Cousin Tyrann Mathieu & DE | Coca-Cola Peach

Dream 1

This dream took place in another city during a gray day, and I left a building after my fictional male cousin Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger) & some people almost fought during an argument.

Maybe the others fought, while Tryann did not, but I can not remember.

Work & Talking To TR

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of it took place at work, I assume a fictional version of The BP Library.

My female coworker TR was there, something happened, and I remember us talking.

Repeating Staff Calendar Entries

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, and my female coworker JB & my coworker Mr. CF were among some of my coworkers who were there along with some patrons.

I probably briefly talked with Mr. CF & JB, but most of my time was spent dealing with our staff calendar.

Water Problems & My Mom Shopping For Clothes

Dream 1

I woke up remembering this dream, I went to the bathroom, and I forgot to record this dream before I went back to sleep; and so I forgot this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, part of this dream involved a water problem at my parent’s house, my dad was trying to figure out what the problem was so that he could fix it, and I talked to him briefly.

A Medical & Library & College Computer Lab & Dreams Within Dreams

Part of this dream took place at a medical & library & college computer lab, and the different parts of the building where these three different places were located like: The BP Library, a medical office and / or clinic and / or research facility and / or something like that, and a college.

We all possibly shared a computer lab or our computer labs were next to each other, and some of our staff areas were near this area as well, like some of our staff areas for The BP Library.

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