Pharrell Williams & A Giant Broken Goddess Statue

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional place, at some point in the dream I was at a parking lot that had several connected one-story buildings and businesses, and maybe I was there with the music artist Pharrell Williams and some of his friend’s including other celebrities; and maybe some of my former classmates were there as well.

I remember them/us hanging out doing various activities (listening to music and maybe making music, talking, eating, drinking, playing games, exploring, shopping, et cetera) in different buildings and outside, I talked with various people during various parts of the dream, including one or more women who(m) I can not remember; but at some point I think that they all left to another location.


The Strain | The Lucid Dream Games

Dream 1

I started to get nervous about my upcoming job interview yesterday and I got a headache and I went to bed later than I wanted to, I had a hard time going to sleep but once I went to sleep I was sleeping good until I woke up during the night and my mind remembered the upcoming job interview, and so then I knew that my sleep/dreams/dream recall would continue to be interrupted and that I would experience the usual negative physical reactions that I get in times like these.

I kept waking up throughout the night from a repeating dream about the television show The Strain which I watched several episodes of last night, each time there would be slight variations involving the character Abraham Setrakian forming his team to fight the vampires and there was something about pea coats/clothing and many other things that I can not remember, and I would wake up feeling sick to my stomach from the anxiety; and so I could not sleep or dream or remember my dreams normally throughout most of the night, but I do remember part of my last dream which went lucid at the end.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of my second/last dream is that it took place on a gray day in a dream world that was controlled by a cruel military dictatorship it seemed like something from The Hunger Games film or something like that, there was a resistance group starting to fight back I think, and so a military helicopter with snipers was hovering over our neighborhood looking for them as everyone was supposed to stay inside their houses or risk being shot by the military.

I was either in the resistance group or I wanted to help them because I was tired of the military/government killing/torturing/enslaving us so I ran outside to sneak through the alley which looked like a fictional longer version of the alley by my parent’s house with fictional houses on both sides of it, when I got to the end of the alley there was a fictional version of the field by my parent’s house, and in the middle of the field was an old broken chicken/duck coop/cage in dirt/mud with the wire and wood broken and in a pile mostly; and on the other side of it was a house with a small tree in front of it like in real life.

I decided to try to shoot the helicopter down with a guided missile I think that I have no idea of where it came from, I did not lock the weapon on its target unfortunately, and I shot at it without aiming properly; and so I am not sure if I even hit it or not, and I remember running across the field toward the broken chicken/duck coop/cage so that I could walk calmly on the other side of the house where they could not see me if they survived and/or if other soldiers came to find who shot the guided missile.

After passing the broken chicken/duck coop/cage a mean-looking male soldier with whitish colored skin with short yellowish hair in military-style haircut wearing smooth whitish colored hard armor over most of his body except for his neck and head (it looked a bit like stormtrooper armor and the armor of the soldiers on The Hunger Games films like smooth shiny hard lightweight plastic-like armor) holding a light machine gun walked from the other side of the house where I was about to walk, and he looked ready to kill something.

I yelled to the soldier: “He went that way!” while pointing in the direction behind him on the other/left side of the house, he looked back like he was going to believe my lie, but then he turned back toward me and he started shooting his light machine gun at me; and so I started running and dodging, but I noticed that I did not hear bullets flying by me or ricochet oddly like his gun sounded like it was shooting but there were no bullets.

So I decided that I would try to flank him and attack him so I was going to run to the other side of the field and sneak around to flank him from the left side, but then I instantly realized that I was dreaming (so the dream became a lucid dream now) so I started to smile and feel confident and I slowly started to power up as I turned around to calmly walk back to face him.

I was calmly walking and slowly powering up to keep the dream stable but as I was passing the broken chicken/duck coop/cage I noticed something crawling from it which scared me a bit, I stopped to see what it was, and it was a homeless-looking man with dark-brownish colored skin crawling out to attack me like he was crazy.

I tried to calm him down and I did not have time for this because I needed to deal with the soldier and possibly the helicopter with snipers if it was still around and any soldiers coming to help and I needed to stay calm to avoid making the dream unstable and waking up, but the crazed homeless-looking man ran to attack me crazily.

I angrily ran at him still powering up telling him that I did not have time for this and we both ran at each other and tackled each other in the air but my tackle was more powerful so I landed on top of him, but this sudden burst of power and anger and excitement caused the dream to become unstable and I woke up before I could even ask him a question or do anything else that I wanted to do in this now lucid dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Rome Inspired Dream With Vin Diesel

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a jungle-like area in a fictional house/villa (that might have had a slight Egyptian style to it, maybe a small pyramid shape) where several characters from the TV show Rome were such as: Mark Antony, a fake young Gaius Octavius (Augustus) (I call him fake because he did not look how he was supposed to look exactly, but I knew that it was him), Octavian’s sister Octavia & their mother; along with some servants/slaves/maids/whatever, and I arrived or was there for some reason that I can not remember.

Mark Antony was being over-confident & showing off as usual as they all talked while their slaves/servants gave them whatever they asked for while I stood nearby watching/listening, at some point a female slave made a small mistake when Mark Antony asked for something, and so he asked her to follow him to another room (he looked a bit angry at first, but then calm); and I saw him pull out his short sword before going into the room behind the female slave, he closed the door, and a moment later he opened the door with his bloody sword cleaning it off with a rag before putting it back in its sheath.


My Former Job Again | Two Women From Russia | An Ambush | A Story Of Rape

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had several dreams that were about fictional versions of my former job, with the first dream starting with my mom telling me that my former job was hiring, and that she wanted to apply for a job there & she wanted me to apply for a job there.

I did not want to return to that job but since my mom wanted to finally start working again, I decided that I would at least try it once, and so we both applied for a job there.

Next I remember going to a fictional version of the building of my former job with my mom, and there seemed to be an open house taking place where the management were talking to people, and most of the workers were gone since they had the day off if they wanted the day off.

My mom and I were not sure which department that we were supposed to work in, and we explored the building, which was really several different buildings that were connected.

The building had a large cafeteria, several different departments, and we found a strange new department that was not opened yet that appeared to be a place for new-born babies & it looked like a baby ward at a hospital or a strange science lab or something with equipment designed for holding babies & caring for babies; and we even found another area where some workers could sleep, since there were beds.

At some point we found the only department with workers in it and there were only two female workers there one with blond colored hair, the other with darker colored hair (who I recognized & who I somehow knew), and I somehow knew that they both were from Russia (Russian) (even before they told us).

The woman with darker colored hair did most of the talking and I somehow felt that I knew her from in real life and/or from another dream, but now that I am awake I can not remember ever seeing her before in a dream or in real life, but in the dream I somehow felt that I knew her & that we had met before & I knew that she was from Russia even before she started to speak.

Both women did not seem very comfortable speaking English, it was like they rarely spoke English, and that they probably spoke Russian most of the time; they both spoke English in a strange slow pattern/rhythm that was unusual & a bit harder to understand since I was not used to anyone talking like that & they made grammar mistakes sometimes, but I was able to predict & guess what they were going to say usually & what they were saying at times usually & I was able to understand them most of the time.

They did not speak with much of an accent surprisingly and I was able to understand them usually, but I had to adjust to their strange slow pattern/rhythm of talking, which was very unusual but it was clear, just unusual; but I am pretty good at that, and so it was not a problem.

The woman with the darker colored hair did most of the talking, and she explained to my mom and I about how they were having problems with a new process that involved mirrors or something; and since the management was busy with the open house, the two women were just working on their old project/process instead, and so they tried to explain that process to us.

They said that the company had a high turnover rate, which is true in real life too, and so there were not many workers who had advanced knowledge & there were not many workers who could even train new workers because most people quit their jobs so fast.

So the two women’s only training would come in the form of rare & brief examples given by the now CEO and/or one of the few veteran workers, and the two women seemed to work alone with only each other most of the time & so they did not seem to get much exposure to English while at work & that also made it harder for them to understand the brief directions given by the CEO and/or one of the veteran workers.

The two women were nice and they were either best friends or sisters, who had grown up together in Russia probably, and their dad still lived in Russia.

The two women seemed to have a lower-income and they both appeared to be in the lower class like me, and they were hard workers who worked as many hours as they could get; that is why they were working on a day that they could have had off, they needed the money & they were hard & reliable workers.

We all got along very well and we all lived similar more practical lifestyles that allowed us to live a pretty good life for low-income & lower class people, and so we all really could relate to each other.

After work we offered the two women a ride, since they had no automobile and they either would walk, ride with another worker, or take the bus or something.

The two women invited us to join them at a small place that offered free food & drink to the community, and so we all went to this small place; and we sat down in a small living room eating & drinking, and we had a good time talking, playing board games & cards, et cetera.

It was a wonder place to meet other people and it seemed that the two women had learned most of their English by talking with people there, and the two women seemed more relaxed at this place & so were my mom & I since my former job has a terrible working environment.

The more we talked the better I could understand the two women and/or the better their English got, and I remember being interested in learning more about the two women; and I remember the woman with the darker colored hair doing an impression of her dad, who would keep in contact with them by phone and he would come to The United States from Russia to visit them sometimes; he seemed to be a loving father who cared about his kids, based on her impressions of him.

To my surprise the woman talked with a stereotypical Southern Country Hillbilly type English accent when she would do an impression of how her dad spoke English, and I thought that it was funny that her dad supposedly spoke that way, even though he lives in Russia; and I wondered how did her dad learned that English accent and/or I wondered if the woman was just incorrectly doing an impression of her dad since her style of English was strange.

The woman talked about how her dad would call and/or visit them worrying about their safety & well-being, and they would tell him that he did not have to come in person so often since they already speak often by phone and they wanted him to save his money; her impression made her dad sound like a funny, loving, goofy, loud, and slightly protective father who cared about his kids & who wanted to keep in close contact with them.

The woman also mentioned her last name or the nickname/short version of her last name, and I think that it sounded something like Ching/Chang/?-Li(Lee) or Ching/Chang/?-A-Li(Lee) or something almost like that, but I can not remember exactly, which was her dad’s last name & she inherited that last name from him.

We had a good time talking, eating, drinking, playing games, laughing, doing impressions, et cetera.

The next thing that I remember is waking up the next day at a fictional home and my mom told me that we should go to work, even though we did not know if we had the jobs or not and/or what our jobs would be, but I did not want to go back because I had seen the now CEO during the open house & many bad memories came back to me about him & the job & the working environment there; even though I enjoyed working & talking with the two women, and so I told my mom that she could go alone, and I wished her good luck.

After she left a large work truck for the company stopped in front of our house, and inside of it were the driver and the two women, and they asked me why hadn’t I come to work yet; and so I told the about the situation.

They told me that the now CEO said that the materials used during the mirror process or whatever, were flawed, and that is why they were having problems with the mirror process; and so they were sent to load all the supposedly flawed materials on the company truck, and they were sent with the driver as manual laborers to return the supposedly flawed materials back to where they had bought them.

The two women were not convinced that the materials were flawed, they thought that the process was flawed from the lack of knowledge on how to properly complete the process, but they were going to follow the orders of the now CEO anyway; and it seemed that he used the two women to do the jobs that other workers did not want to do, since they were reliable & hard workers who were probably not going to quit like most people there did/would.

After they drove off, the next thing that I remember is the two women somehow convinced me to come to work, and so we went to work but the area looked like a war zone; and some workers quickly rushed us into the building, and they gave us a quick overview of the situation.

A war seemed to be going on between the company and a group of people who reminded me of a Native American tribe combined with Caesar’s Legion and/or a Raider Group from the Fallout: New Vegas video game (they barely wore any clothes and they wore face paint), and some of the veteran workers with military experience were supposed to start training us to defend against the people attacking the company; and they gave us some guns & I got a light machine gun.

The veteran workers were older men who had fought in war before, and then they opened the door to the building and the General made the comment/asked: “Did I just open the door to the front lines?” and one of the other officers answered: “Yes sir, you did.” and then the General told us to go outside.

We thought that we were going outside for a training exercise, but the General and the other officers stayed in the building & they closed & they locked the door leaving us outside alone; and suddenly the damaged buildings on both sides of us had people stand up at the many windows, and they started to shoot guns & bow & arrows at us, it was an ambush.

I ran forward shooting at the buildings on my left side & my right side for suppressing fire with my light machine gun to hopefully allow some of us to escape alive and the two women & one man followed me, while the other workers ran for cover and/or got shot.

It was a worst-case-scenario where we were outnumbered, ambushed, we were untrained, our enemy were skilled at guerrilla combat, we were flanked on both sides & the enemy had plenty of cover, we did not have proper cover, and we basically were easy targets.

I ran forward shooting left & right as bullets & arrows flew by us, I got shot in my back with an arrow that fortunately did not go deep enough to hit my spine but it caused me pain & a bit of weakness & I might have gotten shot by a bullet or two, the man with us got shot by automatic weapon fire but he kept running too, and my strategy seemed to be working good enough so that the four of us would escape at least; but the others would die, and the man with us was dying.

We escaped across a field to a neighborhood, but the two women had to stop to help carry the man with us who was dying & he was too weak to walk on his own due to blood loss, but he told us to leave him & save ourselves; but we refused and we told him that we would not leave him to die.

We had run out of bullets, we had run out of arrows (we took one or more bow & arrows during the battle), and so I stopped to find us some weapons as the two women helped the dying man; and I found a few sticks & baseball bats, and I gave each person one or more of them.

A few attackers were running across the field to catch us and one or more of them reached us, and we had to kill them in a quick mêlée & hand-to-hand combat fight; and then we started trying to move the dying man before more attackers found us.

The next thing that I remember is being back inside the company building, but it was no longer a war zone, and all of us workers were gathered in the large cafeteria eating & drinking & we were actually having a good time; and we were supposed to be having a meeting of some kind after we finished eating & drinking.

I remember talking with the two women and then an older man with long white/gray hair recognized me as a fellow veteran worker, and he was one too; and he used to have short hair, at least that is what I said & what I remembered in the dream, even though I do not know him in real life but I recognized him in the dream & he recognized me.

I told him that this was my fourth time working with the company, and then we started to talk, but a woman with short black hair & whitish colored skin entered the cafeteria; and she called everyone to attention.

She looked serious and she seemed like a former soldier and/or mercenary and/or agent and/or spy and/or something; and she walked in front of the cafeteria & she presented a screen & she started to project a video as she explained a past situation from her life.

She told us that years ago she was once working undercover on a job and she started to investigate a rape case that involved a rich business man or a rich man in a position of power, and she showed us some video of what happened as she explained it to us.

She had decided to investigate the case on her own because the man had managed to avoid the justice system and she wanted to bring the man to justice, and one day she sneaked into his mansion & she had found the evidence that she needed to prove that he & his bodyguards/hitmen had raped one or more women.

But in the video she got caught trying to sneak out with the evidence by the man & his bodyguards/hitmen, and they raped, beat, tortured her, and they probably destroyed the evidence in front of her as they assaulted her on a bed.

She was a tough woman but even she could not beat ten élite trained bodyguards/hitmen alone and in the video they all held her down as the men taunted her, beat her, raped her, and tortured her; it was hard to watch and we wondered why was she showing us this video & telling us about it.

The video ended and she then told us something, but I forgot what, and then she said that she was in charge of security & internet communications or something like that for the company now & she said something else that I forgot & she warned us about something that I forgot; and she warned us that who ever did whatever she had warned us about, that she would hunt them down by tracking their e-mail and/or online activities and/or whatever, and she would be their friend for the rest of their lives (which probably was code for, she would stalk/keep an eye on you for the rest of your life or something like that probably).

She then walked out of the cafeteria as the rest of us sat there confused and shocked at what she had shown & told us; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂