Being Forced / Drafted Into A War Against Aliens / Creatures / Entities?

This dream is super unclear, but I think that there was some kind of threat(s) (maybe aliens, maybe creatures, some kind of other entities, and/or possessed people) that attacked/invaded.

I think that some other people and I were rounded up and drafted and forced to fight the threat(s) with little-to-no training (probably none) and little to no equipment.

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A Voice Talking To Me From Behind During Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

This happened to me after I went to sleep on the living room couch while sleeping on my back.

I was sleeping and maybe dreaming when I woke up or I started dreaming of waking up before really waking up (I was definitely awake at some point because my brother GC confirmed that he did walked into the living room during this experience and it matched what he did when I saw him during this experience), either way I was awake on the couch laying on my back, but I was paralyzed.

I assumed that I was having sleep paralysis because I could not move, I then felt a presence in the room behind me and like the last two times it did not feel negative really, and then I heard a voice talking right behind my head where I felt the presence.

The presence seemed to literally be behind me like I was laying on top of it with it talking right behind my head, at first I thought that it was a soft peaceful female voice, but then it seemed like a male voice as it got a bit louder.

Now it did not sound as peaceful and soft, it was still softer like someone talking quietly because they are right behind your head, and now it sounded and felt a bit like it was trying to scare me a bit like it was probably smiling and having a bit of fun.

I felt only a slight bit of fear or concern as I tried to move so that I could turn around to see who or what was talking to me from behind my head, but I still could not move.

I assumed that this was a auditory hallucination which happens sometimes during sleep paralysis, and I wondered if it was my subconscious communicating with me and / or if my mind was making up a fictional voice and / or if it was my brain thinking out-loud and / or if I was possibly becoming mentally unstable and hearing voices and / or if something else was going on.

I can not remember what the voice said but it spoke in clear English that I could understand, it possibly said my name and it possibly responded to me responding to it with a thought but I can not remember, but it did address me and it was talking to me and maybe it was taunting me for fun a bit or something but I can not remember.

I just remember hearing someone entering the living room, I could not move but I could move my eyes, and in the corner of my eyes I saw that it was my brother GC entering the living room to turn off his computer.

I was glad that he was there because I was hoping he could tell me whether he saw and heard whoever or whatever was talking to me from behind my head, but as soon as I heard my brother GC entering the living room the voice stopped immediately and a second or two after my brother GC walked past me and glanced at me I was then able to finally move.

I then turned around to see if anyone or anything was behind me on the couch but I saw no one, and then I went back to sleep.

Later I asked my brother GC if had walked into the living room to shutdown his computer and if he had glanced at me, and I asked him if he had seen or heard anything / one.

He told me that he did walk into the living room to shutdown his computer and he did glance at me, but he did not see or hear anyone / anything besides me laying on the couch.

Dream 1

I had this dream when I was still sleeping on the living room couch, and it involved maybe some of my family and / or some other people and I going to maybe a fictional version of the city of LC or an LC-like city.

We needed somewhere to stay either during our visit or until we could find our own place, someone knew someone who would let us stay with them, and so we went to a one-story house in a neighborhood to the right of the main road possibly near were L’s Restaurant should be.

I remember us sitting in the living room talking with an old woman who lived there, there were some windows with a view to the outside, and eventually some other people who lived there joined the conversation.

One of them was an obese woman with light-brown color skin who reminded me of a female patron who was going to be visiting maybe Guatemala soon, I remember her telling me that she did not like it when people try talking too much as she is talking about something, and I asked her to explain this further and to give me some advice to help me avoid this and to help me with being a better listener and better at conversations with women in particular.

I remember her explaining this to me and then we all went walking through the neighborhood to go shopping et cetera, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I remember being inside, I remember helping a man with light-color skin with something on a computer, and while doing this something pornographic was possibly found that maybe a previous user of the computer had left or visited online.

The man was possibly looking for something and at some point he left, then I was on the computer, but then my male cousin DE needed help with something on the computer so I helped him.

At some point DE needed me to drive him somewhere so we left in my automobile, we were in a fictional LC-like city, and I remember driving along a fictional version of the highway and bridge near the main beach.

DE was a bit mentally unstable and he could not remember where he needed to go so I kept trying to help him remember, and I reminded him that I used to live in the city of LC when I was in college so I knew my way around some parts of it.

We possibly stopped at the beach and several other places as I continued trying to help him remember but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 3

This dream involved the armed robbers from the 2017 movie The Ritual, and it involved me maybe imagining two different scenarios involving these armed robbers if I had been there alone with them and the female cashier in the convenient store instead of the main character from the movie.

The first scenario involved me entering the store, then at some point I realized that the two male armed robbers had already attacked the female cashier, and they were still in the process of robbing the place so I hid for a moment so that I could get my mobile phone / plastic mobile holster with clip out so that I could pretend that it was a handgun.

I then yelled freeze or something like that to trick them into thinking that I was a police officer, I pointed my fake gun (mobile phone in holster) around the corner telling them to put their weapons down and get on the ground, and my plan worked so then I was able to do a citizen’s arrest of them.

I had the robbers lay face first on the ground with their eyes closed and I told them not to look up, I tied their hands behind their backs with something, and I called the police with my mobile phone still trying to sound like I might be a police officer.

When the police arrived I moved behind a shelf to talk to one of the police officers to avoid the robbers seeing me, and I waited until they were outside to talk to the police officer.

The second scenario of this was a bit different because this time I grabbed some objects off a shelf to use as weapons and I made some noise to lure the robbers to me and I jumped out, and I asked the robbers to surrender but as expected they did not and the first robber attacked me with a blunt metal melee weapon.

I dodged the attack and I tripped him while disarming him, and I stomped him on this head / neck until he was unconscious.

The second robber tried to attack me with his melee weapon but I blocked his attack with his friend’s melee weapon as I disarmed him, and I beat him unconscious with his friend’s melee weapon.

I then called the police, the two robbers were probably in a coma when the police arrived, but they woke up eventually and recovered eventually and they served some time in prison.

Years later when they were out of prison I was walking along a sidewalk one day when I walked past one of the robbers, we both recognized each other, and he ran so I ran after him just wanting to talk to him.

He ran into an alley, when I got there he pulled out a handgun on me and I pulled out my mobile phone / mobile phone holster with clip pretending that it was a gun again, and he thought that I was trying to attack him but I explained my intentions were just to talk.

We had a standoff, I reminded him of what happened to him last time, and I warned him that this time I would kill him if he tried to shoot me; and I asked him if he was really ready to throw his life away.

This scared him enough to put down his gun so that we could talk, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Colin Powell Visits A Church

This dream took place during the day, and I was at a fictional Christian church where The E House should be or where it was.

I had a boombox or some other kind of music player that I was using as speakers so that the sermon et cetera could be heard by the audience, and so I was able to control the volume et cetera because the microphone was connected to it et cetera.

A church service was taking place, maybe it was a church that my uncle CC was going to, and maybe he had invited me or something but I can not remember.

Colin Powell was a special guest, he was sitting in the back pew on the left side and he was not dressed up, and the church welcomed him at some point during the church service.

The preacher was a man with dark-color skin with short black hair who preached at some point.

At some point I left with several people by boat across a body of water to a ship-like structure in the middle of the water.

Something was causing some people to become unstable and some would attack, and this happened to a man in our group.

This now unstable man followed me back to the church trying to attack me, we probably did not know what was causing some people to become unstable like this, and I remember yelling for help.

I ran back inside the church to arm myself with anything that I could use as a weapon, I got some makeshift melee weapons, and when the man tried to attack me when I walked I knocked him out / unconscious.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

My Dad Taking Us To A Supposedly Abandoned House

The daylight saving time change still has me messed up, I remembered several dreams but I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

This dream from last night possibly involved someone going around different places in the world searching for something or someone, I assume that they were searching for someone to fight and / or train, but I am not sure and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during either early in the evening or late in the afternoon, and I was walking through my parent’s neighborhood with my parent’s and my brother GC and maybe my brothers KD and TD.

My dad was taking us to a supposedly abandoned house that belonged to a man he knew because he wanted to show us something, and we turned right at our stop sign and we walked down the street through a fictional version of this street that is often in my dreams of this street and the streets along it.

We reached the house which was on the left side of the street, we started walking toward it and I asked my dad if he was sure that it was okay for us to go inside the house and my dad said that he was sure that it was okay and that he had talked to the owner and that he knew the owner of the house and that no one was living in the house at this time when he last talked to the owner.

As we were going to enter the house I saw a man who looked like he was returning from work walking from the back of the house to enter the house from a side door, and so I tried to warn my dad but he kept talking and he did not hear me.

I followed my family inside the house still trying to warn my dad who was still talking loudly and not hearing me, and my dad said that we were free to look around and take what we want or something like that as I continued trying to warn him about the man.

I knew that the man could hear us and that an embarrassing situation was about to happen, but it was too late to stop it as my dad continued talking loudly without hearing my warnings.

In the darkness I saw a large tall muscular man with dark-color skin holding a blunt mêlée weapon walking into the living room where we were, he had taken off part of his work outfit that I saw him wearing before, and he entered the room to face us as intruders.

After entering the room armed to confront us the man then recognized my dad and the man started joking about how my dad had said that we could take what we want, I was embarrassed, but I started joking too to help improve the mood.

The man was living in the house now, my dad and him had talked before but something things had changed since they last spoke, and so that is how this misunderstanding happened.

I think that the man’s mom had owned the house but she died so he became the new owner, he was thinking about selling it and no one was living in it when he last talked with my dad, but he changed his mind and he started living in it.

After joking about my dad and this misunderstanding, I started joking about how someone would have a hard time trying to grapple a man as large and tall and muscular as him, and I started showing him an example of what I would have done if he had attacked us earlier but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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I had some problems sleeping again during some parts of last night with me tossing & turning, feeling hot, sweating, having gas, my stomach bothered me a bit, I was unable to get comfortable in bed, semi-sleeping, waking up a lot, et cetera; I think that my anxiety, depression, et cetera levels are getting somewhat dangerously high and that is probably why I have forgotten my dreams for the past two or three days.

I remember part of the end of one dream that took place inside of my parent’s house possibly during the day but I am not sure, and something happened that I can not remember exactly; but my guess is that my family & I (except for my brother CC who was not in the dream) found something buried under the floor in the living room underground, and maybe it was an ancient-looking sarcophagus/casket but I could be wrong.

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