My Dad Trying To Sell Stuff

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place on a gray day after or before rain in D, my dad had three storage/carry-like/soft luggage-like/duffel-like bags (a large-sized military-like bag which was the oldest & in the worst condition with a damaged zipper, a medium-sized bag which was is average condition, a small bag which was in good condition), and he talked to a man on the phone who said that he was possibly interested in buying them; and so my dad, my brothers KD & TD (who were younger in the dream than they are in real life), and I drove/rode to meet the man.

My dad drove and the man had a small business not far from the B Plant, my brothers KD & TD went to sleep during the trip, and we parked in a small parking lot next to the man’s business; and my dad let the windows partly down while my brothers KD & TD slept in the automobile, and my dad & I got out to greet the man.

The man was an obese man with whitish-color skin wearing overalls probably, he greeted us, and he looked at the three bags; and he was interested at first but the damaged & older military-like bag & the medium-sized bag made him change his mind, and he told us that he was no longer interested in buying them, but he gave my dad $8 since he had driven all the way to his business.

He then invited us inside of his business which was a one-story building with a lot of large glass windows on two sides of the building & there was an arcade/recreational area, a pawn shop-like area, and a small area with food & drinks; my dad was disappointed about not making the sale but my dad found a white colored outfit in the bags that had a white colored mask that only covered the eyes like a Robin-like mask, a white colored shirt, and white colored pants.

My dad went to the man to see if he was interested in buying the outfit, the man was interested, and he offered $5 per piece; and so my dad sold the outfit for $15.

I was looking around the business at the time and I checked to make sure that my brothers were okay, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Charlotte Gainsbourg And Róisín Murphy Performance

Last night I remembered most of my last dream, which was very short, and took place when I briefly went to sleep for a few minutes after waking up in the morning.

I do not think that I was in the dream exactly (well not in the main visual world of the dream), I was seeing the dream almost like I was watching it on TV or something, and it started with a live performance by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

She was on a small stage at what appeared to be an awards show, something like the Video Music Awards or Video Game Awards or something; I seen some letters on the curtains behind the stage, it may have said VMA(s) or something.

The room was darker and there was this blueish colored light around the place and Mrs. Gainsbourg was on the stage alone at first singing into the microphone, some song that I can not remember, and she was almost completely naked; she may have had some kind of see-through fabric clothing or something, but her nipples & pubic region/groin were covered.

At first she was lip syncing and made a few mistakes, but then she started really singing & during some parts of the song she was singing with/over a recording of the song, and she was performing in a somewhat provocative/sexual way.

I think there was a screen behind her and/or her shadow would cast against the wall behind her, I just remember seeing her hair stand up like the wind was blowing it and her teeth became long like a vampire; it was either the shadow of her or the screen image of her or her or all three, and I remember wondering was it a special effect or was she really a vampire or something. 😀

Then some dancers came out and danced as she sang/sung, but I am not sure what they looked like exactly, I remember the color red and that maybe they looked like Santa Clauses or something crazy like that. 😀

Then there was a change of music, that started with the harp music from the end and/or beginning (depending on which version of the song you listen to) of Róisín Murphy‘s song Overpowered (probably a remix); then Mrs. Murphy walked on stage singing the Overpowered part (“When I think that I am over you, I am overpowered, its long over do, I am overpowered” or something like that as the harp music played) and the crowd started to cheer.

I was surprised and wondered how in the world were both of them about to perform together, and at this point it was like I was really watching this on TV; in fact I thought that I was watching TV in the real world at this point. 😀

Mrs. Murphy was wearing a white mask (either ceramic or plastic) that covered her entire face and she was wearing some costume-like dress, and Mrs. Gainsbourg started to sing backup vocals during some points of the song & they sung/sang a duet/together at other parts of the song.

Mrs. Murphy’s hair was straight and a very yellowish blonde color (almost like a dandelion flower), and a group of dancers that looked just like her came out and started dancing (which I found odd, since they looked just like her), as Mrs. Murphy & Mrs. Gainsbourg sang/sung.

The performance was going pretty good, especially Mrs. Murphy’s performance/parts, with only a few problems due to Mrs. Gainsbourg voice messing up a few times; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂