Talking To Idris Elba About A Hair Line Up | Britney Spears Leading A Group During A Zombie Apocalypse

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I got awakened by my alarm clock that I forgot to unset and so it awakened me out of a dream causing me to jump out of bed to turn it off, and so I forgot some of my dreams and some parts of the three dreams that I can barely remember; and so I will start with the two very unclear dreams first.

Dream 1

The first unclear dream probably took place during the day, I think that my former classmate JC was in the dream, and I remember a dog being in the dream that was either one of my brothers dogs or an unknown dog; but all that I can remember of this dream is talking to the dog (who could not talk back of course).

Dream 2

The second unclear dream took place during the day in a fictional area outside in a fictional unknown place and there were several people outside with me, but the only people I remember somewhat clearly is an unknown man with whitish colored skin and the actor Idris Elba.

The unknown man with whitish skin needed a haircut and so I cut his hair for him, and then I noticed that Idris Elba had some extra hair growing on his forehead and he/his hair needed a hair line up because it looked like he had not had one in a while; and so I mentioned this to him, but oddly he did not know what a hair line up was and so I explained it to him.

I told him that I would line up his hair for him, cutting the extra hair growing on his forehead as well, and he agreed to let me line-up his hair; but time was about up (whatever that meant), and so he said that he wanted to wait until tomorrow and I agreed but I woke up or that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream started during the evening or night in a fictional area in a fictional city outside/inside an abandoned garage/firefighter station-like building, and a younger Britney Spears (about the age when she got popular in music) was there leading a group of other people about her age and I approached them.

This dream was supposedly a continuation of either a false/fake memory of a past dream or a real dream from years ago that I probably never typed, this dream world and situation was familiar to me, and I had my memories or false memories of the past dream; and so I knew the situation, and it left off from my memory or false memory of the last dream of this dream world.

From my past memories or false past memories this dream world took place during a zombie apocalypse I guess you could say, many people were dead and/or gone/hiding/had left the city, and this group of people, who were all about the same age had come together trying to survive in the ruins of the city; and they would sometimes pick a leader to help lead/organize this group, and they would vote on a new leader sometimes.

This group had Britney Spears, one or more members of NSYNC, several other celebrities who(m) I can not remember, maybe one or more people I knew, and several unknown people in the group; and in my memories of the last dream the abandoned garage/firefighter-like station used to be their original hideout but it got attacked by zombies, they then moved into an abandoned one-story building next to them and made it their new hideout but it got attacked by zombies also, then they moved to an underground part of the building and made it their new hideout but it got attacked by zombies also, and then they moved back to the abandoned firefighter-like station again but that past dream ended there.

From that past dream I remember some of the parts of that dream that took place in the underground part of the building where they had their third hideout, they felt safer there and they were more hopeful there, but if the zombies attacked they would only have one escape point and they might get trapped if zombies were blocking it.

That past dream showed the various struggles of the group trying to organize themselves, dealing with social issues among themselves, and trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse; but their third hideout underground was attacked, some of them probably died, but the group survived and moved back to their first hideout.

Now my dream from last night left off from that point and Britney Spears had been chosen as the new leader, and she was working hard trying to organize the group; and things were going well with no zombie attacks in a while, but this made the group too relaxed except for Mrs. Spears.

Most of the group was so relaxed now that they did not even have weapons anymore, they were starting to get lazy also, and so they were not listening to Mrs. Spears very much because the leader position was more of an informal position lacking true power (it was more like an advisor position for the group or organizer position); and they seemed to think that most or all of the zombies were dead or gone now, but Mrs. Spears kept trying to get them to take the zombie threat seriously again but it was not working.

I watched this quietly from a distance, I was impressed by Mrs. Spears and I agreed with her to my surprise, and Mrs. Spears suggested that they check & prepare their other hideouts in case their current hideout was attacked again; and she tried to get some of her group to go with her to the underground hideout to check it out, but no one would go with her and so she left alone.

It was almost night or it was night and so it was somewhat dark or mostly dark at this point, I walked over to the rest of the group talking with them about the situation trying to help them by reinforcing Mrs. Spears advice, and I suggested that they get weapons again; and that they go help Mrs. Spears because it was too dangerous for her to go alone, and I offered to go with them but they were not listening to me either at first.

I started looking for weapons so that I could go looking for Mrs. Spears but I could not find any weapons, while I continued to search time passed, and the group started to worry about Mrs. Spears when she did not return; and so they finally formed a team to go help find Mrs. Spears and to search the underground hideout, and I joined them to help them with the search even though I never could find any weapons (so the situation was even more dangerous/risky now).

We started searching the one-story building for Mrs. Spears, zombies, and weapons at first; and then we were going to go to the underground part of the building to search, but we wanted to clear the above-ground part first.

It was dark and scary inside the building as we searched, but I woke up before we finished even searching half of the building for Mrs. Spears, zombies, and weapons.

The end,

-John Jr