Fixing A Wall And Cats And Kittens

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe I was sleeping in the dream, but kept waking up in the dream from dreams within dreams and going back to sleep in the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside and outside and in an indoor/outdoor area that seemed to be in a slightly fictional version of the yard of The E House in the driveway in front of the boat port.


Sitting In A Parking Lot | Working In A Hallway | Mr. Sanchez? | A Shoe Company Giving Out Free Shoes

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day, and my brother GC was inside a building attending a class or something like that.

In the dream I had my large carpet burn wound on my head from in real life, which I got last Friday trying to do handstands and handstand push-ups without looking up the proper technique and without any support or precautions, and I sat a parking lot outside the building behind my automobile.

I sat on the ground using my automobile as cover because I did not want to be seen really, and I was working on something that I can not remember as I sat there waiting on my brother GC to finish his class or whatever.

A woman with dark-color skin from Eastside walked over to me questioning me, she was suspicious of me, and so she was questioning me about why I was sitting on the parking lot behind an automobile.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a fictional version of The BP Library in the main hallway in the back employee areas, and I was there doing something that I can not remember so I was at work.

Also in the hallway were my female coworker KE and several other female coworkers who were talking to each other, and at some point KE was joking about something then a supervisor walked over and scolded her for making that joke.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place outside during the day, I was in a parking lot, and I was approached by a man with medium-color skin whose last name was maybe Sanchez who could speak Spanish and English and who had a young son with him.

I can not remember what Mr. Sanchez said to me, and later in the dream I was outside in my parents yard when Mr. Sanchez and his son showed up in my parents yard with a small dog.

They kept the small dog tied to an automobile, and then they walked in the yard asking my dad if he would let them test drive my dad’s riding mower.

My dad let Mr. Sanchez test drive the riding mower but as he was driving it, his son jumped on it, but he did not notice; and so I ran over to warn him so that he could stop it before his son falls off or something.

Mr. Sanchez stopped the riding mower and turned it off, and then they moved to a fictional boat-style playground equipment play set that was to the left of the front porch.

I walk over to join them and talk with them, and at some point Mr. Sanchez mentions that a mat on my parents porch smelled like his dog’s urine.

I looked at the mat and it looked wet, it seemed that somehow his dog had urinated on it, and so I went to put the mat on the fence so that we could clean it; and while I was doing this Mr. Sanchez made a joke about letting a doctor check the mat first.

Then it either was about to start raining or it was starting to rain, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The end of this dream took place during the day and I was with my brothers KDC and TDC, and I was sitting on the floor inside the doorway of a men’s bathroom that was in or near a parking lot as KDC and TDC stood outside of it talking.

A man with dark-color skin walked over to KDC and TDC, and the told them that a shoe company (maybe Fila or another brand) was filming a commercial nearby.

Right after he said that, the film crew walked over to give them free shoes as they continued filming, and so it seemed that they were giving people free shoes and filming their reactions for their commercial.

I was inside the doorway of the bathroom where they could not see me yet, but I woke up as I was about to get up off the floor.

The end,

-John Jr


Hunter S. Thompson And A Girl

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream, I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but somehow I forgot most of them and most of this dream.

The dream started in an older time period (up until maybe the 1970s) and it possibly showed some history of same strange things happening that at some point possibly involved a cult and some women and children, maybe a girl from this group ended up being one of the people who would sometimes travel with the author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and the dream showed some scenes of some of their travels.


Paintball Gone Wrong

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside, I had a fictional sister with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, and she was trying to train several people and I for a paintball-like sport (no helmet or face protection, no armor, and maybe soft rubber or plastic bullets and pellets); and she was the only person in our group with a lot of real gun shooting experience (hunting and target practice and maybe she was even in the military, but I am not sure if she had much experience in this sport or not), and so our team were complete beginners when it came to real shooting and this sport except for my fictional sister.

I knew more about guns than the other people on our team, except for my fictional sister, but I only shot a real gun a few times in my life so I did not have much real shooting experience (I do have more BB gun shooting experience from when I was a kid though); and so I was making better progress during our quick training than the others, and I was automatically at a higher level than them.

The team who we were training to compete against were an experienced villainous team lead by an annoying, overconfident, cheating, villainous man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who looked and acted like a villain from a 1980s film.

My sister was very serious, strict, and she trained us like a military drill instructor trying to quickly get us ready and toughen us up; but our team was terrible, she was the tough outdoors time (farm work, hunting, fishing, shooting, sports, et cetera), and so our team’s progress was very slow.

My sister was frustrated by this and she did not think that we had a chance against the other team, something happened that I can not remember where either the leader of the other team or someone on our team revealed that some of the things that my sister was teaching us was incorrect, and this caused my sister to loose faith in herself; and she apologized to us for failing us, and she became sad.

My team and I tried to cheer her up, we explained that most of the things that she taught us were correct and that sometimes mistakes are made and that her training was helping us, and to prove it we started showing her the progress that we had made; and this inspired us to do the best that we had done since our training began, and everyone’s morale increased.

We suddenly started doing pretty well but something happened where we somehow ended up in maybe a practice match against the other team, either we asked them to practice with us or they attacked us as we were training, and we fought in a field with our team on the left side of the field and the other team on the right side of the field.

Our team started out great and it seemed that we had a chance to win, morale was high and I remember a man on our team moving forward in our formation as we all watched in excitement (it was like a mom I did it moment), but then everything changed when he was suddenly shot very hard in the shoulder with a shotgun (a short home defense shotgun or sawed-off shotgun) by someone from the other team; and the shot/pellets hit him so hard that it knocked him back, and off his feet.

I saw his clothing rip and pieces of it fly in the air, I saw what looked like blood shoot in the air, I saw what looked like skin and other body tissue shoot in the air, and it seemed that he got shot by illegal hard ammunition or real ammunition (possibly bird shot); and we were not even sure if he was seriously injured or dead or not.

We all stopped in shock and anger and our morale dropped, we yelled for the other team to stop and we accused them of using illegal ammunition, but they just smiled and laughed and taunted us while continued to shoot at us taking advantage of us stopping in confusion and anger; and now the situation was serious, and we could not run or hide because we were in a large open field with no cover and we could not stop to see if the others were alive or not so we had to keep moving forward and shooting back.

The other guns that the other team had were not as strong as their shotguns so we were able to take several shots from those guns before falling, those guns were probably using illegal ammunition as well though, and we were losing more people as we continued moving forward; and most of them were falling after getting shot once by the shotguns, and it looked terrible when anyone got shot by a shotgun.

It was like they were using ammunition that would injure you on the surface without penetrating deep enough to kill you, it seemed that they wanted us to suffer with pain and be scared for life, and they were enjoying this; and our team’s morale was dropping, and we were getting slaughtered.

My sister, a few others, and I had not been shot yet so we kept pushing forward but the situation looked terrible like the World War II Normandy Landings (D-Day); and my sister was probably starting to blame herself, I tried to keep her confidence up, and I tried to come up with a plan.

I wanted my sister and some of the others to survive, and so I was thinking about sacrificing myself to give them time to escape and drag away our wounded or something like that; but it did not seem possible, I remember telling everyone to focus on taking out the people with shotguns, and we started trying to do that but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a windowless shopping mall, a large competition involving a race with obstacles was going to take place inside the mall with camera crews and commentators and judges and people watching the action, and so I signed up for the race; and at some point the race started, and I was doing pretty good like I had a chance of winning the race.

At some point I reached an obstacle where you had to jump on a trampoline that sent you flying in the air to the ceiling where you had to land on a large inflated mat hanging from the ceiling and then you had to jump down and land on another large inflated mat, and there were people on the ground to try to catch you with other mats if you missed the big mat on the ground.

I successfully landed on the inflated mat hanging from the ceiling, the trampoline jump to reach it was amazing and dangerous and a bit scary and realistic, but when it was time to jump down to the inflated mat on the ground somehow I flew to the left of the mat where I would hit the ground and get seriously injured or killed (it was like the wind blew me there or something like that); and the people below (judges, commentators, spectators, emergency workers, et cetera) started to panic, and they tried to run with the mats to catch me.

I was a bit terrified as I was falling thinking that I was going to die or get seriously injured and I tried to move myself to the right to land on the mat because I knew that the emergency workers would not reach me in time to catch me with their mats, but somehow I flew so far to the right (like the wind blew me again or something like that) that I landed in an area along the wall that had a ditch of dirt and rocks with water below it (which made no sense, and this area looked like it should be outside).

I tipped the rocks and dirt grabbing it to slow my fall and then I landed in the water inside the ditch, amazingly I was not hurt much at all, and I climbed out of the ditch as people cheered in amazement; and this was all being recorded to a live audience with commentary, and so this was on the news so I became famous.

The emergency workers and judges ran to me, they seemed glad that I was not hurt too badly like they were afraid of being sued and of bad publicity instead of truly being worried about my well-being, and they told me that I would not be able to continue the race unfortunately; and they sent me to a medical clinic inside the mall to have a doctor check me, and treat my injuries.

It seemed that they were going to use this moment as good publicity because I saw it being reported on the news on televisions inside the mall, I remember people taking my picture and wanting to stop to say things to me as I walked to the medical clinic inside the mall, it was like being a celebrity which was strange; and a family with whitish colored skin with light-colored hair (a husband, wife, two daughters, and a son) walked into the medical clinic when I did.

The medical clinic looked very modern and expensive with tall glass doors and walls and windows, there was no one else there waiting but us, and a female doctor with whitish colored skin with light-colored hair wearing a white medical coat walked from one of the rooms to greet the family probably because I did not look like I had enough money to pay for her medical services (which I did not); but the family recognized me, they seemed excited, and they said that I was the guy who survived that fall.

The doctor then apologized to the family saying that she needed to treat me first, the family happily accepted this because they knew what had happened to me, and the doctor ran over to help me apologizing to me like she was hoping that my presence would attract more customers and probably because the people over the competition would pay for all the medical expenses; and so once again it seemed that someone was more worried about good publicity than my well-being.

She took me to one of the rooms where people inside and outside the medical clinic could see us, she checked me and she ran some tests and she talked with me, and at some point I was allowed to leave and most of my test results were good but some needed more time; and I went home to my parent’s house, and it was a nice day outside.

I think that the people over the competition wanted me to do some interviews with several news companies once the doctor approved it, I probably did a brief interview earlier with the commentators right after the accident, and I remember being in my brother GC’s bedroom by a window on a computer responding to an email from someone I knew about how they saw the accident on television and they wanted to know if I was okay.

I let them know that I was okay, then I got another email asking the same thing from another person I knew, and I used my same response that I gave them but I also added one or more photographs that I found online of the accident to the email before sending it; and then I probably thought about blogging about the accident, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr