Microsoft Defender Falsely Detects Win32/Hive.ZY In Google Chrome Electron Apps

What Is It?

Here is a BleepingComputer news article written by Lawrence Abrams about a current false positive / malware database (signature update) issue with Microsoft’s Windows Security / Microsoft Defender called: Microsoft Defender Falsely Detects Win32/Hive.ZY In Google Chrome, Electron Apps.

Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY – Issue look through !

Here is a brief description of this news article:

A bad Microsoft Defender signature update mistakenly detects Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Discord, and other Electron apps as ‘Win32/Hive.ZY’ each time the apps are opened in Windows.

The issue started Sunday morning when Microsoft pushed out Defender signature update 1.373.1508.0 to include two new threat detections, including Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY.

“This generic detection for suspicious behaviors is designed to catch potentially malicious files.

If you downloaded a file or received it through email, ensure that it is from a reliable source before opening it,” reads the Microsoft detection page for Win32/Hive.ZY.

According to BornCity, the false positive is widespread, with users reporting on BleepingComputerTwitter, and Reddit that the detections appear each time they open their browser or an Electron app.


Avast Malware | A Dorm & JB’s Dress | A Call From Mr. J

Dream 1

In this dream, I had a computer connected to a TV, and at some point the screen changed & it showed that Avast malware was detected or that Avast had detected malware.

I do not have Avast installed, so I assumed that it was malware pretending to be Avast & locking up my screen and / or computer.


A Stressful Work Dream

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place at The BP Library, I was there working, and there was a very large print job that needed to be done.

Maybe Mrs. CR was trying to figure out how and what to print, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had problems sleeping when it was almost time to wake up for work, and this dream possibly disrupted my sleep.

This dream took place at The BP Library, and I was there working at my IT Assistant job.

A deaf patron named Mr. G was by the computer lab closest to the DVD section, there was a somewhat older man with light-color skin with him, and Mr. G handed me a sheet of paper with a note saying that he needed help with something.

Mr. G had a USB flash drive, a laptop with Microsoft Windows as the operating system (maybe Windows 7), and his note seemed to be asking for help maybe playing a video that was on the flash drive but it was not clear so I had to try to ask him by writing notes on paper for him to read.

His laptop was probably infected with malware, most of his software was out-of-date, and VLC Media Player (VLC) was crashing the last time that I tried to use it so I was not sure how we were going to get that video to play because the video was in a format that the default Windows Media Player would probably not play without having to install the codecs for it.

I was having problems writing for some reason, and this situation was making me feel stressed as I struggled to write correctly while trying to decide how to handle this situation.

I remember trying to decide which anti-malware program would be best for him to use to scan the computer with, if I should even risk suggesting that because we are not even supposed to deal with things like this if it is the patron’s own property and not ours, trying to figure out what other options we had, et cetera while struggling to communicate with Mr. G and the other man through writing notes and using body language / hand signs et cetera because Mr. G is deaf and I do not know sign language.

I wanted to help him but doing so would be outside our usual rules and his laptop was probably so messed up that it would take a long time and something could go wrong and it was possibly so damaged by malware that it would possibly need to have Microsoft Windows reinstalled, also like the last time he was probably not happy and I was having flashbacks of past stressful computer jobs, and so this was stressing me.

I possibly went in and out of being semi-sleep during this, my body felt a bit hot and stressed, and this went on until it was time to wake up for work.

So I woke up feeling stressed, a bit hot, a bit tired, et cetera like I had really been at work during a stressful day; and so that was not fun, and then I had to go to work after just dreaming of working in more than one dream. 😀

The end,

-John Jr


Scanning Computers At Work With Norton Power Eraser (NPE)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream was possibly inspired by me still adjusting to the new time change, near season change, darker days, weather change, my new extra library job (a few extra hours a week in Tech Services to go along with my usual shelving job in the Shelving Department so I so I have to learn new things and adjust), slightly longer and new working schedule, the approaching holidays and the extra complications at work during this time of year, recovering from sickness, still not getting enough sleep as usual, a backlog of 4 books to read that I am in the process of reading (2 at a time), et cetera.

This dream was a long quicksand-like dream with some repeating elements to it that can make you feel a bit trapped and slowly overwhelmed, and that made the dream feel long and almost never-ending.

I was at The BP Library working during the dream, but the library was slightly larger and slightly nicer but looked mostly the same but not completely.

Some of my coworkers were there like maybe my female coworker TR, my supervisor Ms. JM, my female coworker CR, my female coworker JB, maybe Mrs. RB, and maybe a few others.

This long dream involved me juggling working normally, helping patrons, helping coworkers, talking with coworkers and patrons (like my former male classmate MT who was in the dream at some point), trying to remove malware / grayware from some fictional desktop computers running a slightly older version of Microsoft Windows that were on some shelves at the beginning of the adult fiction section and maybe the end of the large print adult fiction section, maybe dealing with an angry male patron who was possibly bothering JB, and more.

I kept juggling all of these things throughout the dream with no breaks and it felt like my work shift was longer and possibly never-ending, I was managing though, but the angry patron and the unknowns with the computer malware removal while juggling everything else slowly became more annoying / draining / stressful as things piled up higher on me increasing the pressure.

Besides helping JB deal with the angry patron (I possibly almost had to fight this patron, but I can not remember if things got physical or not), the coworker who(m) I talked with the most in the dream was CR, and me and CR talked and worked together in the stacks in the middle of the library and in the shelving room and even in the lobby; and we probably both took a bathroom break at the same time and talked afterward briefly.

My former male classmate MT helped me briefly with the computer malware / grayware issue, he probably was not allowed to help directly but he possibly brought the issue to my attention, I was not sure what / which version of Microsoft Windows was installed or if an anti-malware program was already installed or not and I did not have my USB flash drive with my portable anti-malware programs so first I downloaded Norton Power Eraser (NPE) to start scanning for malware on the computers but I had to do this one-at-a-time so I got interrupted a lot and had to stop to do other things often.

I knew that Norton Power Eraser was free, portable, light, quick, aggressive, and would probably take care of most of the malware / grayware and other issues related to that so I wanted to start with that before maybe downloading and running HitmanPro (trial version in portable mode) for a second opinion to see if it would find anything else (I like HitmanPro but there is not a real / true free version other when the trial version ends and it can detect things but you can not remove the detected threats without paying for the paid version, if it were not for that then it would be my favorite second opinion anti-malware scanner, and so until then I still need to also use things like Norton Power Eraser and the regular free version and / or portable free version of Zemana AntiMalware et cetera to remove detected threats and any missed threats) and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and then find out what or if any real-time anti-malware program was installed (like Windows Defender) and run a scan with that.

I am not sure if I was able to download anything else besides Norton Power Eraser during the dream, probably not, since I was starting with Norton Power Eraser that is what I was focusing on downloading and running on each of those desktop computers.

In real life most of our library computers run the CentOS Linux distrubution as their operating system and not Microsoft Windows, and so even in this dream I was a bit confused and surprised that he had some desktop computers with Windows and on some bookshelves which was even more odd.

MT was gone at some point in the dream, which was unfortunate, because I wanted to talk to him some more about which anti-malware products et cetera he was using now-a-days and I was curious for his opinion on computer stuff since he was always more knowledgeable and experienced than me on / with this.

Norton Power Eraser kept detecting things, I would use the remove / fix option, it would ask to restart the computer so I would, and then I would run another scan and it would detect things (possibly the same things again), and I would repeat the process.

This repeating process kept happening in the dream as I had to keep juggling everything else, it was annoying, Norton Power Eraser would say that things were successfully fixed / removed but a new scan seemed to reveal that as not true or that somehow everything kept getting undone.

Having to keep restarting computers made the process even longer, no one from the IT Department were around for me to ask about this, and so I had to deal with this myself.

I started to wonder how long had I been at work, what time was it, when would my work shift end, et cetera as I had to deal with this repeating cycle while juggling everything else at work endlessly.

I started to feel a bit trapped but eventually I was able to wake up.

Dream 2

I will count this as a second dream even though I am not sure if it was part of the previous dream or not.

I just remember being in an automobile that my mom was driving during the day on our way back home, and along the way we had picked up our male former semi-neighbor T who used to semi-live at The Semi-Abandoned House.

I was not happy about this and I did not think that we should have given him a ride, but it was what my mom wanted so we gave him a ride.

T had bags of groceries, which is something that I never saw him with before in real-life, in real life it was like he did not need to eat or drink or do almost anything like most humans so he seemed more like a vampire or some kind of other non-human entity or something which almost made me question if he was even a real person or if he was on some kind of undercover operation and / or if he was on the run (he was a very suspect person with probably a criminal past (including jail and maybe prison time) and criminal current who would not even share his first name, and so we only knew him by the nickname that he mentioned that other people call him by).

I do no trust T or want him around and I do not even want to see him and I am glad that he no longer semi-lives near us anymore, my gut feelings about him have always been to avoid him and to not trust him and that he is probably parasitic (will keep using you) and / or dangerous and / or that something is off about him, and this was no different in this dream so I felt that and thought this the entire time in this dream.

In this dream T once had a dog back when he was still our semi-neighbor, he possibly did not have the dog now, and my mom mentioned this and they talked about the dog in the past et cetera.

My mom then told T something that I did not think that she should have told him, she told him that we once went into The Semi-Abandoned House probably during the period shortly after he got kicked out after unnecessarily cutting down a tree that ended up falling on parts of the house and damaging it, going into the house happened in a past dream and not in real life.

In the past dream we were doing something that I can not remember and my parents ended up going inside the house even though I did not think that it was a good idea, we saw signs that someone (probably T), was probably sneaking into the house sometimes and probably sleeping there sometimes even though he got kicked out.

I am not sure what T’s response was to this but I know that I thought that telling him this was a mistake, and shortly after this he asked us to drop him off near The Semi-Abandoned House so we stopped there to do this.

I offered to help him take his grocery bags out of the vehicle and I started helping him because I wanted him out of here quickly as possible, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping People Go Viral

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day and my former male classmate DH needed my help with something so I went to or I was already in a fictional house or building to help him.

My former classmate DH had a computer and a USB flash drive that he seemed to need help with, and so I remember installing Zemana AntiMalware Free and having him scan the USB flash drive and / or computer with it and it found some malware on the flash drive so I told him to scan all of this devices and partitions with Zemana AntiMalware Free and remove the malware first before continuing.

I also told him that he should start scanning files for malware with Zemana AntiMalware Free and / or another antimalware product (like Malwarebytes Free, Windows Defender, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, HitmanPro, et cetera) before using them and scanning devices for malware before copying files from them.

He said okay but he said it like he did not really care and like he would only do it this time and that he was only worried about something involving the flash drive and the computer, and I remember being a little disappointed in him for having malware on a flash drive because he was not even bothering to scan it for malware even though he knows better than that and has at least two or three antimalware products installed.

He seemed to be trying to access something on the computer like he was maybe trying to copy data from it to the flash drive and / or maybe the other way around, I noticed that the computer was running very slow, and then I realized that he must have gotten his almost dead hard drive to finally boot up and that this was probably it and so he was probably trying to save as much data from it as he could before it dies.

I asked him about this and he said that I was correct, he could handle things from here so I reminded him about what I said and I wished him luck, and I said goodbye and I left.

At some point after leaving I noticed people gathered outside in maybe a field or park or somewhere, and so I walked over to see what was going on.

I saw a woman with medium-to-dark color skin giving an emotional speech about various issues (like racism, ethnocentrism, poverty, et cetera), and I started video recording her speech with my mobile phone I assume.

I liked a lot of the things that she said and I felt that this video could go viral, and so I talked with her about this after she finished her speech and I invited her to join me in trying to make the video go viral and bring publicity to those issues et cetera.

The woman accepted my offer and the next thing that I remember is my aunt DE and my uncle EE taking us to a shopping center-like place to a business where you can buy things to help you go viral, I remember spending over $200 on things to help with this, but I can not remember what those things were other than one of the things being fragrances (maybe essential oils) that I assume we were going to add to some cards / letters / envelopes that I assume that we were going to send to various people (media, celebrities, politicians, et cetera) to help promote the video et cetera and I assume that the scents were to help trigger certain emotions and to help them remember it et cetera.

There was a time jump to the future and our plan worked and the video went viral and we were making a lot of money, and the woman and those issues gained a lot of publicity so she was making money and spreading her message and being invited for interviews et cetera.

I started to use some of the money that I made and was still making (the woman still had me helping her with staying viral and gaining publicity et cetera) to help other people like family members, like my aunt DE and my uncle EE, and so I would do various things for family members like buy my aunt DE and my uncle EE tickets to Dallas Cowboys American football games because they are fans of that team and sending them rides to take them there et cetera.

What I did for people with my money varied depending on the person or family member, and maybe some people started wanting me to help them become viral and to gain publicity so maybe it became a side business of mine.

Late one afternoon I was standing outside about to get into a new automobile that I had bought at some point to replace my almost 20-year-old automobile in a slightly fictional version of the city of D near maybe N Street, I was about to call my aunt DE and my uncle EE to see if they wanted tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game and a ride there and back (I would pay someone to drive them), but then I decided to call my uncle CE first to see if he wanted to go too.

My uncle CE answered the phone and I briefly talked with him and I asked him and he said that he wanted to go, and so I told him that their tickets were already paid for and that I would send someone to pick them up and take them back and he thanked me and I told him to have fun and then I said goodbye so that I could call my aunt DE and my uncle EE next.

I was glad that I remembered my uncle CE and that I was making enough money now to help family members and others, I stopped to appreciate how fortunate I was now, and I remember smiling and thinking about things but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I probably helped either another person go viral and gain publicity and / or I was still helping the woman from the first dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I helped a man go viral and gain publicity, but then I started suspecting that the man and his wife or girlfriend were betraying me so I was going to confront them about it.

It seemed that they were in the process of trying to escape after betraying me, hoping to leave with all the money or whatever before I find out, but it seemed that during their escape attempt they got attacked by some mafia-like men who probably were working for a loan shark and / or mafia.

Maybe they owed them some money and wanted to avoid paying them, but I have no idea.

I think that I possibly called the man and maybe I heard and somehow saw them (in my mind) getting attacked, and the phone call ended so I was not sure if they were killed or not.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr