Going To The Movie Premiere Of A Movie Like The Expendables With Vin Diesel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not get much sleep last night and I woke up early to go to a dentist appointment and I was gone most of the day and so I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night that took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, and I think that I was walking by the road in front of E Manor.

The actor Vin Diesel possibly saw me when he was driving by and maybe he stopped to talk to me because maybe he recognized me as his cousin, for some reason I have had one or more dreams in the past where Mr. Diesel is my cousin, and maybe he invited me to join him for a movie première for his new fictional action movie that I think was probably like The Expendables movie series.

My memory is too unclear so I could be wrong about that, maybe I was actually in the movie too, maybe someone I knew was a friend of Mr. Diesel and so they invited me, and/or something like that but I am not sure; but either way I joined Mr. Diesel for the movie première with probably the rest of the cast, one of them was a woman with long brownish/blackish colored hair, but that is all that I can remember about them and her.

The movie première took place in an area that looked like how I would imagine a combination of the area where the TCL Chinese Theatre is and where the Cannes Film Festival takes place with two straight streets divided by a divider with grass and maybe palm-like trees, maybe a red carpet with journalists/fans leading to a long rectangular shotgun-style building that was a cinema/club/restaurant/bar/et cetera, and we entered the area like it was a small parade.

We rode on armored vehicles carrying probably fake M4 / M-16 / AR-15-style assault rifles, wearing cools outfits and I wore sunglasses maybe, and we were trying to look cool/like action heroes; and we stood up on the armored vehicles, and I stood behind Mr. Diesel as the journalist/fans took photographs (it was pretty fun/exciting/cool).

We got off the armored vehicles still carrying our probably fake assault rifles and I followed Mr. Diesel as he entered the building, and we walked through the building through the various areas that were connected but divided on both sides by two walls and two doors so you would walk straight through the door of one area into another area and keep going straight to reach the next area like a shotgun-style house/building.

I remember us being treated like VIPs and people stared/smiled at us and greeted us and gave us compliments, at some point we split up to relax probably until it was time for the movie to start playing, and I sat in an area where my male cousin ME was hanging out with some of his family (maybe his cousin BB/whatever his name is) and some of his friends from Eastside; and they were talking, drinking alcohol, smoking, listening to music, et cetera.

I remember talking to them and they were interested in my probably fake assault rifle, the movie, and a huge cigar/blunt-like thing that I had that you could smoke on one end and drink alcohol out of the other end so it was a 2-in-1 smoking/drinking device (I have no idea why I had this because I do not smoke or drink alcohol in real life).

I remember possibly smoking some of it with them and maybe drinking a bit of alcohol as we talked, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


11-5-2013 | Dream Journal | Signing Up For Mental Health Counseling

Institute of Mental Health 8, Nov 06.JPG
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one interesting dream from last night that felt a bit strange compared to a normal/average dream and/or I felt a bit strange in the dream in a way or ways that I can not describe in words but it was still realistic enough for me to not realize that I was dreaming, but my memory of it is somewhat unclear in a few parts because I wasted time today trying to solve a computer problem (experimenting with upgrading from a Ubuntu Linux LTS (Long-Term Service) Release to a Ubuntu Linux Normal Release to see how reliable upgrading is, but the system failed to boot afterward like GRUB got corrupted or something like that so it was not reliable as possibly expected; and so I am testing ways to fix this so that I can help people with this problem in the future who have Ubuntu Linux installed and/or I will try another operating system like Linux Mint Debian instead to see if it is a better alternative) instead of recording or thinking about my dream; and so parts of this dream will be missing.

I remember being in a multi-story building on the first floor and for some unknown and/or known reason(s) I think that I was there to sign up for mental health counseling for help with anxiety and depression again and down one of the hallways there was an office that was probably behind half or mostly glass walls/windows on the left, on the right there was an office that you could walk inside where most of the office space in the room was behind a large wooden desk that probably had some sliding glass windows at the top to protect the workers, and this large desk probably blocked you from walking into the rest of the office.

I think that this part of the building or this building was supposed to be the D Mental Health Clinic even though it looked nothing like it and it was way bigger than it, there were more parts to this building that made it seem like this was the mental health clinic area but maybe there was a hospital in the building as well and some other types of areas that I did not get to see but I am not sure, and through some of the glass parts of the shared wall with the office on the left I saw my former mental health counselor Mrs. J standing near a desk alone; and the office on the left was larger than the office on the right and it had more desks, but I only remember seeing my former counselor Mrs. J in the office and so I assumed that the other workers were on their lunch breaks or something like that.

I hoped that my former mental health counselor Mrs. J would not see me as I walked to the office on the right that had an open door and so I tried to hide behind the non-glass parts of the wall as I stood in the doorway of the office on the right, I saw several female workers in the office on the right who all might have had whitish colored skin with long brownish and blackish and blondish colored hair but one of the them might have had brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and I told one of the female workers that I wanted to sign up for counseling for help with anxiety and depression and I told her that I had received counseling here before back in 2011 (I probably felt like it was time to get some help again finally, and I hoped that I would get some real/helpful/effective counseling/help this time because that is what I probably need to help me move forward).


24 The Dream

Last night I can barely remember one of my dreams, unfortunately, it was an interesting dream; and for some reason it reminded me of the TV show 24.

The dream took place in an unknown location at a multi-floor building, a group of armed & armored men had attacked the building, and they were holding the survivors & the building hostage; and I do not think that the police or most people on the outside even knew about what was going on.


My Former Classmate JC’s Cousin L Takes Some Hostages

I only remember some of my dream from last night, and it started somewhere in D near a fictional hospital that had American soldiers for security guards/security.

My friends/former classmates JC & DH, JC’s cousin L, and I were somewhere near the hospital walking and talking.

L wanted to go to the hospital I think, so as we got close to the hospital there was a soldier with a M4 carbine assault rifle with a scope, by himself guarding the back area of the hospital.

The soldier had the standard US Army ACU uniform, a Kevlar vest without ceramic plates, and a helmet.

We stopped to say hello, I can not remember what happened exactly but my guess is that L went to shake his hand, and for some strange reason L attacked the soldier & he took his gun.

I think L started to act like another person, like he went crazy or something, and he either knocked the solider unconscious or he killed him.

He then took JC, DH, and I hostage and he told us to keep walking into the hospital.

L had the assault rifle so we did what he said, and he had us sneak around the security guards and people in the hospital, when we saw someone.

At one point he made us hide in a room but there was a doctor and a nurse in there, and so he took them hostage too.

So now JC, DH, the doctor, the nurse, and I were all hostages of L.

We walked into a strange room that looked like a military/medical/scientific research room.

There were three bridges in this tall room and we were crossing one of them, the bridges were high in the air and not too strong, and so it was a bit scary.

As we were crossing the bridge(s), I saw two soldiers walking on the bridge above us, and so I grabbed L’s assault rifle and I screamed for help.

I told them that L had us hostage and I told them to shoot him, and I told everyone else to run as I held L’s gun to stop him from shooting anyone.

The soldiers started to shoot, but they missed, and they shot the bridge instead.

The bridge started to fall, and fortunately the doctor & nurse made it to the other end and JC & DH jumped to another bridge.

But L and I were falling with the bridge, the bridge bent slowly and I noticed that L started to act normal again, and he looked scared.

I grabbed L’s hand to stop him from falling and I tried to jump to the bridge that JC & DH were on, but I only grabbed the end of it.

So I tried to hang on to the edge of the bridge as L held on to me, L was too heavy and so we were going to fall, but JC & DH grabbed my arm and they helped pull us up to the bridge.

The other bridge that we were on fell, but we were now safe, and we all took a moment to relax as we waited for more help to arrive; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂