The Baseball Game That Turned Into A Battle Royale

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Baseball Game That Turned Into A Battle Royale by the YouTube channel Big Boss:

The Baseball Game That Turned Into A Battle Royale
The Baseball Game That Turned Into A Battle Royale

Here is the description for this video:

Only in Ohio…

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2-21-2013 | Dream Journal | The D Community Comes Together For Baseball

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I got awakened by my alarm clock, which scared me & woke me up instantly, and so I could not remember what I had dreamed about even though I was in the middle of a dream when it woke me up; but I knew that I had dreamed & I felt that I could remember even though it seemed like there was nothing in my mind but I knew that something was there (it was like searching in darkness for a container so you can open it to find what you are looking for).

Fortunately my dream recall has been slowly improving again, so my almost automatic dream recall held part of one dream in my short-term memory, I could not remember it at first but I knew that it was there somewhere; and my brother GC mentioned body spray which triggered an association in my mind between body spray & a former classmate of mine who was in my dream.

The dream took place during the day in D but I forgot most of it, I think that I might have played some baseball with some of my former classmates like AM, and we talked about some of our memories of playing little league baseball when we were kids.