Winning A Mock Death Battle With Chakrams

Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a somewhat gray day and I was taking part in a mock death battle/battle royal/gladiatorial/whatever combat competition were you could use melee weapons et cetera.

Instead of really killing each other you would win with an attack that would be assumed to have killed the person, you only needed to make minor contact or at least get past their guard to where they would not have been able to block it, and then that person would be considered dead and would have to leave the field where the competition was taking place; and the last person “alive” would win the competition.

The competition took place in a fictional field near the yard of The E House, there was maybe a fenced in area with a circular track with a slightly raise structure in the middle that you could walk across, and there were some people I knew there as well like my former male classmate SS and several others.

During the mock death battle I remember doing pretty good, at some point I was among the last people left “alive”, and I had two chakrams as weapons/to block with in my left hand and I had one other item in my right hand that I used mostly to block with; the chakrams were good weapons for defense and offense, I was probably not throwing them, and whatever I had in my other hand increased my defense as well.

There was a woman with light-color skin with long orange hair who was also one of the last people left, she caught my attention and I was pretty overconfident at this point, and instead of eliminating her from the competition and winning I kept giving her chances to survive.

I could have attacked her from behind at first but I did not, I let her turn around first and I let her attack me first, and I kept easily blocking and dodging her attacks while giving her advice.

This probably angered her, we were possibly the last people left but I can not remember because my focus was on her now, and I was using this time to try to get to know her a bit better et cetera.

I can not remember if I eliminated her from the competition or not, I remember either a break being called or I won, but I can not remember.

I just remember everyone leaving the field to take a break, I remember going to my parents yard and talking with SS and some other people with plans to talk with the woman again, and then at some point I walked back toward the field but I had forgotten my weapons in my parents yard so I went to get them.

My dad was in the yard and asked me about something involving sleep and what movies were playing at movie theaters now, and about wanting us to go on a trip one day to another city to watch movies and stay at a hotel et cetera as basically a father and son vacation.

I told my dad that I was not sure what movies were playing now and that his idea was good, and that we would go one day soon; and then we walked inside the house.

Then I thought about how my dad had mentioned sleep and part of me must have partly realized that I was dreaming now because I remember wanting to know what day and time it was, I then remembered falling asleep on the living room couch but I was not sure what day and time it was now in the real world, and so I woke myself up from the dream to check because I did not want to miss work.

This caused me to jump awake in the real world, I checked my watch to see that it was Saturday and then I wondered if it was time to watch anime on Toonami, but then I realized that it was early morning and that I had a few hours (maybe two) before work so I recorded this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Murder Cult?

I had more dreams but I did not record them and my dreams got interrupted two times by mobile phone calls, and so I barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place inside maybe a house, and there was a computer or something with various streaming movies on it and I was looking through the thumbnails et cetera for the movies / videos.

At some point a thumbnail and / or video caught my attention that seemed familiar, it seemed to be a pornographic movie with a European female pornographic actress with light-color skin with yellow hair and a male pornographic actor with dark-color skin with short black hair, and I recognized the pornographic actress and this scene from a video that I saw in a past forgotten dream I guess.

I tried to find the actress’s name and the name of this movie and the other movies that I was partly remembering seeing part of in one or more past forgotten dreams, but I stopped when a family member walked by one or more times and I said something to them.

I tried to remember what the name of one of the movies was, and maybe the name New Breed was one possibility for the name of one of the movies; but that was a wild guess.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during maybe a somewhat gray day and I was in my parents yard near the swings, and my brother GC was in the yard as well.

On the street that The E House is on I noticed an automobile turning into the front yard of The Abandoned House that looked like our dad’s automobile, I was wondered what was dad doing turning through that yard, and after turning out of the yard a white car pulled into the front of the yard too and a white limousine passed by and the car went to follow it.

I assumed that the white car was escorting the limousine but that was a wild guess.

Then I saw my dad walking into the alley to feed and water the pets, this confused me and I wondered how did he get there so fast, and I wondered if the automobile that I saw had really been his or not.

As my dad was leaving the alley I noticed one or more cars driving through the field by The Abandoned House, and a car that looked somewhat like the new car at The Action Packed House drove into the alley and parked in it across from where I was standing in the yard.

This confused me but I assumed that maybe it was just some people parking there to walk to The Action Packed House, in real life people sometimes park on our street or in the field outside our yard et cetera to walk to that house, which seems to probably have illegal drug activity going on there often and there have been two drug busts there this year alone.

A group of people with dark-color skin got out of the car or cars wearing dress-like clothes with a lot of white tops et cetera, and they started taking guns (at least one of the guns was a rifle that I saw a man checking) and melee weapons et cetera out and checking them like they were about to kill people and they seemed so calm like experienced killers and like a murder cult or something.

Me and my brother GC stood there looking at them, I asked my brother GC what in the world did he think was going on, but he had no idea either.

They obviously did not care if we saw them, for now at least, and I hoped that they would leave us alone but I sensed danger.

I wanted my brother GC to warn our dad, I was not sure if he was inside the house now or still in the yard, and then get inside with our family and lock the door and call the police but I was not able to tell my brother GC this because the group of people walked into our yard toward us to surround us.

I started talking to them and moving to the left to draw them to me, I tried to signal to my brother GC to find our dad and get inside and lock the house and call the police, but he probably could not understand what I was trying to signal to him.

The largest of them was a big and tall man with wild hair and facial hair, and he seemed like the leader or something because he was the only one who talked.

The assumed leader somewhat reminded me of my former male classmate LT, and so I asked him if he was related to LT.

I tried to find any way to peacefully get out of this situation otherwise I planned to sacrifice myself by distracting them and fighting them so that my family had time to hide and call the police, and for the police to arrive.

I kept talking and I tried to seem less and less like a threat while trying to get them to not be a threat to us, my brother GC was out of the circle that they were forming around me as I kept slowly walking them away from the house and from my brother GC.

The sense of danger kept growing and growing, it was a bit like being surrounded by a murder cult from The Purge franchise or something, and I was outnumbered and unarmed.

The group seemed to be waiting on the leader’s command, they were relaxed and ready to start the killing it seemed, and this seemed fun to them probably.

As I kept trying to talk my way out of the situation I was also trying to figure out how to get them away from the house and yard and how to survive in a fight against them long enough to save my family.

I started running various scenarios in my mind to test how long I might survive, my plan was to stay close and use them as shields and use their own weapons against them while killing as many of them as I could while keeping them distracted and far enough away, and I even considered getting them to follow me to The G House so that they could kill me there and I could kill as many of them as I could.

But I accidentally woke up because the sense of danger, fear, dread, being trapped, et cetera got too strong so I accidentally woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Employees Stalling At A Taco Bell

I had more dreams but now I can only barely remember a few dream fragments.

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is a dream or just memories of what I did before going to sleep, but I remember comparing melee weapons in the video game Fallout 4.

Some of the weapons were Kremvh’s Tooth, Throatslicer, and the baseball bat fully upgraded with the shocking puncturing rocket mod.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day and I drove to the drive-through at a Taco Bell, and I ordered some food like maybe some kind of large rectangular tostada (tortilla) dish.

The employees that I remember seeing were all female and they kept stalling, and I noticed this in the dream.

Everything was taking too long even though there was no one in front of me or behind me, and they were not busy at all.

I kept noticing the gaps in time, and how they were stalling with each action.

This was possibly played out in the real world as well as I tried to get a bit more sleep by possibly waking up to check the time and going back to sleep each time.

But I woke up for good at some point without ever getting my food since they kept stalling (they even stalled while cooking and preparing the food).

This has happened one or more times recently where I have noticed gaps in time or whatever while dreaming / sleeping, and I wonder if this is because of a book about mindfulness that I am reading super slowly called Mindful Me: Mindfulness And Meditation For Kids by Whitney Stewart; part of the mindful me breathing exercises mention looking for the gap between breaths, and so maybe some of the breathing exercises that I have partly tried have increased my present-moment awareness a bit.

The end,

-John Jr


Other Deities Trying To Kill Me?

Source: Wikipedia

I had more dreams that were pretty clear and there was probably more to this dream, but the way that this dream ended caused me to forget my other dreams and everything that happened before this point at this time but maybe I will remember some of them later.

I remember being inside a place that somewhat reminded me of a mostly empty store in the shopping center next to W Park in the city of D maybe where Super 10 used to be, but combined with something else (like a building for deities) and we were possibly somewhere else (possibly in a place where deities are).

I was walking and listening closely to an old man with light-color skin with long straight white hair and a long beard who looked a lot like Gandalf and he seemed to be a deity, a god in this case, and I think that I was a deity too (a god as well) because he said us deities several times in reference to himself and maybe me and the others who were in this place but I could be wrong; I probably looked like myself still, but I could be wrong.

He seemed to be maybe an older and wise and well-respected elder deity and he was speaking words of wisdom to me and explaining some things to me, and I listened closely as we walked and talked.

We stopped at a small seating area made of maybe white stone or marble or limestone or something like that, this area seemed to be where the government of the deities would meet, and he explained how a few deities would probably be randomly chosen to serve on a council and one of them would possibly have the final say on matters and these positions were switched out to randomly deities after a certain amount of time to maybe prevent one or more deities from having too much control / power and to change things up for more variety and maybe some other things that I can not remember.

I assume that this council of deities governed over the universe or universes of mortals et cetera, but I can not remember.

I was possibly one of the new council members but I am not sure, the Gandalf-like god had served on this council before and was possibly on it now, but I am not sure.

I felt that serving on this council and following the rules involving council selections was very important and necessary to help prevent certain bad things from happening, and so I was a supporter of these rules except for the rule about one of the council members having the final say.

We moved to another room where we sat down and maybe laid down on several things, I can not remember if these were beds or what they were, and we continued talking.

There was a man with light-color skin behind the Gandalf-like god who I assumed to be another god (everyone in this place were deities I assume), and he was standing and doing something in the background as we talked.

At some point the other assumed god started moving a knife dangerously close to the Gandalf-like god, and so I told him to be careful and to keep that knife back before he accidentally injures the Gandalf-like god but he did not so I used my foot to push it back while warning him again.

I was still laying down while doing this, the assumed god did not stop and it seemed that he was possibly trying to stab the Gandalf-like god so I tried to stop him while warning the Gandalf-like god, my memory is unclear so I am not sure when or how I got cut or stabbed but I do know that someone possibly cut or stabbed me while I was trying to defend the Gandalf-like god (it was possibly the Gandalf-like god who possibly stabbed me from behind as I shielded and defended him from the front).

I then realized and found out that this seemed to be a setup, the other god had been pretending that the Gandalf-like god was his target, but I was actually the target and the Gandalf-like god was part of this setup and was probably the leader of it.

The Gandalf-like god had tried to gain my trust and get me to lower my guard and the other god was a distraction, and now that he had led me to this back room and someone had stabbed or cut me it was time for him to call in the rest of the deities to kill me I assume; and so this was a smart plan that I completely fell for and was now mostly defenseless against because I had no weapons or armor and I was wounded and I was still completely caught off-guard.

This all happened so fast and out of nowhere and I was confused and surprised and I was not ready and I did not have time to think as deities (gods and goddesses I assume) inside the room and deities from outside the room started running inside the room trying to kill me now that I was wounded and caught off-guard and because I was holding back because I was not sure what was going on and I did not want to fight anyone.

There were no windows that I could see and so I was possibly trapped, if there was an entrance maybe there were windows there and maybe a way out, but I was not sure.

Deities were running into the room from the only door in this room so I would have to get past them to get to the previous rooms, some of the deities had melee weapons, and so I was dodging and blocking and fighting them off as they had me completely caught off-guard and wounded and bleeding and surrounded.

This felt real, I could feel and see my wounds and the blood, and I was getting weaker.

While I was fighting and moving against several deities at the same time I got sneak attacked from the side, and someone cut a deep and long nasty cut down my right forearm with maybe a knife that looked and felt real and I could see and feel the blood and the skin and the muscle damage and the energy leaving my body as I got weaker from blood loss and I started to get my usual negative reactions to blood being taken from me and seeing blood.

I could feel the temperature of my blood and the blood pouring from my wounds, the situation was bad and felt real, and I was getting weaker as I lost more blood.

I was surrounded and fighting my way out of the room, and I had no idea why they were trying to kill me.

I wondered if the Gandalf-like god was staging a coup against the rest of the council of deities and / or if he / they wanted to steal my powers and / or if this was a ritual sacrifice and / or something et cetera.

During all of this I was saying: get back, stop, I do not want to fight you, why are you doing this, what is going on, et cetera but I am not sure if I got any answers or not.

They took advantage of me holding back at first, that is how they got the second serious injury on me, and so now it was time to stop holding back but I was losing a lot of blood and getting weaker so I did not have much time.

But I probably accidentally woke myself up because this felt real and I thought that it was real because I was fighting for my life, and it looked like I would probably die soon.

It felt so real that I could still feel it the first few seconds that I woke up, and I looked at my arm to see if I was still wounded and bleeding.

The end,

-John Jr


A Creature In A Building | My Dad Helping A Homeless Man

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being outside in maybe a field outside a small shed-like building that possibly led underground, and a group of children and teenagers were standing outside the building with baseball bats and random objects that they were using as melee weapons.

They were afraid of something inside the building and they were waiting on me to enter the building it seems, inside the building was a creature that was small when we last saw it, but we had no idea how big it was now.

I am not sure what the creature looked like but whatever it was it was something strange and it scared us, it was possibly something paranormal but I am not sure, and so we were very cautious and worried.

I was the only adult around and so I tried to be brave for them and I was going to enter the building alone with at least a baseball bat and / or any melee weapons that I could find, and I wanted the others to guard the outside.

I told them to not enter the building, I picked up one or more weapons (a baseball bat was probably one of them), and I opened the door to enter the building.

I felt like Steve Harrington from the television show Stranger Things during a scene in season 2, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the morning in a fictional house and my mom, my brother GC, and I were there but I am not sure if anyone else was there or not.

I remember talking with my mom and my brother GC when I noticed my male cousin ME walking outside past the windows at the front of the house, and I assumed that he was going to the front door so I told my mom because I assumed that he was coming over for her.

I walked toward the front of the house and the main door was wide open, I assumed that my mom had left it open for my dad, and so I walked away thinking that my mom was going to answer the door.

I then heard my dad and an unknown man enter through that door, I looked around the corner to see that the man was older with light-color skin with graying wild hair wearing a bright-color sleeping bag or blanket or jacket or something and he seemed homeless and mentally unstable like he had one or more mental disorders, and I heard him talking to himself and cursing et cetera.

My dad mentioned that he had a visitor with him who I assume was going to spend the day or night with us until he can get into a homeless shelter and / or medical facility or something where they can help him, and I think that someone asked my dad to help the man because he could not get signed in at the place until tomorrow.

Oddly this fictional house was connected to a fictional school that I had false memories of having attended when I was younger and a medical-like place that may have been the place that the homeless man was going to go to tomorrow, and all three buildings were probably connected without any doors separating each section so there were probably open doorways into each building for smooth easy access.

I walked to a middle area that was possibly part of the school or a shared middle area, it had a hard light-color floor, and I could see some of the open separate but partly open areas of the school like the gym and maybe cafeteria et cetera.

I also saw the opening to the medical-like place, and sitting in front of it was a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who looked like she did not care.

The homeless man walked toward the medical-like place briefly and said something to the woman, and she said something back to him like she did not care and like she was annoyed and she probably reminded him that he had to wait until tomorrow and then they would try to help him.

He walked back to our fictional house, and the woman probably told me that he has some mental disorders and that he has been treated at the medical-like place before so do not mind his cursing and talking to himself et cetera because he is mentally unstable and he is not doing this intentionally.

Then she went back to sitting there, maybe on her mobile phone, and she went back to acting like she did not care.

I walked over toward the school areas as false memories and feelings of having went to this school came back to me, and I remember smiling and feeling happy as I thought about and felt those memories.

I saw some children and teachers walking through several areas, in one area I saw a folded up table and some other stuff on the floor, and so I went to pick it up and move it somewhere else but my dad walked over asking me to put it back because he was using it and he was doing some work (maybe painting) in this area.

I put it back and I asked my dad about what work was he doing here, in real life one of my dad jobs is working at The BP School Board as a painter, and he started to tell me.

Then I started telling him about some of my memories of back when I used to go to this school, and I pointed to some of the areas as I told him these memories but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr