Grace Randolph And Classwork And Removing Malware From A Desktop Computer

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my male cousin DE, it was probably a negative dream where there was an argument and/or he was angry/unstable and/or something like that, but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a classroom during the day where I was a student among other students, including Grace Randolph, and our teacher was a woman but I can not remember what she looked like; and class/school/college was probably about halfway done for the day.

Finding Malware On My Former Classmate MT’s Computer And Living In A Walmart / School / House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day and I seemed to be in the parking lot of the Walmart in the city of D inside the automobile of my former classmate MT, he was inside the automobile as well in the driver’s seat while I was in the front passenger’s seat, and he was letting me use his computer which somehow was able to use the internet in this parking lot.

He went inside Walmart to shop while I stayed outside inside his automobile using his computer to use the internet, at some point I noticed that his computer was running slow/choppy/strange, and I saw that he had Malwarebytes Anti-malware installed but he had not run/did a malware scan with it in a long time; and so I updated it, and I did a malware scan and it found some malware in seconds so I waited for the scan to finish.

I waited for my former classmate MT to get back so that I could tell him this, recommend that he let me also install Hitman Pro to automatically do a quick malware scan every time that his computer starts up, talk with him about what anti-virus/anti-malware program he was using if any, and explain/show him my recommendations on protecting his computer.

At some point my former classmate MT returned to his automobile and I started talking with him about all of this and he let me install Hitman Pro and start a scan with it, I gave him the computer, and so I did not get to see if either scan finished or not; and I remember telling him that I expected him to take better care of his computer because he knew more about computers than me when we were younger and he has had computers for much longer than me and he even has a computer related college degree.

He agreed with me and he admitted that he has/had become lazy when it comes to protecting his computer and things like that, but he would try to get himself to follow some of my simple advice; and the next thing that I remember is being inside what looked like Walmart combined with a school combined with a house where I lived with most of my family.

The school part of the building was in the grocery/food section if you turned down a small hall that looked like it might lead to the bathrooms, if you went further down this hall there was another hall that connected to some of the house areas where I lived with most of my family, and so our house areas were somewhat connected with both the Walmart and school and some of our house areas were possibly in the school.

Our house area and probably the school area had one or more doors on the side of the building that led to a field/playground similar to the one a D Junior High School, I remember walking outside because it was nice and away from the crowds of people in the store, and I explored parts of all three areas; and I even saw and talked with most of my family.

When I had entered the store area to reach our house area earlier I remember possibly seeing the comedian Margaret Cho, and as I explored some of the school and house areas I wondered how many people would accidentally walk from the store area through these areas; and I wondered how many students would accidentally walk into our house area.

All of these areas were connected and the school and house areas had various halls so anyone could walk around without any thing to stop them except for mostly unlocked doors, surprisingly it seemed that not many people accidentally entered other areas to my surprise, and at some point I decided to explore the store area even though I did not want to be around the crowds of people really.

I remember seeing my former male classmate ME who I have not seen since we graduated from high school, I greeted him and he asked me how I was doing (which is a question that I hate), and I told him that I was doing okay; and he told me that he meant to say how was my life going and that he wanted details, and I told him that things were okay as in some parts of my life were going good and other parts bad and other parts in-between.

I started to talk about some of those parts as we walked around, I remember my former classmate ME stopping in the bakery section at an open area of nice looking sub sandwiches, and he was interesting in one that had lots of cheese and liquid (maybe melted cheese or cheese sauce); and I remember being ready to leave after talking mostly about myself, and about the negative parts of my life.

Before leaving I asked him if he had went to D college and if he did the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) and if he joined the Air Force like he had planned back in high school when he got his scholarships for both D college and the Air Force on senior day shortly before our high school graduation, but I woke up as he was still focused on the sandwich which he was touching like he was trying to decide if he should get it or not and how much (which I though was unsanitary for them to have the food open, and for them to allow people to touch on it).

The end,

-John Jr

A Transitioning Dream With A Possible False Waking & Sleep Paralysis | Almost Renting A House

Dream 1

My first dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was inside a small medical-like clinic on the side of a highway that had forests on both sides of the highway, and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit room with brownish colored carpet signing-in at a mostly metal school teachers-like desk with a female worker sitting behind it; and then I was told by the female worker to move to another small/narrow room to wait on the nurse and/or doctor I guess.

While I was waiting in the other room the dream transitioned without me noticing it and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit kitchen-like room similar to the other room that I was in a moment ago but this new kitchen-like room seemed to be inside of a fictional house where my parents’ lived and we were moving around in the kitchen doing various things, and I remember my dad asking me if I had talked with a certain woman whose name I can not remember and whose name I did not recognize.

Playing An Online Video Game | Women Competing Against Each Other | Breaking The Set Tricked? | Getting Arrested

Dream 1

I got awakened last night by people making noise and by a bit of heat coming from the heater when someone left the bedroom door open, but I barely remember part of two dreams that I had before I got awakened and I barely remember part of two dreams that I had after going back to sleep again; and the first dream involved me being inside a house (maybe my parent’s house) playing an online video game (maybe The Elder Scrolls Online Beta), but that is all that I can remember of the first dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during maybe a slightly gray day in the city of D in a small fictional semi-outdoor one-story building (it had a roof and side walls but no front or back walls or doors or windows) near where Domino’s Pizza should be but my voice recording of this dream is too unclear for me understand properly, my voice recording mentions two groups of women competing against each other inside the semi-outdoor building and maybe I mentioned the word Homicidal (but I am not sure what I meant by that, maybe that was the name of one of the teams and/or the sport and/or the competition and/or something like that), and I was watching as the two groups of women competed against each other as their coaches/trainers/supporters/whoever coached/encouraged them.

Psy + My Former Classmate SS + John Jr = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream from last night but I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I know that it took place during the day in a fictional city, and I was probably on or near a college campus & I remember talking with my former classmate SS; and something happened where I/someone got catapulted across the city, and I/someone landed without getting hurt somehow/magically.

After landing somehow I saw myself/someone from third-person view, I was not myself/I did not look like myself, I was/I looked like a combination of the singer Psy & my former classmate SS; and I was wearing dark gray or black colored dress pants/slacks with a nice white colored dress shirt with a bow-tie or tie with sunglasses.

I decided to goof/joke around in this/my new body wondering if people would think that I was Psy (The Gangnam Style Guy) and/or wondering how they would react to me, so at first I laid sideways on the ground looking annoying probably with The Gangnam Style song playing in my mind and/or with me singing part of it out-loud as people walked by, and I was in an outdoor/indoor Walmart-like store; and then I got up to walk around goofing/joking around pretending to be someone else.

I remember a married couple with a child asking an employee a question about alcoholic drinks as I walked by them, somehow I had a laptop with me somewhere that had a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware-like scan going & I stopped in a small computer department in the store where a woman I knew worked & she explained/talked to me about a new feature that Malwarebytes-like program had that now showed extra information in the scan logs on default & she told me to bring her the/my scan log once the scan finished (I did a quick scan that finished, but I wanted to do a full scan so I started a full scan & I was going to give her that scan log when it finished), and then I walked off while the full scan was going; and I heard my name called over the intercom system saying that I had a phone call, and so I walked off to find a desk with a phone.

I walked through a nice mall-like food court area and my former classmate MW saw me & she greeted me, she also heard my name being called over the intercom system & she mentioned this to me, and I briefly talked with her surprised to see her & surprised/glad that she talked to me & she actually seemed interested in talking with me/glad to see me for a change (unlike most dreams); and then I went to find a desk with a phone.

I went into another small department that was like an internet cafe where another woman I knew worked and she had a phone at her desk that she let me use, my mom was on the phone & she said that she had tried to call me on my mobile phone but I did not answer, and I looked at my mobile phone seeing that I had one text message but my mobile phone was not getting a signal probably due to the tall metal roof of the building; and so I explained this to my mom, and maybe she wanted me to get something at the store or something but I am not sure & then our conversation ended.

I thanked the woman I knew at the desk and we briefly talked, after our conversation I noticed a man on his computer having a webcast/web-show/internet show/interview with a woman who looked like PS SO, and I stopped to watch; and the woman was talking about something that I can not remember, their time was about over, and the woman quickly mentioned that she heard rumors that negative things were going to happen/happening involving the Mexican government.

She was not happy with these rumors, it seemed that she probably lived in Mexico (maybe during the summers or extended vacations or maybe most of the year but I am not sure) & she was afraid how it would affect/effect immigrants/vacationers/people who owned/rented summer homes in Mexico like her & her husband I guess, but they did not have time to talk about this; and their internet show/interview ended.

I then walked off to see if that Malwarebytes-like full scan had finished, to explore the store some more, to goof/joke around in my new body, and talk with people I knew; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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