Roid Raged Wrestlers Murdering People? | Russell Crowe Being Mean To A New Coworker

Dream 1

This dream is very unclear, I remember being at a strange area that was possibly and indoor/outdoor-like area that possibly had grass and hard floors, and there were some tall wall/aisle-like structures in some areas.

I remember being there, at some point I saw one of my former male classmates who was a professional wrestler or former professional wrestler in the dream (I am not sure if it was my former male classmate JC or someone else) and at least one other male wrestler who was very muscular, and they were acting unstable and crazy and violent.

They started to attack and kill people with their bare hands, they probably even ripped their own shirts off, and I remember climbing up one or more of the tall wall/aisle-like structures to avoid them.

They were completely out of control, wild, crazy, et cetera in their facial expressions and body language and sounds and words et cetera.

Later in the dream after surviving this, I went to a fictional version of my former male classmate DH’s house/his parents house to visit DH, and I remember him answering the door and letting me inside the house.

He asked me if I had heard about our former male classmate and how he had went crazy and killed people, I told him that I was there when it happened, and I described what happened and how crazed him and the other wrestler were.

It was like they were pumped up on various drugs like steroids, and like they had some kind of super roid rage combined with a mental breakdown.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a job where Russell Crowe worked along with some other people, one of their coworkers had died or left the job, and now they had a new coworker in that coworkers place who was now a man with light-color skin.

Mr. Crowe had really liked the previous coworker and really missed them, and he treated the new coworker badly constantly comparing them to the previous coworker and telling them that they can never replace them et cetera.

Mr. Crowe would not even give the new coworker a chance, he kept saying and thinking negative things about them, and maybe some of the other coworkers and I (if I was in the dream, which I possibly was not) kept trying to convince him to be nice and apologize and give the new coworker a chance.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Adolf Hitler & The Burning Building

Adolf Hitler & The Burning Building

Last night I had at least 4 dreams but the first two seemed to be somewhat connected and the second two were somewhat connected, so I will combine them into only two dreams.

I only remember fragments of these dreams, but the first one started in some mall-like place at a store I think, I can not remember much; I think I was either shopping and/or a worker at a clothing store.