A Lucid Dream With Bathroom Talk

Last night I remember part of two dream fragments, with the first dream fragment being a regular dream mostly, and the second dream was a lucid dream (probably one of my most stable, if not most stable lucid dreams yet/ever).

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the first dream, so it is very unclear, I just remember going into a public bathroom at some point; and I met several dream characters in there who I ended up taking to.

10-10-2011 | Dream Fragments | War For Fun

2nd Infantry Division soldiers in action durin...

Last night I remember part of several dreams, with the first dream probably taking place in a fictional version of D at McDonald’s during the day, and I think that my uncle W, several other family members from my dad’s side of the family, some of my former classmates, many unknown people, and I were there.

I can not remember what happened exactly but at some point we all went outside for some reason, we split into two different armies somehow & for some reason, both of our armies used two separate wooden porch-like structures as our bases, both bases were on opposite sides of the field, the other army seemed to be led by my uncle W probably, my army seemed to not have a leader but several people & I gave most of the orders while fighting with the rest of our army, and both of our armies had a war against each other but I am not sure why or for what purpose.

We used real looking weapons such as rifles, assault rifles/carbines, grenade launchers and/or artillery, grenades, pistols, sub-machine guns, et cetera; but our weapons shot and/or exploded only plastic bullets and/or plastic pieces, but they still hurt.

2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Job

Cover of "The Second Woman"
Cover of The Second Woman

This is the only dream I remember some of last night, probably because of my brother’s alarm clock again.

This dream started in a fictional version of LC I think, and it took place at an area similar to a hotel that is to the left of McDonald’s on B Street I guess; or it was another unknown city.

I do not remember what happened, but I think I was just moving to this city; and I went looking for a job.

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