Working On The Library Website And Teleporting

This dream is unclear but part of it possibly was inspired by and possibly partly involved things from the movie Hereditary which I finished watching yesterday.

After watching the movie I fell asleep on the living room couch, I woke up after 7:20 thinking that it was Friday and that it was time to get up for work, and so I quickly sat up then I checked the time again to see that it as PM not AM.

At first I thought that maybe my watch was in the wrong time mode, then I checked what day it was, and then I realized that it was still Thursday; but by then I had forgotten my dreams.

Later I got in bed and I had various dreams, but now I barely remember part of my last dream.

I can not remember the parts of the dream that were somehow inspired by the movie Hereditary, but I do know that parts of the dream involved me being at work at The BP Library working in the IT Department trying to edit some things on the library website.

I was trying to adjust things in HTML probably trying to update some links and text on the website, and sometimes I would be teleported somewhere else along with younger versions of some of my brothers.

Usually I would be teleported to fictional versions of some of the schools in the city of D that I once went to years ago like The D High School and The D Junior High School et cetera, and we would walk around and I would see some of my former classmates there.

I remember in one part of the dream at a school many of my former classmates had letterman jackets (letter jackets), I remember us walking by and greeting them, and some of my former classmates that I remember seeing were my former male classmates RM and KT and my former female classmate LB.

In another part of the dream I was teleported outside during the day with younger versions of my brothers in the field of a resort/park/farm-like place on the right of a highway that looked like the highway to the city of LC.

I assume that you could pay to walk around looking at the wild life, plants, ponds, et cetera.

I remember us finding a book on the ground, each page had one or more images of a different type of animal, and each page would have a dead or living version of that animal that was really on the page that would fall or crawl out of the book.

Each time that you flipped a page or closed the book a new living or dead animal would respawn it one had fallen or crawled out previously, and I remember several spiders spawning from the book that started to crawl on me.

My brothers and I knocked them off of me and killed the ones that we could that were still on me, and then I decided to put the book down to prevent from constantly accidentally spawning more animals from the book especially insects.

I would always be teleported back to work and I would continue editing the library website each time that I got teleported to a school or where ever.

As I edited the library website I would test my changes, there was some code without links that would cause a part of the page to pop out when someone clicks on it, I was not sure how that code worked so I did not mess with it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr