U.S. Military Grapples With A Rising Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Its Ranks

U.S. Military Grapples With A Rising Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Its Ranks

What is it?

Here is the description for the video above:

A video posted by a female U.S. Marine about sexual assault in the military rocketed across the internet and into a Pentagon press-briefing room Friday. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin promised to take additional steps to stop such violence. But as Nick Schifrin reports, sexual assault in the military continues to rise and individual families continue to be ripped apart.

Damage Incorporated

Source: Amazon

What is it?

The 1997 computer game Damage Incorporated.

What is it about?

This is how Paranoid Productions describe this computer game:

Damage Incorporated is a 3D action strategy game for Macintosh and Windows ’95 in which you command a team of four marines while trying to keep yourself alive at the same time.

Set in present day, some unknown organization has been funding, arming, and training various militant fringe groups around the United States.

It is your team’s mission to uncover information on the sinister workings at hand, secure the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire, and neutralize with extreme prejudice whatever opposition comes your way.

Developed by Paranoid Productions, powered by Bungie’s Marathon 2 engine, and published by WizardWorks (for Windows) and MacSoft (for Macintosh), Damage Incorporated presents a 3D action experience unlike any other.

Check out the Demonstration Version and see why Inside Mac Games said in a July, 1997 review that “Damage Incorporated uses the Marathon 2 engine to create a unique and challenging new game that infuses new blood into the tired first person shooter genre.

If you like Marathon, Close Combat or Warcraft you’ll dig this game.

What are you waiting for Marine?!!!”

(For other effusive praise check out the Press Ravings page.)

What do you like about it and what would other people like about it?

I can not remember if I got to finish this video game years ago, but I liked how it was a cheap squad-based shooter that I had never heard of before that required a bit more strategy than I had expected and it was better than you would think.

Final Thoughts

I had forgotten what the name of this video game was, and so I had to look it up.

I think that I bought this video game at a Walmart many years ago in the discount PC games section, and I remember being surprised (shocked) by this video game’s crazy and graphic content and that it was better than I thought that it would be; and maybe me and some of my cousins would try to see who could get the furthest in this game even though we probably should not have been playing it.

The end,

-John Jr

Full Metal Jacket

What is it?

The 1987 British-American war movie Full Metal Jacket.

At A Marine Forward Operating Base With My Brother CC?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that my mom and I went to another country to visit my brother CC while he was deployed in this unknown country with his marine unit.

I remember my mom and I being in the middle of my brother CC’s unit as my brother CC and his fellow marines moved on foot in a line through what looked like a forward operating base.

There were walls and we were moving through narrow alleys, and my brother CC and his fellow marines had their weapons out and ready as we moved cautiously through the area like it was not completely safe yet oddly.

It was somewhat dark (maybe from the shade of the walls and / or smoke grenades and / or sandstorm and / or smoke and / or some kind of other environmental and / or human causes) but I am not sure what time of day it was, and eventually we reached a building with a small gym-like area and a few other areas.

My brother CC’s unit stopped to briefly rest, exercise, grapple, say military cadences, et cetera as their commanding officer or whoever made sure that they stayed ready and alert and let out some stress and increase their aggressiveness et cetera to prepare for what might come next because I assume that this military base was not completely cleared and safe yet.

I remember seeing some of the marines resting, some exercising, and some were grappling and really getting into it and getting very aggressive as their commanding officer or whoever had them say military cadences et cetera trying to keep them ready to fight.

While this was going on an attack on the base started or continued and some more threats inside and / or outside the base were found, and so the commanding officer or whoever sent some of the marines to deal with the attack including my brother CC.

My brother CC works in motor transport so I thought that it was slightly odd that he was sent out to fight, I could understand though and I know that is part of the job especially in a marine corps, and so I hoped that him and his fellow marines who left outside to fight would be okay and I wanted to join them but I was just an untrained civilian who might put them at risk and get in their way because of my lack of training and experience so I doubted that they would let me fight with them so I did not ask to join them.

I needed to use the bathroom so I walked down a hallway following two women with light-color skin who also seemed to be civilians, they seemed to know where they were going, and so that is why I followed them.

I then saw my former male classmate BS who also seemed to be a civilian and I greeted him briefly, and then I continued following the women who were on their way to a cafeteria-like area with tables where I saw at least one man who also seemed to be a civilain with light-color skin eating and drinking and reading a newspaper et cetera so I went in there for a closer look before going to the bathroom that was in the hallway.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Sparring With An United States Marine

File:Combat knife attached to gun.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I could not sleep for most of last night so I barely got any sleep last night, I did not voice record my dreams during this time, and so now I can barely remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was riding in an automobile through a fictional city with my parent’s and my mom was driving.

As we were driving I probably realized that I needed to go to work, and so I asked my mom to drop me off at work because I would not have time to return to get my automobile.

My mom told me that she needed to go to a doctor’s appointment after dropping me off, and so she was not sure if she would be able to pick me up from work later but she would call me later to let me know if she will be able to pick me up from work or not.

As we drove to where I work I remember seeing a television military recruitment commercial for probably The United States Military (Armed Forces), probably The United States Marine Corps, and the television commercial showed some soldiers (marines) in civilian clothing sometimes in their civilian lives and then it would sometimes jump to showing them in their military uniforms (combat, dress, et cetera) in their military lives and I also saw scenes of them doing mêlée combat training with rifles with bayonets et cetera.

After the television commercial I probably saw several soldiers (marines) outside as we drove by, they were probably exercising and / or training or something like that, and then we reached the parking lot of the fictional place where I worked which looked like a one-story school-like office building next to a small field and park-like area.

My parent’s dropped me off and I said goodbye, they drove off, and the dream jumped in time to where I was leaving work now.

My mom must have not been able to pick me up because I started walking home, and during my walk I saw a man with dark-color skin with short black hair playing soccer while holding a baseball bat who seemed to be a soldier (marine) so I stopped to talk to him because I wanted to tell him about some of the mêlée combat that I saw in that television commercial and I was curious about sparring to see how well I do against a trained soldier (marine) in mêlée combat.

I greeted the man and we started to talk, he was possibly from Africa (African) and possibly had immigrated to The United States but I can not remember, and I was correct about him being a soldier and he told me that he was in The United States Marines Corps.

I told him that one of the reasons (there were several reasons) that I assumed that he was a soldier was because of how he was holding the baseball bat, and I told him about the television commercial that I saw.

After that I asked him if we could have a friendly sparring match with baseball bats as our weapons in place of rifles with bayonets so that I could test my melee combat skills (untrained) against a United States marine, and he agreed.

We then had a quick friendly sparring match but I can not remember the match, it was fun though and he probably complimented my skills, and maybe we called it a draw but I can not remember.

I thanked him and we shook hands, he probably said that he hopes that we meet again for a rematch and / or to play some soccer and that he would teach me some combat skills that he learned, and I said that would be nice and that I hoped that we would meet again.

We said goodbye, and I continued walking but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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