An Accident | A Conflict At A Cabin

Dream 1

In this dream I was in college, there was an accident, and later they found some of the injured & some of the dead people; but some people from the accident were still missing, and so no one knew if the missing people were dead or not.

Amarna Miller and a man with her were among the missing people from the accident.

Editing A PDF | Cleaning Vomit | A Creepy Smiling Doll Character

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was helping someone edit a PDF document, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I went to a slightly fictional version of W Park in the city of D.

Bully Problems

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream during the day I was standing on a sidewalk in a small quiet nice neighborhood with an unknown man, my dad, and maybe someone else outside a fenced yard with maybe a mostly destroyed house.

The man was looking at the yard and the remains of the house deep in thought remembering old memories as he told us about his life and the history of that house / yard: he was probably an orphan from another country who was adopted as a child by a man with whitish colored skin who lived in the house, the man was nice to him and he grew up to be very successful in school and around the neighborhood and maybe the military and then as a business owner, but the man who adopted him was dead now and the house mostly burnt down or something like that.

The man had many positive memories but it was still a bit sad/emotional hearing his story and seeing how much love and that respect that he had for man who had adopted him, it seemed that he would come to see the yard/house sometimes, and at some point we said goodbye and walked away.

I remember walking away alone at some point until I reached a back alley-like area that somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the alley by the former BP School Board Shop but it had concrete-like walls, which is now the Computer Department, and in this alley were some of my former classmates/schoolmates and some fictional ones; and we seemed to be younger and in school again, and this area was connected to a school.

I would walk through this area on my way home after school, I would say hello to various people as I walk by, including a few of my classmates/schoolmates who the others looked down on; and those few students would stand in a very nasty corner that looked like an old dirty wet public shower with mud and/or feces and mold to avoid getting physically bullied by the others who avoided this nasty area.

These students did get verbally bullied and made fun of every day, one of the students in this area was a short girl with whitish colored skin who somewhat reminded me of one of my former schoolmates who was in a special education/handicap class because she was a bit slower at learning the most students probably, and another was my former male classmate AP.

I started talking to these students each day and I would tell the others to stop bullying them, when I was around the others would mostly leave them alone, and I remember having good conversations each day with the girl in this area who was very nice; and one day a female teacher who reminded me of the character Antigone Bezzerides (Ani Bezzerides) from season 2 of the television show True Detective stopped to ask me a question as I was entering her classroom, and there were other students already there watching and listening.

She smiled and somewhat jokingly asked me if there was anyone who owed me anything and I replied with something like:

“Yes, there are many people who I have helped over the years and who have used me over the years who owe me things like: money, items that I let them borrow that they never returned, gasoline and other resources, time, and more; but I doubt that most of them will ever give me what they owe me or even offer to help me in any way, I am tired of that and being used by people, and so I try to avoid having to deal with people mostly (or something close to that with a better explanation).”

The teacher and the students were surprised by my response, they went from smiling to laughing to having their moods drop, and I continued walking to my desk normally after apologizing for the gloomy response but letting them know that was an honest answer to the question sadly.

Then there was a time jump to years later, and this group of students had grown as more students joined them and many of the female students among them grew to be attractive and had better looking styles now so some of the other students were jealous of them now.

A group of female bullies would bully them when I was not around, there was another time jump to after we graduated high school maybe, and one of the female students from the bullied group was speaking at maybe a pornographic convention during the day outside under a large tented area about one of the bullied students from her group who grew up to be very attractive and bullied a lot by the jealous girls; and she became a pornographic actress, but I think that she died somehow so the female students said some things in her honor.

I was watching a listening from a distance in a field but then an old man with whitish colored skin in the crowd carrying a large container of clear liquid started yelling at her and trying to throw the liquid on her like he blamed her and pornographic industry for the death of the other female student, and I ran over to stop him.

I tried to talk to the old man but that did not work so I had to grab the container and as we were struggling over it two men with dark brownish colored skin ran over wanting to know what was going on, I explained the situation to them, and then they started dealing with the man; and so I walked away to see if my former fictional female schoolmate was okay because I did not know what that liquid was.

There was another time jump and I was in military recruit training outside in a field during the day it seemed, our male drill instructor probably asked me a question and gave me a compliment (he seemed to like me like I was one of his good recruits), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Sick | Getting Drugged?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I must be quick because my dream recall has been terrible the last few days, my memory is fading fast and my memory of my dreams from last night are/is messed up badly, I feel like I am getting sick, I can barely hear out of one of my ears, my throat is sore, I feel like I have been drugged which happened it seems in one of my dreams and it is probably just an effect/affect of me probably getting sick (maybe the flu or a cold or something that my body has been fighting and winning the last few days, but now it is probably starting to loose the battle), I did not voice record my dreams, et cetera so there will not be much left of my dreams by the time I finish typing this; and so most of my dreams will be forgotten and unclear and error filled probably.

Dream 1

I had a harder time sleeping last night and my sleep was disturbed because it was a bit hot and I woke up feeling hot, sore, drained, slightly dehydrated, sinus pressure, et cetera several times between having depressing dreams of depressing destroyed/ugly/terrible/et cetera post-apocalyptic environments/situations/et cetera from the television show The Walking Dead and the video game Fallout 3 (both of which I watched and I played before going to sleep); and some of the characters from both of those/these were in my dreams in many depressing scenarios/situations/environments/et cetera, and I would wake up feeling a variety of negative feelings/effects/affects and feeling like I could barely sleep but that is all that I can remember of these dreams.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream now is that this was my longest and most detailed dream of the night but I can not make much sense of it now with all that happened to me in the real world and in the dream world, and maybe the dream took place in a fictional version of the city of D maybe starting during the day; and maybe I played some sports (probably football/soccer) in a field somewhere with other people earlier in the dream, but I can not remember.

Later in the dream I remember being in an outdoor area like the fenced in yard of the BP School Board Computer Department but instead of their building being there it was a rectangular shaped one-story house where a family lived, I was with a woman from the earlier parts of the dream that I can not remember who I think looked like or was the actress Lenora Crichlow, and she was possibly starting to suffer from a mental disorder/mental/emotional breakdown and/or something like that; and she needed help, and she knew the family who lived at this house so she wanted me to help take her there I think and maybe I somewhat knew this family as well but I can not remember.

I remember us going to the house (which had a main hall with most of the rooms on both sides of it with, and there was an entrance/exit to the house from the parent’s bedroom and one from the living room) and the family who lived there had whitish colored skin with a husband, wife, several daughters (one was probably in elementary school, one was probably in high school, and two were adults), and at least one brother; and most of them seemed nice and maybe the wife was a doctor who knew how to deal with problems that the woman was having, but I can not remember.

We talked to the wife about the woman’s situation and I think that they let the woman sleep/stay in one of the extra rooms and maybe the wife gave her a sedative or something to help her sleep, and I remember talking with various members of the family about various things (about the woman, about their family, about maybe how we knew each other, and more) and they treated me like I lived there and maybe they invited me to stay which was nice but a bit odd and I felt a bit uncomfortable being treated so nicely like I was part of their family so I probably politely declined.

Some uncomfortable moments happened during the evening that I can not remember exactly except one of these moments possibly involved me either trying to leave or return to the house but for some reason that I can not remember I only could find the entrance/exit that went through the parent’s bedroom so I had to use that entrance/exit which was even more uncomfortable, and maybe I saw something that was made things even more uncomfortable/awkward like maybe someone naked and/or having sex (probably the parent’s) but I can not remember.

Whatever happened was no big deal to the husband and wife as I explained what I was doing and they told me that everything was okay, they continued to treat me very nicely and like I lived there, and they probably took me to some of the others so that we could talk/hang out and I had some good conversations with them; and their son had some male friends over partying in another room, and while I was talking to the others one of the son’s male friends walked from the room where they were partying and he brought me a clear cup with only a bit of whitish/foggy clear liquid in it saying that I should drink it because it would help me feel better.

I was in a good mood and I decided to accept the drink and drink it even though he did not tell me what it was when I asked him and I was suspicious of drinking unknown drinks from unknown people, which was stupid of me but it was a rare risky decision that I made in this positive and somewhat uncomfortable moment because the family seemed trustworthy and so I assumed that I could hopefully trust the son’s friend(s) too, and so I drunk a bit of it; and I instantly started to feel strange like the drink was drugged, the friend and maybe the other friends smiled and laughed, and I remember saying that I felt strange.

I started to get the feelings/effects/affects of being drugged and that I was going to loose consciousness and eventually I probably collapsed/lost consciousness, I heard some of the friends talking about what they should do to me, but the son probably refused their ideas/pranks/whatever; and the rest of the family probably found me and maybe moved me to one of the beds/bedrooms of one of the adult daughters who possibly had yellowish colored hair.

I remember waking up during the night in a bed with one of the adult daughters sleeping in it against me, one of her cheeks were a reddish color from it leaning against my body for too long, and she woke up once she realized that I was awake; and I could not remember anything and I still felt partly drugged, and so she told me what happened.

I asked her questions about if anyone did anything to me/my body and she said no, I also asked her about why she was in the same bed as me, and she probably told me that this was her room/bed and that her parent’s wanted her to watch over me to make sure that I was okay; and so she was doing that until she fell asleep, and then I remember us talking and having a good conversation.

We probably liked/were attracted to each other and so we laid there together talking and maybe somewhat cuddling and maybe her parent’s came to check on me, they seemed happy to see that I was doing better and that their daughter and I seemed to like each other, and it seemed like they had hoped that this would happen and/or possibly partly planned this; and they probably even said that they either had hoped for us to end up together and/or they were happy for us to be together, and that they would be happy to have me become part of the family one day and they walked back to their bedroom smiling/happy.

I probably still tried to be a bit suspicious about the situation and to try to look for any signs that something was done to me while I was drugged/unconscious, that the woman was okay, et cetera but I also tried to enjoy the moment; but that is all that I can remember of this dream or make sense of it, and some of it is possibly error filled and definitely incomplete and so this probably does not properly show what actually/really happened in some parts of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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