An Unstable Man | Little Jeff

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I was with my mom and my brother GC, and we were outside walking in a parking lot to a car so that we could leave.

We noticed a man laying unconscious on the ground and he had what looked like a little bit of blood on his shirt, and so I walked over to see if he was alive and okay or dead.

While doing this the man suddenly woke up, he looked and acted mentally unstable, and he started getting up to move toward us aggressively while acting crazy with his eyes open wide while smiling in a disturbing way and probably making some sounds.

I went to distract the man, I yelled for my mom and my brother GC to get in the car and start getting ready to leave, they wanted to help me but I told them to hurry and that I would get in the car once they were ready to start moving.

I stood in front of the man distracting him in a defensive position while trying to talk him / calm him down as my mom and my brother GC started up the car, the man was slowly moving toward me, and I backed away slowly waiting for my chance to jump in the car once it started moving.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, and it seemed that most of my family and I were living in a slightly fictional version of my aunt JE’s house.

I was in the back room that has a back door, I was on a computer, and then I left the computer on and I went outside where my family was.

Some of my family were in the front yard like my parents, I said something to them, and then I walked across the street and down to the left where a church should be but instead there was a fictional house from a past dream that is based on a house that used to be on my uncle WC’s street.

I walked on the front screened in porch, then I noticed a tall man going to the back door of the house that I had just walked from, and I could only partly see them briefly and it looked like maybe my male cousin ME.

I think that I signaled to my mom that someone was at the back door, and so she went to greet them.

I remember hoping that my computer had automatically locked itself in case they had went inside the house because I probably did not lock the back door, and then my mom walked back to the front of the house with several real and fictional family members like my male cousin ME (the brother of my female cousin TE) and maybe my male cousin ME (the son of my uncle CE) and a fictional baby cousin who they called Little Jeff and several children who I assume were fictional cousins.

Some of my brothers and the children went to the yard of our real house further up the street to play basketball while my parents talked with both of my cousins ME and ME and my fictional baby cousin Little Jeff, my parents held Little Jeff, and Little Jeff was the son of ME or ME.

My mom wanted me to hold Little Jeff but I was not interested, I was still across the street and down on the left standing on the front porch of the other house not wanting to be seen, maybe I was thinking about going inside the house which was abandoned.

I had some memories from a past dream about this house along with maybe some false memories, and ME (TE’s brother) walked over to the front porch with me.

I remember saying a few things to him, he asked me about the house because he wanted to go inside, and I told him what I knew and that maybe we should ask the owners first so I said that it was probably not a good idea; and then I realized that me being there was already not a good idea, and so I started walking back to the yard of the previous house but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr