John The Bum | The Police State

Dream Fragment John The Bum

The night before last I remembered part of one dream and most of another, the first was a very short dream fragment that I remember starting with me waiting in line for something.

I do not know where I was or what I was waiting for, but I do remember seeing a few people who I went to high school with like: TC.

TC and a few other people were talking to me while I waited in line and I think they or a few other people had cut in front of me in line, and the line was very long; if I had to make a guess, I think we were waiting for free food or something free.

After a while I decided to go outside and I sat on the ground near the entrance of some restaurant, I had some memories in the dream that had something to do with the military and I felt kind of like a bum.

As I was sitting there a woman with several kids was about to go into the restaurant but one of the kids, a girl, saw me & said ewwwwwwww (or however you spell it, the sound of disgust)!

I thought to myself, I must be uglier than I thought.

One of the other kids, a boy, told her to stop being mean & then he asked me if I had been in the military.

I told him that I had almost went into the military but I did not, and then his mother told him & the others kids to come on into the restaurant.

I knew there was more to my story in the dream, my guess was that some unnecessary war had started at some point & I was to be drafted, but refused to fight in an unnecessary war that was against my morals; so they put me in jail for several years.

I guess that I had recently been released from jail and had no home, job, money, and was a bum living on the streets; also I probably was looked downed on by many people because I did not follow the government/military in their unnecessary invasion of another country; I woke shortly after the family had went into the restaurant.

The Police State

This dream and the other have a similar theme, which I will talk about at the end of this dream.

This dream started with me being a member of what appeared to be a SWAT-like police force that was about to attack a compound on the outside of a city.

We had light-medium swat-like body armor and assault rifles, and we all were on foot as we began the attack.

The compound was basically a small community of very small two-story houses in what appeared to have been created by a group of people who left Eastside to avoid the unnecessary abuse of power by the government/police, so they moved outside the city to be left alone.

The people in the compound were all armed with guns and were using their windows to shoot at us, but the windows had no glass yet since they were still not finished building the houses; I saw several people from Eastside in the compound and I even saw several rappers, like Master P, for some strange reason.

The shootout was intense but was like the film Gamer somewhat, I was on the very front of the attack force and we were almost surrounded by houses, so we were taking fire from many sides.

My strategy was to keep moving and keep firing at the windows so we could get to cover points, my plan was working and I was real good at shooting, so I had shot many people as I crossed the courtyard of the compound.

I managed to get to the end of the courtyard and started shooting the people on the second floors that were giving my team a hard time, and then I decided to head back toward the entrance to clear one of the first buildings since one team was having a hard time clearing that building.

Like before I had to shoot in different directions as I moved to avoid being shot and keep the people near the windows from returning fire.

I made it to the outside of the first house to help that one team that was having a hard time, and through the windows of that house I saw TC and Master P and other people I knew from Eastside.

They were trying to move the wounded people and dead people into their house, I started to feel sorry for them and questioned why we were attacking these people.

I felt it was because of drugs and a few other things, which may or may have not been true, but either way these people were not bothering anyone & so why were we attacking them?

I stopped shooting at them and told the others to stop, so they stopped while the people in the house tried to help the wounded people in the house.

I saw some of the people in the house look at us police officers with a look of anger and it looked like they just wanted to be left alone, yet here we police officers were attacking them; even when they left the city to be away from us and to not cause problems.

I felt that they were trying to start a community that would not need the current government/police/military so much or at all, so they could be more independent and enjoy more freedoms; not anarchy but just more freedoms since the government/police/military was taking more & more freedoms away.

I realized this and decided to quit the police force, so I started to walk away, thinking of what I would do.

My plan was to come back later and help any survivors & others learn how to defend themselves better, and help them build a balanced community away from the current government/police/military that was becoming more & more controlling of the people.

I wanted to train them for defense only, not for invasion or revenge, but for protection from those that come to unnecessarily attack people for control; I woke up as I walked & started to think up a plan.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Vampires Versus Humans

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remember some of my last dream, it started at my grandfather’s house, where my brothers and I used to wait for the school bus to pick us up in the morning.

My brother GC and I were talking, and across the street there were two men that appeared to be in about 8th grade or 9th grade.

My brother GC said that one of them was a rapper and that he had a music CD out, but he said that the rapper was annoying and over-confident or something negative like that.

I guess the guy heard him because I saw him make an angry face and he said something to his friend, and then he said something to us.

I decided to walk over there and try to avoid a fight, and he said that he thought that he heard my brother say something negative about him.

I told him that my brother told me that he was a rapper and that he had a music CD, and then I stopped to ask him about his music CD to distract him; and it worked.

He then stopped looking angry and he looked happy & he start talking about his music career, and he invited me to come inside a covered & screened porch-like area that had a lot of tables like a cafeteria or something that was connected to his house.

As he told me about his music career, slowly more and more people kept coming inside this porch-like area.

Someone started to play some music, some people were playing board games, some were talking, some were eating & drinking, and some were dancing.

After a while I noticed that the place was full of people and it was like a party or something & everyone was having fun, but then a man walked in.

He looked like the music artist Master P, he told everyone to stop for a moment and said that he did not want to sound mean or anything, but he wanted everyone to leave now!

Everyone started to leave and there was food & trash all over the place, I wanted to stay and help clean up but he looked mad & he wanted everyone to leave, and so I left too.

I guess Master P was his dad and this was his house, and he did not have permission to invite us all over there for a party.

Anyway, all the people wanted to go somewhere, so they all walked to the park, and so I followed them.

A lot of the things that happened at the park are unclear to me, and so I will try to guess what happened.

I think that some of the people split/divided into separate groups, and they walked around the park talking/etc.

The next thing I remember is a fight was about to start between a group of humans and a group of vampires, I am not sure what events led up to this fight, but my guess is at some point in the dream some vampires came and they attacked some people.

The vampires had the humans outnumbered and I was going to help the humans and so we found mêlée weapons like baseball bats, sticks, swords, knives, etc.; and we prepared to fight.

A woman with blond hair was the leader of the humans, and me & about five other people were her bodyguards.

I think she gave out some orders and then she ran toward the vampires to fight them, and so me and the other bodyguards followed her to fight.

I remember yelling, protect the leader, to the other bodyguards and humans, and the fight began.

The leader, the other bodyguards, and I were the first to start fighting; and so we were on the front lines.

I think I had a baseball bat and I was pushing, kicking, and hitting vampires away from the leader.

She had a sword and she was fighting pretty good, but there were too many vampires.

Humans were being killed around us, and the seven of us were right in the middle and front of it all.

A few of the bodyguards were killed as the battle got worse, and I knew that we could not last longer so I yelled, protect the leader and do not give up, and I continued to fight even harder.

I noticed some of the humans on our right flank started to get scared and they ran and/or were killed, and so I had to run over there or we would get flanked, but that would leave the leader with only two bodyguards, since the rest were dead.

I told the leader about the situation and I told the last two bodyguards to protect her while I try to defend the right flank, and I told them that we may need to re-treat/run away if I failed to defend the vampires attacking the right flank.

I did not want to leave the leader but I knew that we would lose without the right flank, so I ran over there yelling to the humans on the right flank to not re-treat/run away, but they did not listen and they ran for their lives.

I ran forward alone and I started fighting against three vampires, but as I was fighting I heard a noise, so I turned around, and I saw that the leader was on the ground & a vampire was biting her.

It appeared that her and the last two bodyguards got attacked by a large group of vampires and they could not hold them off, and I was shocked and angered & I ran over there to help, but all the vampires re-treated/ran away like that was their goal the entire time; to bite the leader, so that she would turn into a vampire.

I ran over to the leader as she laid on the ground unconscious and I picked her up, and I told all the humans to re-treat/run away to a safer place.

There were barely any humans left alive, the battle was a disaster, and we all stood there wondering if the leader would die or turn into a vampire.

I told them that we would try to help her and that we would wait to see what happens, and I said that we needed to get some help if we were going to win the next battle tomorrow.

It was now night-time and we started some fires, and we tried to help the injured & we tried to clean up the dead bodies.

A few survivors and I decided that some of us would travel during the night to find more humans to help us fight, to find more supplies, and to find more weapons and/or armor.

I picked a few people to be the leaders new bodyguards, and I told them that we needed to pick a new leader before the battle tomorrow.

I stopped to check on the leader again before I left and she was still unconscious, she looked a bit sick, she was sweating a little, and she was starting to move.

Suddenly as I was walking away, she woke up and she attacked a few of her new bodyguards, and so I ran to stop her but she jumped high into a tree and she ran toward the direction that the vampires went to after the battle.

No one was seriously injured but we were shocked and saddened because we knew that our leader was now a vampire, and that she was going to be the vampires new leader & we would have to fight her the next day.

A few survivors and I went to find help during the night, but I can not remember much of that, and all that I remember is returning the next day with a lot of humans, supplies, and weapons.

Most of the humans looked sad and not ready to fight, even I was still a little drained/tired after the first battle, but I knew we had to fight and win the next battle.

As we were making plans for the battle, trying to pick a new leader, and talking about the situation, one of my friends from junior high school named SW stood up and he gave a short speech.

He gave a quick speech to inspire everyone and he shocked us all, by indirectly making himself the new leader by standing up & giving a speech, and then he yelled, attack; and he ran toward the vampires with his sword.

So the new bodyguards, the new humans that came to help, and I ran with him to start fighting.

This time I told the bodyguards to stay with the leader and to protect him no matter what, and I ran to help him fight.

This time the Humans had the vampires out-numbered very badly, there were only a few vampires left from the battle yesterday, and maybe only about twenty to thirty vampires were left alive.

Our old leader was on the front lines with the vampires, she seemed to not be afraid at all, and we all started to fight.

Our old leader was even better at fighting now, and she was giving us a hard time during the battle; the new leader, his bodyguards, and I had to fight her as a team.

We started defeating the vampires quickly, but our old leader kept fighting until the end, until she was the last vampire left.

I did not want to kill her and I wanted to save her, I felt sorry for her and I felt a connection with her, and I also saw the chance to do some research on her to find a cure for vampirism & for us to try understand what vampirism really was.

So I told everyone to not kill her and that we had to capture her and take her sword, and she tried to fight us, and so we had to hold her down.

I told her that we were not going to kill her and I told her to calm down, and I told her about the situation; but she said that she did not want to be cured.

I told her okay but we still needed to do some research and we told her that if she did not try to kill people for their blood, that we would try to give her blood without needing to kill anyone, so that she could stay alive without having to kill people.

She kept trying to fight me but for a moment it seemed her Human side came out, and she stopped fighting; and so I held her as she laid there on the ground and she told me that she was thirsty & that she felt weak, because she did not drink any blood yet, since she became a vampire.

She said that she tried to control herself but it was too powerful/too hard to control, and so I told her that we would try to help her and that she could still get blood without having to kill people or other animals.

I told her that we could get blood from other animals without killing them, and that some people could/would donate/share/give some of their blood with/for her.

Once again I felt a strange connection with her and I noticed that her eyes were now a very light blue color, and that she did seem very weak and dehydrated.

I felt that we could learn more about vampirism with our research and that we could learn to live with vampires like her, without the need to kill each other.

She started to lose consciousness again and so I told the others that we needed to get her some blood, food, water, or something because she was getting weaker.

I was also afraid that her vampire side would come out again, and so I was hoping that we could get her something to eat before that happened again.

But the telephone rung in the real world and I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂