A Female Werewolf Turning Women

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I am not sure but I was possibly in an automobile on the side of a road near the outside of a yard, and there was a family there with light-color skin.

Two of their young sons walked outside their yard trying to look tough, one had a shotgun and he was wearing overalls and straw-like hat, and the family seemed cautious of outsiders.


Vampires And Abby Martin

I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, which took place at a college, and it involved increasing tensions between some Vampire: The Masquerade based vampire sects and vampire clans; but I am not sure if I was a vampire or not, I seemed to be more of an observer trying to observe the situation, maybe prevent conflict and prevent killings (vampire and human) and prevent Masquerade violations, and maybe trying to decide which vampire clan and vampire sect to join if any.

I am not sure if the Camarilla vampire sect was in the dream or not but I do know that the Sabbat vampire sect and the Anarchs vampire sect were in the dream, I also saw members of the vampire clan Brujah in the dream, but I can not remember which other vampire clans were shown in the dream; and the Sabbat had more members than the other sects in the dream.

Most of the people at the college were normal humans who had no idea that vampires existed so this conflict was secretly going on at the college without normal humans knowing it seemed, at some point in the dream I wanted to get something to eat at the cafeteria, but first I needed to investigate a large build up of vampires in a certain classroom where the journalist Abby Martin was going to have a lecture; and I also wanted to attend the lecture.

I went to the classroom to find mostly normal humans sitting down in chairs including some of my former classmates like my former female classmates N and AW and several others and my former male classmates DH and maybe DH, mostly vampires standing along the left side of the room grouping up separately by vampire sect on different parts of the left side of the room, and Mrs. Martin was standing and walking around lecturing in front of the sitting area.

The vampires were grouping up like they were going to start fighting soon if someone did not calm the increasing tensions between the vampire sects, I was worried about vampires and humans dying if they started fighting, and I was worried about the Masquerade being broken if the humans realized that they were vampires; and so I kept a close watch on the situation as more vampires slowly entered the room to join their sect.

Near the end of the lecture I remember Mrs. Martin relaxing and joking around with the audience, I remember her talking about a situation during a previous lecture involving a discussion with a butch lesbian (her words not mine) in the audience, and then she started joking and calling out a woman in the current audience as a butch lesbian; and she was joking around, but I did not think that was a good idea and it seemed uncomfortable/awkward/a bit rude to me.

The woman and the audience laughed and they took it well because they realized that Mrs. Martin was joking and trying to relax the mood, I briefly talked with my former classmates a bit, and I was worried about them getting harmed if the vampires started to fight; and so I probably suggested that they leave as soon as the lecture is over and meet me in the cafeteria, but I did not tell them why.

I probably talked with a few of the vampires trying to calm the tensions between them, I also probably wanted to talk with Mrs. Martin, but I was hoping that the humans would leave the room soon so that I could try to deal with the vampire situation to prevent a battle; and then I wanted to go eat at the cafeteria, maybe talk with Mrs. Martin if she was going to the cafeteria as well, and then maybe report my observations about the vampire situation to someone or some group but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr