Aaron Paul And Accidentally Leaving The Dishwater Running

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Dream 1

The first dream was long and detailed but I forgot almost all of it, all that I can remember is that the dream possibly involved a familiar multi-story building/complex that was possibly controlled by the military, and it possibly involved survivors of a disaster/whatever working together trying to survive using a more military-like structure with each person doing something/a job to help; and I was in the dream but that is all that I can remember unfortunately.

Dream 2

I think that the second dream was inspired by the television series The Walking Dead, which I watched an episode of last night, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third dream is that it was inspired by the television series Homeland (Season 4), that I watched an episode of last night, and it probably focused on the aftermath of what happened after someone changed Carrie Mathison‘s medicine for her Bipolar Disorder causing her to have a breakdown/go crazy; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream took place during the day at my parents house and I remember something about/a joke about the actor Aaron Paul from the television show Breaking Bad starring as / playing himself in something, I think it was a joke about how his character acted like he acts in real life or something like that, and while that was going on I was cleaning the inside of my parents house.

While I was distracted with that and cleaning and doing several other things I started running new dishwater with straight hot water, I walked off briefly to do something else, but I forgot that the dishwater was still running as I walked outside distracted by something else that probably needed cleaning.

When I walked back inside the house and into the kitchen my mom was in the kitchen and the sink was full of soapy dishwater but I did not see any water on the floor at first glance, my mom said that the hot water was running when she walked into the kitchen so she turned it off, I explained what happened and I apologized; and I was annoyed and angry with myself for forgetting about it/getting distracted, and wondered how much water had been wasted and if anything got water damaged in the house.

I remember constantly nagging/complaining/et cetera at myself in disappointment/anger/annoyance/et cetera blaming myself, trying to figure out how I forgot, trying to remind myself to never let this happen again, trying to punish myself, et cetera; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JB | Divergent Inspired Dreams

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of my first dream was that it involved me coming across my former male classmate JB somewhere probably during the day, and this was a negative dream; and my thoughts and feelings of/for/about the dream are negative.

My former classmate JB and I talked and in my opinion he saw me as a loser and he treated me like a loser, during the dream he constantly had an annoying smirk/smile on his face, and he would sometimes laugh as he talked down to me/made fun of me/made negative comments to me.


My Grandfather Moving / Acting Strange Because Of Medicine / Drugs?

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I had several dreams last night but I forgot almost all of them due to several reasons, one of which was the usual annoyance of someone making a lot of noise and turning on lights while I am trying to sleep, but I know that I had several dreams.

I only remember part of the end of one dream now, it took place during the day, and I was walking over to my grandfather’s house to help my mom get my grandfather back inside his house after he was in the hospital or at a doctor’s appointment.

We pushed my grandfather inside his house with a wheelchair, my mom walked off to get something or do something for my grandfather, and I started talking with my grandfather to see what he needed and to see what he wanted to do next; but he was acting strange like the medicine / drugs that he is taking were causing some very strange reactions/side effects.

My grandfather was acting a bit high / drunk with his eyes barely open & he was moving his head oddly, and he could not keep his legs still; and he could not talk clearly, so I could not understand what he was saying really.

It seemed that he wanted to get out of the wheelchair and sit on his couch, and so I tried to help him; but he started to turn and move his body in strange ways that seemed almost impossible, and this looked a bit freaky/scary.

His neck turned a bit and I was not sure if it turned all the way to the back of his head or not, he started to contort / twist / bend his body in strange ways while constantly moving his legs, and I tried to help him get on the couch but he kept moving in these strange ways that made it almost impossible; and I kept telling him to stop moving or he would fall and/or hurt himself, but he said that he could not keep his legs still while probably laughing/smiling oddly.

This all creeped / freaked me out slightly since it did not make sense that my grandfather could move his body in strange ways like this, but I assumed that maybe whatever medicine/drugs the doctor(s) gave him was causing him to act & move oddly like this; and I wondered what kind of drugs/medicine could make an old person be able to act & move like this, it did not make sense, and so I started telling my mom what had happened once she returned.

My grandfather had stopped most of the strange movements at this point, except he kept moving his legs, and he was still acting a bit weird but he was calmer now with his eyes closed or mostly closed like he was drowsy/sleepy/tired; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr