Amarna Miller Se Sincera Sobre El Amor Y Explica Cómo Superar Los Celos Para Ser Más Felices

What Is It?

The Odysee video Amarna Miller Se Sincera Sobre El Amor Y Explica Cómo Superar Los Celos Para Ser Más Felices (Amarna Miller Gets Candid About Love And Explains How To Overcome Jealousy To Be Happier) by the Odysee channel Sputnik Mundo.

Here is the description for this video:

“Vírgenes, esposas, amantes y putas”, un libro que acaba de publicar la activista por los derechos de la mujer @Amarna Miller, licenciada en Bellas Artes. Un texto lleno de experiencias autobiográficas y en el que la ‘influencer’ explica “el rompecabezas que significa ser mujer en la sociedad actual” y donde también habla sobre uno de los momentos más duros de su vida: la relación de maltrato que sufrió en carne propia durante años y en silencio.

Miller empezó con su canal de YouTube en 2009, cuando todavía no existía la sobreoferta de contenido actual. Su carácter fuerte, enérgico y desenfadado, así como el contenido sin tabúes de sus vídeos sobre temas sensibles como el sexo o la prostitución, la convirtieron en seguida en uno de los referentes más importantes en las redes sociales e internet, y a día de hoy acumula cientos de miles de seguidores.

En esta conversación con Esther Yañez en la nueva edición de “Sin Tapujos”, Miller trata otros temas candentes como el tipo de relaciones amorosas que existen, cómo combatir los celos para tener relaciones más maduras y saludable.

¿De qué hablamos hoy?
0:00 Intro
0:53 ¿Por qué decide escribir su último y exitoso libro: “Vírgenes, esposas, amantes y putas”? Mitad autobiográfico, mitad ensayo.
4:09 Los ataques más duros que ha sufrido en redes sociales.
6:50 ¿Es posible superar la adicción a las redes sociales?
7:54 Uno de los episodios más difíciles de su vida: la relación de maltrato que sufrió con su expareja
12:04 “En una relación sana no hay miedo”: la idealización del amor romántico y cómo construir una relación no tóxica
15:00 ¿Qué es el feminismo y por qué hay división en este movimiento?
16:46 Hablamos del trabajo sexual: ¿qué es el neoabolicionismo?
21:00 Hablamos de los tipos de relaciones de amor: ¿qué son las relaciones no monógamas y cuántas clases existen?
22:28 ¿Qué es el poliamor jerárquico y el poliamor no jerárquico?
24:25 ¿Qué son los celos y cómo gestionarlos para ser más feliz?
28:00 Dos años viajando sola en una furgoneta por EEUU. ¿Cómo fue esta aventura?

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“Virgins, wives, lovers and whores”, a book just published by the women’s rights activist
Miller, Bachelor of Fine Arts. A text full of autobiographical experiences and in which the ‘influencer’ explains “the puzzle that being a woman means in today’s society” and where she also talks about one of the hardest moments of her life: the abusive relationship she suffered in the flesh own for years and in silence.

Miller started her YouTube channel in 2009, when the current oversupply of content did not yet exist. Her strong, energetic and carefree character, as well as the content without taboos in her videos on sensitive topics such as sex or prostitution, immediately made her one of the most important references on social networks and the Internet, and today she accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers.

In this conversation with Esther Yañez in the new edition of “Sin Tapujos”, Miller deals with other hot topics such as the type of love relationships that exist, how to combat jealousy to have more mature and healthy relationships.

What are we talking about today?


Why does she decide to write her latest successful book: “Virgins, wives, lovers and whores”? Half autobiographical, half essay.

The harshest attacks she has suffered on social networks.

Is it possible to overcome addiction to social networks?

One of the most difficult episodes in her life: the abusive relationship she suffered with her ex-partner

“In a healthy relationship there is no fear”: the idealization of romantic love and how to build a non-toxic relationship

What is feminism and why is there division in this movement?

We talk about sex work: what is neo-abolitionism?

9:00 pm
We talked about the types of love relationships: what are non-monogamous relationships and how many kinds are there?

What is hierarchical polyamory and non-hierarchical polyamory?

What is jealousy and how to manage it to be happier?

Two years traveling alone in a van across the US. How was this adventure?

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actualidad amarna miller amarna miller feminismo amarna miller furgo amarna miller pais hipocrita brics


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Love & Acceptance | John McCain In Poor Health

Dream 1

This dream took place during the night or evening, and the dream involved physically deformed humans & possibly non-human entities being shown love & acceptance which would cause them to physically change back to normal & finally feel love & accepted.

I remember some people hugging a deformed male giant outside, and he returned to a normal size & was no longer deformed; and he cried tears of joy as he finally felt loved & accepted for the first time in his life.


Fleabag (Season 2)

What is it?

The 2019 British comedy-drama TV show Fleabag (Season 2) by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Fleabag Season 2 – Official Trailer | Prime Video
Fleabag Season 2 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this TV show:

Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is back for a second bite, and this time she is going toe to toe with the man upstairs.

In an unexpected twist of fate, our lost little rascal meets a Priest (Andrew Scott) who jolts her into seeing the world in a different way.

Picking up a year on, there are still old wounds to unpick and new ones to dress as the next chapter of Fleabag’s life takes her to hell and back.

This is how Amazon describes this TV show:

Joyful, bleak, poignant and sucker-punch funny, the original cast is joined by a car-crash of new characters as we delve further into the world of Fleabag.

With hope and faith at the core of Season Two, our heroine finds herself in the midst of a battle she is determined to win: Fleabag Vs God.


Télépopmusik – Love Can Damage Your Health

Love Can Damage Your Health

What is it?

The song Love Can Damage Your Health by the French electric music duo Télépopmusik and featuring Angela McCluskey from the 2001 music album Genetic World.

Here is the description for the video above:

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Love Can Damage Your Health · Télépopmusik · Angela McCluskey

Genetic World

℗ 2001 Universal Music Publishing France

Released on: 2001-01-01

Producer: Télépopmusik
Associated Performer, Recording Arranger: Christophe Hetier
Composer Lyricist: Angela McCluskey
Composer Lyricist: Fabrice Dumont
Composer Lyricist: Stephan Haeri
Composer Lyricist: Christophe Hetier

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The Last Cheesecake

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a Walmart at the bakery where a female employee with dark-color skin with long black hair was cleaning up the bakery.

There were only three pieces of mini cheesecake left, that was the only dessert left, and so as she was able to clear it out I asked if I could buy the last pieces of cheesecake; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was somewhere in public, maybe inside a store when I noticed a woman with light-color skin who noticed a former male classmate of hers who she used to like back in school, and they greeted each other.

During their conversation her male classmate revealed that back in school that she was the type of girl he wanted to date, but he did not think that she liked him; and so she was shocked by this; and she revealed that she had liked him back in school, and he was shocked by this.

They both asked each other why did they think that back then, she said that she thought that he was the jock type who would not like smart/nerdy girls, and he explained that he was smart too back then but because he was also athletic and popular that most people did not realize this.

They continued talking, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I was at my parents house, and then I left in my automobile.

As I was driving past The E House I noticed that my uncle CE’s truck was parked in the street near his old house, in the dream his house was there, but in real life the house was demolished several years ago.

I slowed down and I parked on the side of the street near my uncle CE’s truck because there was something that I wanted to tell or ask or give to CE, I did not see him so I assumed that he was inside the house, and I paused to decide if I should get out and go knock on his door.

I decided not to and I continued driving, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr