Surveillance & President Donald Trump & Talking To Joe Exotic

Part of this dream involved a rich man with light-color skin wearing a suit who was a rival of President Donald Trump, he was inside a building that was either one of his smaller properties or a hotel or something like that, and he was with maybe a girl or boy in a room.

I am not sure what he / they were doing, I just remember seeing another scene of a small dark room with various screens with surveillance video footage, two people wearing dress clothes were sitting watching the screens, one was a man with light-color skin wearing a dark suit and sunglasses who looked like a United States Secret Service agent, the other was a woman with light-color skin, and standing behind them was The President Of The United States Donald Trump.


E Manor And Classmates And A Test And Schools And A Job

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that some of my family and I spent the night at E Manor and maybe some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family, like my uncle CE and cousin EE, arrived the next morning as we were leaving; and I briefly talked to them.

The next thing that I can remember is that E Manor was in a fictional location in a slightly fictional version of the city of D that seemed to be on the right side of the highway to LC a bit past P’s Automobile Repair Shop and it looked slightly different, near the yard was an outdoor classroom, and to the left of it was a one-story brick building.

I went to this outdoor classroom for a class like maybe I was trying to return to college again to finally graduate and get a college degree, the teacher was a woman with whitish colored skin and she wore glasses, and some of the students were former classmates of mine like my former female classmate KM.

I remember us having to do a test that was several pages stapled together and parts of the test involved fill in the blank answers, maybe some drawing, maybe some math equations, and some essay questions; and so we started working on the test, and at some point I remember walking with my test inside the brick building near the classroom.

I had a job in this dream and one of my fictional male co-workers who had whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who wore eyeglasses was working in this building so I guess that I worked in this building too, he was writing something on some paper as he stood in the hall looking into a room, and I stood not far from him doing the same thing because I was working on my test.

He turned around and noticed me and he greeted me, he asked me if I was working too because he saw me writing, and I told him no and that I was working on a test (and that I hoped to successfully finish college this time and get a college degree and maybe be able to get a job promotion and/or another job) and that I had walked into the building because I hoped that it would help me with my test somehow (I can not remember how, but I assumed that something in the building would help me with a certain question I guess); and at some point I walked back outside to the classroom.

At some point I possibly sat in another desk near my former female classmate KM, probably because my former female classmate EB and another woman took/sat in my original desk and the one next to it when I had walked inside the building, and I remember thinking that my former classmate KM was still looking good/the same as before we graduated from high school years ago.

At some point I went to use the bathroom inside E Manor and so did my former classmate KM, so I let her use the bathroom first while I waited, and then I used the bathroom; and when I returned to my desk it seemed that test was gone, and I mistakenly assumed that I had finished it and turned it in to the teacher.

Instead of my test being on my desk there was a magazine or something like that, so I looked through that as I waited for class to end, and when time was almost up I realized that my former classmate EB and the other woman who took my old desk had stolen my test to cheat and copy my answers when I had went to the bathroom.

I took my test back from them and I rushed to try to finish the test because I had not finished, unfortunately I was not able to finish in time and I had to turn my test in once class was over, and then it was time for everyone to leave for the day; and I remember being worried about failing the test, and I was a bit annoyed/angry/worried/et cetera as we walked back home because I wanted to do good and finish college this time.

We all walked through fictional fields and areas on the side of the road that were familiar to me, some of my former male classmates were with us like my former male classmates MT and AC et cetera, and at some point we reached an old reddish colored mobile home where one of our former male classmates used to live; and it was raised in the air on a thin object, an old tree, and by some rope.

Some of my former male classmates started to goof around like they used to do (they mentioned fictional memories from our fictional school days) and they decided to climb on the old tree and on the old mobile home to jump around, and I remember my former classmate MT being the first to reach the to of the mobile home; and he started jumping around until the mobile home started to fall with part of the tree, and fortunately they jumped off and no one was inside so no one died.

I continued walking until I reached the areas where BB’s Grocery Store should be and there were some schools for little kids here and there were little kids and teachers outside near the streets waiting for the school buses and parents to pick up the kids, I remember dodging kids who were not watching where they were going as they walked, and at one of the bus stops I saw a fictional male celebrity with light brownish colored skin with short brownish colored hair stop to talk to one of his former female teachers who had whitish colored skin with light-to-medium-colored hair.

I continued walking until I reached an area that looked a bit like the downtown part of the city of D near where the old jail house should be, instead there was an old school that was familiar to me like I used to go to it as a kid or teenager or something like that, and it had a very unique old style with unique trees with moss outside and I remember thinking that maybe it was an old French/Gothic-style castle and that one or more of the teachers/workers spoke French and with a French accent and the female janitor dressed like a French maid and somehow this building once had something to do with Nickelodeon.

My former male classmate DH and several people were with me, we seemed to be investigators and more police/agents/investigators/et cetera were arriving to the school, and I remember walking across a small bridge and into the school; and I remember trying to remember some old memories of this school because it was so familiar, I remembered that the headmistress/whatever was a woman with whitish colored skin who spoke French and English with a French accent, I remembered the old female janitor who dressed like a French maid who had whitish colored skin with short grayish/whitish colored hair, I remembered that there was a female teacher who also spoke French and English with a French accent, and maybe a Nickelodeon television show was once filmed here and I probably was a student there once.

We walked down a hall to the crime scene whatever that was outside of a classroom by a door, some students tried to look out of the door so I closed it slowly while shaking my head to let them know that they should not look, and the door was an old wooden door with a top part and bottom part that you had to slide close separately; and so the students tried to slide it open again, but the old female janitor stopped them and she walked toward the hall to see who had closed it.

I told her that it was me who closed the door and I explained the situation to her, she then closed the door and made sure that the students stayed away from it, and then I remember wanting to open the door and talk to her in French; but I decided that would probably disturb the class, and so I did not.

My former classmate DH and the other investigators/agents/police/et cetera started closing off the crime scene and starting their investigation, they seemed to have it under control, and then the headmistress/whoever walked over; and I talked to her about the situation, and then she named some of the teachers/people that we should talk to about what had happened.

I remember us walking and talking about the past (I told her that once was a student there I think) and about the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr