Pauline Croze In Mississippi | A Meeting Of Various People From Around The World ?

Last night I had several dreams, but I can only remember part of two dreams; with the first dream taking place in Mississippi?

Somehow I was seeing/watching a scene that showed the musician Pauline Croze in Mississippi, and she was taking part in a program that built free houses for people (maybe something like Habitat For Humanity or something like that) and she was probably touring in the USA for the first time & she was probably promoting her new album that was to be released or that was already released; and I was seeing various scenes with her in them.


A Meeting At The High School?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember any of my last dream, which took place inside a fictional version of the high school in D, and my parent’s and I went there to attend a meeting or something; I remember seeing my former classmate KM at some point, but I can not remember anything else about the/that part with her in it.

I just remember that the high school looked like a hospital was mixed/combined with it or something like that, which is how it sometimes looks in some of my dreams; and I remember us trying to find where the meeting or whatever, was.

I think that I was attending college again in this dream, and I remember my parent’s going to look/search on the second floor and/or one of the upper floors to find where the meeting or whatever, was; and I explored on the first floor.

I remember seeing a professional-looking security guard wearing a tan-colored suit, guarding the entrance to the office section of the building (which I thought was odd/strange to have security at the school (especially some United States Secret Service-looking security guard) and the security guard looked very serious), and so I stopped to ask him for directions; and he directed me to another employee that was cleaning some stairs nearby (but he did not let me enter the door that he was guarding), who was my former classmate & my former coworker C, and C worked as a janitor / helper at the school.

C and I talked as we walked around the school, trying to reach the meeting room or whatever, and it was on one of the upper floors; I thanked C and I told him good-bye, and then I saw that my parent’s were already in the meeting room or whatever.

I walked into the room, which was where the library is supposed to be, but it looked different; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂