People Lying To Get Donations

My alarm clock woke me up from this dream, causing me to forget most of it, especially the most detailed parts, so unfortunately I only remember part of the end of the dream now.

This dream took place in another country, maybe India or Bangladesh or another country, and it involved people lying to start conversations with people.

Debunking The Myth Of The Lost Cause: A Lie Embedded In American History – Karen L. Cox

Debunking the myth of the Lost Cause: A lie embedded in American history – Karen L. Cox

What is it?

Here is how TED-Ed describes this video:

Examine the myth of the Lost Cause: a campaign created by pro-Confederates after the Civil War to promote the lie that they seceded for state’s rights.

In the 1860s, 11 southern states withdrew from the United States and formed the Confederacy. They seceded in response to the growing movement for the nationwide abolition of slavery. Yet barely a year after the Civil War ended, southern sources began claiming the conflict was about state’s rights. How did this revisionist history come about? Karen L. Cox examines the cultural myth of the Lost Cause.

Lesson by Karen L. Cox, directed by Anton Bogaty.

Orange Juice | June Harris (Dr. Smith) Lying | Library

Dream 1

This dream took place inside my parents house, I went to the cooler by the kitchen to get some orange juice, and after I poured a cup of orange juice my brother TDC walked over to me.

TDC told me that he bought the orange juice and that it was for him, I told him that I had thought that it was for the house, and I apologized.

A Lying House-Sitter (House Sitter)

I had more dreams that I remembered but I did not voice record them before going back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream possibly involved the video game EA Sports UFC 2, and it was probably inspired by me watching videos of DmanUnt2014 playing that video game on YouTube:

GC’s Finger Gets Cut Off

I had several dreams last night but I did not get out of bed to use the bathroom and voice record my dreams, instead I laid in bed thinking about one of the dreams, but then I went back to sleep without getting out of bed.

But to make things worse I got suddenly awakened by someone and I had to leave to do something, which caused me to forget all of my other dreams and most of my last dream, and so now I can barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

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