Escaping On A Flying Device From Militarized Police? | A Situation With Militarized Police & Unknown Beings At An Apartment / Dorm Complex?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day in a nice fictional neighborhood where I lived along with at least some of my family, and I might have had a fictional sister or two sisters.

We lived in an interesting multi-story home near or connected to one or more other homes, something happened that I can not remember when we left the house, and then we went back to the house; and something happened where maybe a silent alarm went off or something but I am not sure, and militarized police or soldiers (I am not sure if they were police or military or both, they acted & looked military-like, and they had military-like equipment but they also acted a bit like police officers) arrived outside of our house to attack/arrest us for some unknown reason.


A Mafia / Gang Fight At A School

English: cafeteria
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, that took place in a fictional school, and I remember being in a bathroom or room in the school at some point.

Two gang/mafia-like groups slowly showed up in the room and started arguing with each other, mêlée weapons and guns started to be shown, and hand-to-hand combat was about to begin as well; and so several people, a little boy, and I decided to run away before the fight started.

We jumped over a half-covered doorway-like area into another room, this room was still under construction or empty & we ran through it, we jumped over another half-covered doorway-like area, and I helped the little boy climb over into a hallway; and then I ran down the hallway through another area that was under construction.

I passed construction workers and janitors working, then I reached a large cafeteria-like or gym-like room similar to the D High School Cafeteria that was being painted & finished, and I saw my dad who was working there for the SB I guess; and I said: “Hey Dad.” to him but he passed by me maybe only saying hello without looking at me probably not realizing that it was me & he looked distracted/focused/stressed like his boss was making sure that he was working today or something.

I smiled and laughed to myself, I decided to keep walking and not bother my dad while he worked, and I walked to another area in the school which was a very long/large cafeteria with lots of my former classmates & other students in it, and it looked like a college cafeteria with various restaurants/food places inside.

I saw my former classmates MW (sitting with some middle-class/upper-class former classmates of ours, acting like the rest of us did not exist, and for some reason she stood out to me & I wanted to talk with her since I was surprised to see her but I am not sure if I talked to her or not), BH, AP, PI, MP(BJ), and more.

I probably tried to talk with MW without much luck, she probably only said a few things like she was not interested in talking with me, and so I walked off to explore & talk with other former classmates of mine.

This cafeteria was narrow and very long, amazingly long with a long row of many tables down the center of the room, and restaurants/food places on the left & right sides of the room.

There were burger food places, pizza food places, normal cafeteria food places, dessert food places, and more; there was an amazing selection/choice of foods, the cafeteria was clean/modern/well-lit, and it looked like a great place to relax/hang-out.

I remember talking with MP(BJ) and PI at some point, I talked with other people too, but I talked with them the most; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Hide & Seek & Fight & A Woman Loses Control

During the day I came close to remembering some of my dream fragments, but I still can not remember those, but I can remember part of several other dream fragments.

The dream fragments took place in my grandfather’s yard & by the G house & by one or more fictional areas that I can not remember, and the dream fragments took place over several different jumps in time.


A Recycled Dream World

Last night I had about 6 dreams, three of the dreams used/recycled the same dream world and so did the other three. 😀

Dream 1

The first three dreams took place in a large house that looked like a combination of a house/apartment/& some unknown building, and I was with a team of men & women.

We had guns and we were working together to clear/search this house, which appeared to probably have many threats hidden inside of it, maybe: zombies, ghosts, strange creatures, and various other things like that.

I appeared to be the leader and my team and I were being very cautious, and we moved very slowly through the house checking our corners & watching our backs.

The house was pretty dark and it had long maze-like halls with many rooms, with most of the doors closed, which made it scarier; and the house had several floors/stories, to make things worse.

Next to the entrance was a stairway in front of the entrance, another stairway was to the left side connected to a hallway, and the last stairway was to the right side connected to a hallway.

Behind the stairway in front of the entrance was an entrance to the main living areas of the house, and so the entrance area was like a small lobby.

The stairways with hallways were connected, both had stairways in a spindle shape and the hallways connected around the outside of the main living areas, like a rectangular or square maze.

I can not remember the good details of this dream or if we fought anything, but I know that we either seen and/or imagined some strange things in the house; the house had a dark & foggy & scarier atmosphere, though I did not let the fear bother me that much, but it did make me more cautious.

My team and I seemed to work very good together, and we moved around in military/SWAT-like formation(s); we had handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, and compact assault rifles/carbines.

I remember that I wanted to stay close to the exit/entrance and that I was worried about getting flanked in the hallways, so I took a lot of care to protect our flanks and I/we tried to stay close to the exit/entrance during the early parts of this dream.

I remember splitting/dividing my team up into groups after clearing some of the first floor, and we slowly started checking every room and floor one-at-a-time (and we communicated with some ear piece things/devices & I remember asking my team(s) for status reports several times), but that is all that I can remember in the first dream (though I know that a lot more happened, and it was probably freaky/scary (but my team and I were brave & we fought the threats, even if we were a bit afraid at times).

Dream 2

The second dream took place in the same house, except one of my former classmates and his parent’s lived there, and I was there visiting him along with someone else; the house still have that weird atmosphere, but I do not remember seeing anything unusual.

He showed us around certain parts of the house and at some point in the dream, he wanted to kill one of his pets for some reason, maybe it had rabies or something; I can not remember, I just remember us running through the house chasing it with BB guns and a mêlée weapon.

I do not remember the exact circumstances, but it is not what it sounds like, it was not an animal cruelty situation exactly; he cared about his pet, but something happened, and I had to try to help him when something went wrong but I can not remember what happened exactly.

Maybe it was an experiment gone wrong or something, I do not remember, I just remember shooting the pet (which may have been a cat at this point) with the BB gun; but the gun was a weak Red Ryder BB Gun, so the BB fell to the ground after hitting it, and so my classmate had to kill it with the mêlée weapon.

Whatever the circumstances were, we were not doing this for fun, but out of a threat/necessity; but that is all that I can remember in the second dream.

Dream 3

The third dream took place in this same house, but this time another former classmate of mine lived there, and the stairway in front of the entrance led to a gym. 🙂

In the gym there was a basketball game going on and so I went to watch some of it, and I sat on the floor with some of the players & cheerleaders who were sitting on the side-lines; and the rest of the crowd was in the stands.

The gym was surprisingly big, but this house was big as well, and I sat there watching some of the game and I listened to some of the people talk.

It appeared to be a Junior Varsity basketball game and I remember seeing some fancy lettering on the jerseys of one team, that had something like DH-JV or something written on it.

I heard some of the high school girls talking about one of my former classmates, who was sitting in the stands wearing a basketball jersey, and they were talking about how he was cute or something like that; which I found amusing, especially since they did not seem to realize how old he really was, and that they were/are just little kids compared to us.

At some point I decided to leave and as I was walking toward the exit, I noticed that/the same former classmate that the girls were talking about, was walking in front of me toward the exit with his soon to be wife; and for some reason I started to feel that I looked like a jealous former boyfriend of his future wife or something.

So I tried to keep my distance as they walked and talked, and I started to wonder if I had really dated his future wife before or not, which I did not recall/remember, and so I guess that I had not dated his future wife before.

As I left the gym I noticed one of my brothers and he wanted me to show him around the other parts of the house, but I then remembered the first dream and I decided to teach him some room clearing/searching techniques. 🙂

I had a pistol and I walked over to the stairway with the hallway connected to it on the left side, and I started showing him how to check his corners and how to watch his back, and I showed him some other tips/techniques/tactics.

I felt cautious about going further into the house, and so I told him to stay back, until my team was back to make sure that the place was clear/safe; but then I woke up.

Dream 4 And Dream 5

The fourth and fifth dream took place in a fictional & somewhat slightly futuristic version of D, with me driving downtown in one of the dreams and walking downtown in the other, but that is all that I can remember of those two.

Dream 6

My last dream involved me in this same town but I was with my parent’s and they had a baby with them, who I am guessing was supposed to be either one of my real life brothers (but he was a baby again) or a fictional new baby brother or something; and we were walking in the/a nice & modern park-like area.

There was an open field that had walk ways, water fountains, statues, plants, chairs, and more.

It appeared that most of the town had gathered for an event under this somewhat futuristic-looking pavilion, and there was a big screen with an unknown film showing.

I think food and drink was also served, and we sat watching some of the film until it started to rain; and for some reason part of the pavilion had a fancy roof that did not cover the entire area, and so some of us had to leave to avoid getting too wet.

So my parent’s, the baby, and I started to walk back to the automobile; and I carried the baby as we walked.

I noticed some of my former classmates as we got closer to a building that were somewhat near the parking area, and I wondered if they would think that the baby was my son or something. 🙂

I handed the baby back to my mom and told my parent’s that I was going to stay at the park-like place, so they left.

I talked with a few of my former classmates as we stood underneath a catwalk, until it stopped raining, and then I walked around to explore this park-like area.

At some point I found a small old graveyard and I saw an old/elderly woman helping her very old/elderly mom, as they walked around looking at the graveyard and taking pictures.

Both women had darker brown colored skin and they had black & gray colored hair, and the mom needed her daughters help to walk.

I walked around trying to avoid stepping on some of the graves, since the graveyard was old and it was not taken very good care of, so there was grass growing over some of the graves; and I listened as the mom told her daughter about how this was her first time being back to her birth town in years.

She told her daughter various stories about her childhood and about the good old times that she/they used to have, and I started to think about some of my old memories.

It was a great and sad moment for us, and I started to cry, but I walked away so that they would not see me cry/crying; it was a cry/they were tears of happiness and sadness, and it/they/the moment was very realistic.

I walked away missing some of my happy childhood moments/memories and I was probably disappointed in a lot of my adulthood moments/life/world/environment, but I was happy that at least I had some memories of better times; even if they are/were long gone/past, and I hoped for better days to return to the present and future or something like that.

I wondered/thought about how the adult world/culture seems to destroy/suppress parts of us as we get older and we often start to lose certain things we had during our childhood or something like that; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment | My Mom & I Own A Store?

A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment

I had this dream fragment last week, actually both of these dream fragments, but I have not been feeling like typing them due to illness and thoughts of actually ending or making my dream blog private or moving my dream blog to another blog website; during times like this I even start forgetting most of my dreams, which has happened the last week or two, it seems that my dreams become less important in times like this and so they are forgotten.

Anyway, the beginning of this dream fragment is too unclear for me to explain but it had something to do with three women, maybe sisters, hiding from the police at some abandoned apartments.