JB? | Powers & A Work Trip? | JB & Tra Rags & Mandarin?

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is a separate dream or not, but I do know that my female coworker JB was in this dream if it was a separate dream; JB appeared in all of my partly remembered dreams last night surprisingly / oddly even though I have not seen or talked with her since a brief moment on Thursday, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was a much longer, more detailed dream, but I only barely remember part of the end of the dream.

In the forgotten parts of the dream, I was on a work trip out of town with my coworkers at The BP Library.

At some point we found out that I had powers / superpowers and / or was a demigod or something, but I can not remember the details other than I got to use some of my powers possibly.


Ji Wen Ja

I had several dreams last night but I ended up forgetting most of them after waking up and going back to sleep several times without voice recording them.

I also tried to make myself sleep longer this morning, which failed, and that also caused me to forget even more of my dreams.

So now all that I can remember of my dreams from last night is barely part of one dream that was inspired by the film Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons (which was probably a film in the lists of films that the man in this dream was supposed to watch), and it involved a man with whitish-colored skin who had some books and/or films and/or video games et cetera that were probably in Mandarin.

The man had things organized in a certain order and he planned on reading/watching/playing/et cetera those things in order, but his list kept growing without him reading/watching/playing/et cetera any thing on the list.

He acted like he knew Mandarin, but I assumed that he was only faking and that he did not know Mandarin so that is probably why he was not reading/watching/playing/et cetera anything on his list.

I think that this man wore traditional Chinese clothing, maybe martial arts clothing, and maybe he was involved in Chinese martial arts as well (maybe he was a teacher or student).

There was probably an old man from China in the dream, maybe someone he knew, and I remember hearing the name Ji Wen Ja but I am not sure who in the dream (if anyone) was named Ji Wen Ja.

The only Ji Wen Ja I know is a character from the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not but someone and/or I probably started to question if the man was ever going to start with the items on his list, this person and/or I possibly also hinted that we did not think that the man really knew Mandarin, and the man probably became defensive and claimed that he did know Mandarin but he gave no proof of this.

I remember hearing someone reading words in probably Mandarin, the man probably tried to act like he understood the words, but it seemed that he did not really understand them and that he was faking.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons

Source: Wikipedia

My dream from last night was inspired by a Chinese fantasy comedy film that I watched last night called Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons (Journey To The West).

The version of the film that I watched was dubbed in Mandarin and subtitled in English, but unfortunately the subtitles were too small and they were not a solid color so it was harder to read the subtitles during the film.

I did not really know what to expect before watching this film, the film started with a lot of potential, but then it lost its way and it started to drag on without explaining more of the world while losing most of its potential sadly and it was longer than it should have been.

It was like someone else started working on the film but left the film project and then someone else continued making the film, but the second person did a much worse job and ruined the rest of the film.

This film disappointed me except for the beginning, and some of the action scenes and early versions of some of the characters.

I can not remember most of my dream from last night that was inspired by this film, I just know that it had several parts or levels or layers to it, and maybe it involved demon hunting and demon hunters and demons but I can not remember.

Some parts of the dream took place inside and some parts of the dream took place outside, the parts of the dream that I do remember took place during the day, but I can not remember if any other parts of the dream took place during any other times of day.

I remember talking to an old man one or more times (maybe after each part or level of the dream) who was maybe outside at a wooden stand, maybe he was a master demon hunter/trainer who would give me advice and training, but I can not remember.

There was a lot more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember now because I did not voice record my dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom and then I went back to sleep.

The end,

-John Jr


Flying And Comedy Skits And Ray William Johnson

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember five parts of my last dream from last night with the first part of the dream taking place outside during a nice day in my parent’s yard, several people and some of my family and I were in the yard, and I remember our male mail carrier driving a truck in our yard that was pulling a small airplane on a trailer or the truck was also an airplane.

At some point the mail carrier was able to take off/lift off in the airplane and he flew around a bit over the neighborhood, at some point he landed, and he started pulling/driving his truck/airplane away; and I remember waving goodbye, but that is all that I can remember of the first part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place inside a fictional windowless version of my parent’s house with brownish/orangish colored carpet that felt a bit like it was underground and it was larger than in real life, I remember watching and/or seeing some comedy skits, and my former female classmate LB was one of the people in some of the comedy skits.

One or more of the comedy skits possibly involved flying and one of the comedy skits involved my former classmate LB kissing several people goodbye with the first person (a woman) having stinky breath so my former classmate LB looked grossed out after the kiss, she quickly kissed the second person, she barely kissed the third person, and she fake kissed the last person; and this was all done in a comedic way with facial expressions, a laugh track/laughing audience, et cetera but that is all that I can remember of the second part of the dream.

The third/fourth/fifth parts of the dream all involved Ray William Johnson and his comedy team/crew doing comedy skits/videos, the third part of the dream was a skit where Ray and part of his crew were inside a medium-sized passenger airplane, and they were flying around; but it probably was not them really flying the airplane and they possibly were not even really in an airplane, I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of the third part of the dream.

The fourth part of the dream involved what looked more like a real life story than a comedy skit but it was probably a comedy skit, it involved Ray when he was a kid, and he lived in another country; and his dad ran a small Chinese general/grocery store/market (that also probably cooked/sold Chinese-style food), and there was a somewhat older woman sweeping with a broom there who probably spoke Mandarin and/or Cantonese (but I am not sure who she was).

Ray could speak maybe Mandarin and/or Cantonese or he could at least somewhat speak it because I heard him using it to greet and say goodbye to customers et cetera, Ray looked happy and his dad’s business seemed to be doing pretty good, and there were probably some laugh tracks/et cetera used during various comedic moments; but that is all that I can remember of the fourth part of the dream.

The fifth/last part of the dream involved Ray inside an old fighter jet-like airplane with a pilot, the pilot was driving the aircraft down a highway trying to take off/lift off, but Ray asked to fly and so the pilot let Ray fly the aircraft; and Ray took off/lifted off under or over a bridge almost hitting it.

This time it seemed that maybe Ray was really flying a real aircraft to my surprise but I was not sure, Ray flew around dangerously low and around buildings/bridges/et cetera, and he even did barrel rolls and other stunts; and it looked fun but dangerous, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr