Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ – Official Trailer

Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ – Official Trailer

What Is It?

The YouTube video Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ – Official Trailer by the YouTube channel Madman Anime, and here is the description for this video:

In Genocidal Organ, while developed countries rely on advanced surveillance to free them from the threat of terrorism, other nations are plagued by genocide within their own borders. Strangely, these massacres all link back to one American by the name of John Paul. Special agent Clavis Shepherd is sent to capture the target, but nothing can prepare this soldier—or the world—for the truth behind humanity’s darkness.


A Restarting Dream With John Hancock

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a modern multi-story multi-purpose building that was part hospital and/or medical clinic, part offices, part college and/or school, and maybe there were a few other businesses and other areas.

I remember walking through the main parts of the building but I can not remember what I was doing, there were many other people around doing various things, and at some point I went up the stairs to another floor that was a college or school maybe but I can not remember what I was doing; and at some point a group of people armed with guns entered the building, and they started killing everyone and it was a complete massacre.

The armed people not only killed everyone they saw but they also searched around thoroughly hunting for people who were hiding and running and too scared/afraid to run so that they could kill them too, the group of armed people seemed to only be there to massacre everyone in the entire building, and they were starting on the first floor and they were going to slowly move through every floor of the building massacring everyone it seemed.

I remember running down the stairs to get to the first floor, I am not sure if I was trying to escape and/or if I was trying to see what was going on so that I could either help and/or hide, and I can not remember if I helped anyone or not; but I do know that I realized the situation was so bad that there was not much if anything that I could do because the armed people were well armed and determined and prepared and skilled and ruthless and they worked in teams like they had planned this attack pretty well and there were too many of them for me to fight because I had no weapons or armor and the design of the building gave them the advantage.

Some of the armed people probably blocked and guarded the entrances/exits to stop people from coming in or leaving so maybe most of us were trapped, I probably decided that staying on the first floor was my best option in hopes that I could hide in areas that they already had cleared, and I could watch them and maybe look for openings to ambush smaller groups when they separate to search other floors or to try to escape or to just hide until they leave.

I probably sneaked around as I saw and heard them killing and hunting down people (they even massacred doctors, nurses, and patients (some were in hospital beds) in the hospital and/or medical clinic areas), they seemed to enjoy what they were doing and no one was able to resist them and no one was trying to fight back so it was a complete massacre, and I could not do anything so that made it worse and more realistic; and as I watched and listened to the armed people trying to learn their strengths and weaknesses, things seemed even worse as I realized that they did a good job planning things, and they did a good job going about their massacre so they had things covered pretty well.

The armed people almost found me a couple of times so I had to keep moving and sneaking and sometimes stop to hide in different locations, they were pretty good at tracking people like hunters, and that made it worse because I was almost like they could sense that someone was hiding so they would search extra hard during times like this; and they were searching many good hiding spots, and so that made it harder for me to hide.

This dream felt realistic so I did not realize that I was dreaming and so I did not summon dream security or powers or anything but something did happened that I can not remember where maybe time in the dream restarted before the attack, I knew that the attack was going to happen so this time I focused on trying to find better hiding spots by remember the hiding spots that they had searched last time, and this time when the attack happened I did better at hiding and staying a head of them.

Not everything was the exact same as last time, I noticed that the armed people were a bit smarter this time and they searched some of my previous hiding spots that they had not searched the first time, and I forgot to mention that most of my hiding spots were probably in the office areas and time in the dream possibly restarted several times as I kept testing different things trying to change the outcome of the dream to survive and/or stop the group or armed people; and in one of these offices I found the actor Will Smith as a fictional version of maybe his character John Hancock from the film Hancock after he cleaned up and started wearing a uniform, and Hancock was also experiencing time restarting for him and he was also testing different things trying to change the outcome of the dream.

Unlike me Hancock had superpowers / powers / special abilities, I am not sure what superpowers he had exactly but he seemed to be stronger/faster/more durable/et cetera and his eyes would change in shape and color that reminded me of cat eyes when he would increase his use of his superpowers and/or his power level, and instead of killing the armed people he would only try to arrest them and tie them up or knock them unconscious like he was against killing.

There was a strange man or male being in the room as well who was trying to get Hancock to start killing the armed people, he kept telling Hancock that some of them would get free or wake up and continue killing people if he did not kill them, and he even gave examples of this from some of the many time restarts that Hancock had experienced so far; but Hancock was still refusing to kill them, but the evidence was building that not killing them was going to lead to them killing even more people and they would never stop unless someone kills them.

The main problem that Hancock was having was that there was so many armed people that he was not able to take them all to jail because leaving to take them all one-at-a-time would take too long and the others would still be killing people, he needed to go around the entire building stopping them and trying to tie them up and/or knock them unconscious, but he had to leave them there until he could get them all and take them to jail; but this seemed impossible because there were so many of them spread around the building, so some would untie themselves or get untied by others and wake up as he was busy dealing with others, and then they would go back to killing people.

Hancock kept trying to change this outcome but it was not working, killing them made more sense to me and the strange man or male being but Hancock was still trying to avoid that, I could understand where Hancock was coming from and I could also understand the logic of killing them; and I felt that a possible compromise could be made, but the strange man/male being seemed like he was maybe trying to corrupt Hancock or something so I was suspicious of this strange man/male being.

I told Hancock about some of my experiences so far with trying to change the outcome during the time restarts, I told him that I had also failed so far and maybe I suggested that we work together, and the next thing that I can remember is being in either the same office or in another office that was near this one; but Hancock and the strange man/male being were not there.

This time the room had an area that looked like the carport in my parents’ yard during the day like we were outside but inside at the same time oddly, behind where the automobiles should be I saw two baby/young rats playing and under one of the automobiles I saw two kittens playing, and at some point one of the kittens saw the rats and it started chasing one of the rats outside the yard through the main double gate(s) trying to kill it I guess; but they were both the same size, and so the baby rat was able to fight off the kitten and escape.

The next thing that I remember is being back in the same office room that looked normal again like when Hancock was there or another room near it, I remember seeing and hearing a story and/or video and/or scene about an old former Bond Girl back in an older time period (maybe the 1960s or 1970s) who had started doing some pornographic-like work, but I can not remember the details; and maybe at some point I saw this Bond Girl correcting/arguing with a male fan/creator of this video/story about errors/false claims/et cetera in the video/story.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr