was negative toward Hollywood and/or a certain Hollywood company but I & even Grace agreed with his answer even though I can not remember what his answer was exactly; but at the end of the secret video clip it seemed like Grace was flirting with him a bit or at least was interested in him, and maybe she set up a date or another meeting or hoped to have one with him later or soon.

The dream jumped in time and I went to a nice park during the evening near a pond that had patios/decks/dock-like areas with picnic tables, there was food & drink, and lots of people talking & relaxing; and a big white screen was there because we were going to watch a film later, but I am not sure if Grace had called us for a special meeting and/or if this was done once a week in the park.

I was enjoying myself eating, drinking, talking, and enjoying the view in this nice & relaxed park; and I noticed Grace wearing a small princess crown/tiara wearing a probably mostly black colored outfit with several layers to it that I can not describe, and she was walking around like she was waiting on someone like she had a date or something & so I assumed that she was waiting on Mr. Kravitz who(m) she was supposed to meet or wanted to meet again.

Most of the other people at the park seemed to know Grace as well, so that is why I am not sure if Grace had called us all to the park for a meeting & then to watch a film or not, but Grace did not say anything to us; and she seemed to be too focused on whoever she was waiting to meet, and she seemed to be acting or practicing her acting skills like this was a comedy skit or something.

We decided not to bother her but we did glance at her sometimes to see what she was doing, and she kept walking around over-acting like in a comedy skit; and she even started mumbling/talking out-loud to herself sometimes, and it was a bit funny but we were not sure if she was joking or serious & so we tried to not laugh at her.

Mr. Kravitz or whoever she was waiting for or pretending to wait for never showed up, so Grace walked over to us still over-acting, and she took off her crown / tiara & one or two layers of her outfit; and she was mumbling/complaining about something, and maybe we talked to her but I can not remember this part.

After the forgotten part either Grace or someone else started playing a film, which was a fictional film that had a title like: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: *Something* *Something* or something close to that; and I assumed that it was a Steven Spielberg film that I never seen before about aliens.

The film started during a battle in a war that seemed to be World War II (WWII) or World War I (WWI), a man who looked like or was Clint Eastwood was playing an American soldier, and he was arriving at a battle between the American military and another military but I am not sure which military because the battle was during the night.

Something happened that interrupted the battle, maybe an alien spaceship arrived or something, and something very strange happened that even I can not remember other than a bright light or lights in the sky causing everyone to stop as we all stared at it; maybe we all had our memory erased or something because all I can remember is the bright light(s), I am not sure, even though I was only watching this film.

Things get even more strange and unclear after this part, I am not sure what happened or what was happening next, but I remember traveling by automobile with my family, my uncle CE, my grandfather, and a fictional man who worked with my dad & his family; and maybe even Clint Eastwood’s character from the film and another character from the film, but I am not sure about these two characters being in this part or not.

We drove somewhere and we got out of the automobile(s), one of which was a white colored Chevrolet Suburban owned by the fictional man who worked with my dad, and I remember my uncle CE & my dad trying to help my grandfather walk; but he ended up falling still, and they fell with him while they were trying to hold him up.

Everything is unclear and so I have no idea what happened or what was happening, I just remember an argument starting about the Suburban, my dad offered to pay for gasoline for it; but the man who worked with my dad wanted more than that oddly, and so an argument started about that & partly about whatever had happened during the part(s) of the dream that I can not remember.

Tensions were a bit high, so something serious/strange must have happened earlier, and I tried to calm the situation; and it helped a bit, and I tried to help everyone figure out what should we do next especially for/about my grandfather because he was looking very frail but that is all that I can remember & I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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